Maunawili Demonstration Trail

IMGP7524  First little mini rose in our garden! imgp7527  Sam waiting for our hiking buddies :) imgp7533  The Pali lookout - we're hiking along the mountain's side, in and out of the ridges. imgp7534  Off we go! The kids really missed hiking (we skipped a week) so they charged up the hill!
imgp7538 IMGP7543  Snack time! IMGP7552  And of course playing with sticks :) IMGP7569  The view from one of the ridges...looking out toward Olomana and Kailua.
IMGP7570  Looking toward Waimanalo. IMGP7572  And out toward the marsh and Kailua Bay. imgp7574  Hiking back out - smoothies for lunch! imgp7577  A stop at a mud pit first...somehow we all got our feet muddy in this TINY little 6" wide mud pit.