5 kathy  Angel and Kathy organized the wildest baby shower for me! It was actually one of the most fun parties I've been to in a long time :) She instructed us to dress comfortably - we WILL be getting wet. Here we are drawing a baby on a paper plate... 5 april heidi 8 30
9 6 alli 7 1 Prego mommy
10 14  All the women had to have a baby with them - Angel found them at thrift shops. I felt better being around all these gorgeous women as long as they had babies tucked under their shirts! p4270053  Making the poop for the diaper toss :) 16 april and 8th baby  This is April - she is a legend in my book. Not only is she gorgeous, funny, and a woman of faith, she has SEVEN kids!
16 poop  We're getting ready for the poopy diaper toss. 29 Christinas outy is bigger than allisons outy  Angel says Christina's "outy" is bigger than mine! p4270055  Sherry and I are the catchers... 16
24  Angel - what was in here? Grits? Kale? Brownie mix? What else? p4270056  Loading the diapers! 22  Quick! p4270062
23 p4270054  Getting ready to toss! p4270058  Oh no! One bonked off our bin! p4270060  Look at Sherry's stance! She's not messin' around!
p4270061 17 with child  Too funny! Dana - nice place for your "child"! 27  Now the kayak race! 34
p4270068  Looks like I'm giving birth already! 35 42 40
41  Angel and I should have switched our paddles - she would do better with a canoe paddle and I would have done better with a kayak paddle! 44  Here we are on our way back! Christina and I came from behind and were out way in front on our way down the canal. When we were halfway turned around, Dana and Angel rammed us broadside! We got turned back around while they used the collision to turn themselves in the right direction! We came from behind again (poor Christina had to deal with my coxing - "get a full paddle of water! long strokes! ok, last 10! we have 'em!") and won by a nose :) p4270070 47
46  Getting ready for the next event - pool races! 48 49  Waiting for our partners to tag us for the relay! 50 angels baby
50 aprils baby 52  Serious competitors! This is the fruit bowl race! 51 53  Cutting the umbilical cord :)
54 11 12  Nice appetizers to keep us going! 13
25  The two teams - when you win an event you put a bracelet in your tribe's bowl. Look at the fertility goddess! I keep hiding that around the house so Dave stumbles across it :) 28 p4270073 p4270074  Time for presents...
p4270075 p4270076 p4270078  I don't need an epidural with all this good stuff!