2008-04 (APRIL)

Baby shower

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P4030008  Sammy shops with money he earned taking care of Snooky while Dana was gone. P4030009  He bought a plate for his "secret garden" for 50 cents. P4030010  Handing the money over. P4030014  Riding out with his "loot"!
P4030016 P4030018  Mommy is nesting - this is for Dave to stow stuff in the attic and free up the guest room for Tim to come stay for a month. IMGP7317  Dave and Sam romping (taking a break from extreme nesting!). IMGP7320  Oh no - what happened to Daddy!
IMGP7323 IMGP7338  I love this one :) IMGP7355 IMGP7356  And this one :)
IMGP7369 imgp7377  Telling Turtle he had a good ride on that one! IMGP7393  The water was so warm late in the afternoon. We played for at least an hour. IMGP7396
IMGP7430  Look at the little face! IMGP7431 imgp7438  Tired and worn out! He climbed up in the "man chair" and just cuddled up! IMGP7440  At gym class - he's in with the big kids now - no mommies!
IMGP7441 IMGP7444  Doing warm-ups... IMGP7446  Coach Di is showing them how to stretch. IMGP7449  Not sure I could do this - even without Ben in front!
IMGP7452  He kept going and going! IMGP7461 IMGP7462 IMGP7473
IMGP7476  Rope climbing! IMGP7478  All done with class - stamp time! imgp7479  This was fun - Sam loves to throw a party, and I had some work to do in that guest room (remember the extreme nesting?). So I set him up with his "friends" and some other paraphernalia. He threw a birthday party for puppy, who was turning 5. IMGP7480  Complete with playdoh meals - from breakfast through dinner. Then they camped out and made s'mores together.
IMGP7481  Each "friend" has a plate of food. P4110005  Off to interview the state entomologist - Mike "Bugman" Richardson. Fascinating...full write-up on www.outdoorohana.com. P4110007  Sam dressed up to go to the "office." P4110010
P4110011  Showing us ants. IMGP7482 IMGP7483 P4110012  Mom just wanted a shot of the enormous belly.
P4110013 imgp7484  How to catch small critters! Better hope that mesh connecting the two tubes doesn't slip! P4110026  Turns out Mike has a baby pig named Jane - he and his wife found her while out hiking. Sam and I stopped by (with mom of course) to see Jane. P4110028  Sam got to feed her a bottle of milk!
P4110029  Voracious eater! P4110030 P4110031 P4110033  Now she's on to cat food.
P4110035  This pig eats a lot! p4110037  Mike's pet centipede. He offered to let us take it home but we passed on that... P4110038 p4110039  Big, huh? That's how big they are here.
IMGP7486  Our getaway at Turtle Bay Resort - we had a massage in this little hut overlooking the ocean. IMGP7487  My $8 ring :) Doug - I thought of you when I bought this. Other than the corrosion it's getting now after two months of wear and tear in salt water, it looks pretty nice! (I needed a bigger pregnancy ring and was tired of wearing a toe ring with whales on it!) imgp7489  Dave after his massage :) IMGP7490  Before going out to dinner...
IMGP7491  Here I am, too! IMGP7492 IMGP7494  The golf course Dave and Tim will play. IMGP7495  Overlooks the ocean...
IMGP7496 IMGP7497  Out for a walk. Background is the resort. imgp7498  We left our shoes on the beach about a mile back, so we're hiking barefoot. What was Bugman saying about centipedes loving to live in ironwood forests???? imgp7499
IMGP7507  Tormenting Dave... imgp7509  We slept with the door open and heard the sound of the waves all night. IMGP7514  The view from our room... imgp7581  Angel and Heidi picking me up for lunch.
IMGP7604  More gym class - he's a good climber! IMGP7610  The trampoline is a huge hit always - here he learns to land on his rump and then pop right back up! P4210019  Being goofy  - we decided to welcome daddy home in a nice outfit. He often plays in the afternoon in his tighty whities insisting on no shirt and no shorts! Today we thought it'd be funny to "dress up" with goggles :) P4280084  More gym class - he's pretty strong!
pukulani route  This is the path one of the turtles is taking to her nesting grounds at the French Frigate Shoals. IMGP7616  Some fun we had with fruity Cheerios - can you guess what we're doing? He got to eat the "extra" Cheerios out of his "dog bowl." IMGP7618 IMGP7620
IMGP7623  Waiting for Uncle Tim to arrive! IMGP7624 IMGP7625 IMGP7626
IMGP7627  Reading time!!! IMGP7628 IMGP7634  And Tim's first steps into the water :) P4260050  The sky above our pool.
P4280088 P4280090  Tim and Dave making pizzas for dinner. Yum!