2008-03 (MAR)

Mariner's Ridge

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Easter Egg Hunt

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P3010001  A typical Hawaiian weekend - setting up for a family gathering. P3010004  Mountains from our beach park. P3010005  We tried paddleboarding last weekend - stand-up paddleboarding that is (or SUP). It was SO fun! It took me a few spills into the water to get it but once I did I was hooked. Thanks for renting it mom! That was so fun. Another gear purchase is on the horizon... P3010014  The board is big enough that Sam can take a ride, too.
P3010019  Pete out checking on my incredible form - ha ha! P3010026  Here's how it's done by the pros - ha! P3010027  Sammy paddled me around in mom's inflatable kayak (with the see-through bottom). This one is very stable and easy to take kids out in. A bit tricky to heave myself into but hey, it's only a few more weeks. He paddled ALL BY HIMSELF - isn't he the cutest little guy here with his vest and muscles?! IMGP6840  Um...mom and Pete had fun with the paddleboard too. Perhaps you should check out her account of the day at www.skeneclan.com. This is the aftermath :)
imgp6843  Do you note anything missing in this shot? IMGP6848  Sam getting some water to make coffee for us :) IMGP6851  Watching Daddy try SUP-ing. imgp6870  Sammy's turn!
imgp6873  He paddled, then stood up on his own! IMGP6874  Here's a movie of it :) IMGP6878  On day two I really got the feel of it. I was out for about an hour total on three separate trips. I turned while standing, got the feel of handling swells, figured out where to use the paddle to really spin on a dime (in a hurry if need be, before the next swell gets me broadside), and started adding some power to the stroke. This is a super workout! P3020038  I saw a turtle swimming around at one point and followed it. I got so distracted and mesmerized by it that I just toppled right off into the water! I got my hat back, got back up on the board (easier said than done when you have a huge belly that you can't lie on!) and got up again.
P3020045  This is Dave going "Now you just need to add some speed!" I think he might possibly have said something complimentary first, like great job or something, but all I heard was "take it to the next level" - ha! Which translated really means - cool, we'll get you a board punkin! :) imgp6943 imgp6950 ATT00540  On our way to the tide pools for a relaxing Friday morning after a busy week.
IMGP6975  Testing out a new boogie board just his size! He loives giving tutorials - "this is how you do dis!" or "Can you do dis?" IMGP6979  "This is how you do it." IMGP6982 IMGP6973  Love this one :)
IMGP6974  Riding a wave in... IMGP6953  Sammy napped with bear and froggie :) then went straight back into the water for more! IMGP6956  Dave got some relaxing reading time in while Sam napped. IMGP6970  Here's our beach looking northward.
IMGP6972  And our little lump on the sand. IMGP6983 IMGP6992 IMGP6993  Right back in for more! He loves the big waves, calling them "biiiig rollers!"
IMGP6998 IMGP6999 IMGP7000 IMGP7001
IMGP7002 imgp7016  Fun dragging mommy into the water, too :) IMGP7026  Another weekend at the tide pools this time. Dave is getting some sun. IMGP7028
imgp7034  You'd think it was his first haircut the way I beam at him... IMGP7036  Getting a high and tight at the Marine Corps barber shop. IMGP7039  He holds so nice and still the whole time. And he looks 7 years older now. 2008-03-23EasterDinAlliAndDavesHouse (2)  Easter Sunday dinner - rib roast, rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes, salad...yum! Sam seems to be digging in before we've even blessed the meal :)
2008-03-23EasterDinAlliAndDavesHouse (3)  Dave likes our new oven with the built-in temperature probe... 2008-03-23EasterDinAlliAndDavesHouse imgp7201  The next day at a 32 week ultrasound to see how big Ben is. I asked for that instead of taking them up on the elective c-section I was offered (thanks to Sam's size). Ben 32wks  Look at that face! And those cheeks! The foot is already 3" long! That seems like a big foot to me. You know what they say about puppies and big feet....
IMGP7207  Here's Sam playing with Frank - the son of a fellow honu guardian up at the North Shore. They are moving to CA and we got a chance to see them before they leave. IMGP7221  Frank is so great with Sam - he's 12 years old. IMGP7222 IMGP7223  Jumping the waves!
IMGP7228  And getting help dragging Frank in from brother Dominic. IMGP7231  There's Nancy :) IMGP7232 IMGP7233  Bye Frank!
IMGP7234  Bye Dominic! P3280011  Mom rented the paddleboard again for a day before Pete returns home. She really really wanted to stand up on it but the tradewinds weren't cooperating. It was pretty rough out there - white caps close in to the sand and lots of swells. Great for kiteboarding...but not so much for novice paddleboarders. I only got up for about a minute after much assessment and practice on my knees. 2008-03-28AlliSUPing 0001  This gives you a better feel for the conditions. I'm sore! It was fun and a good workout. 2008-03-28SUPing (3)  There's mom - can you find her? Ha ha!
IMGP7246  And here's the floating oasis that Pete rigged up for beach fun. He even got an anchor to secure it. Today was another rough day - Dave bailed off the raft quickly. We teased him that he was getting seasick but he said with a glint in his eye that he doesn't get sick that close to the water, only on a boat that is much higher up. Poor guy - guess that's why he opted for submarines :) IMGP7258  Sammy wanted off the raft to go swimming! He liked jumping and romping in all the waves. IMGP7265  So I asked Dave - "Do I look really built here or basically like a big fat pregnant woman?" and he said "uh-huh" ;) IMGP7266  Dave says this shot is better...
IMGP7267  Sammy wanted to swim out with the big boys. It's easier for me to hold him up out in deeper water, too. He's 44 lbs now! 2008-03-29ColemanOasisIsland (7)  Blowing up the "Floating Oasis" (from Coleman) on a very breezy day! P3290039a  Mom pumping up the raft... 2008-03-29ColemanOasisIsland (6)  Pete putting the anchor on so we don't drift to Molokai :)
2008-03-29ColemanOasisIsland (11)  All aboard! 2008-03-29ColemanOasisIsland (14)  Ben enjoyed rocking and rolling around but I started feeling a little weird. 2008-03-29ColemanOasisIsland (9)  Mom and Pete hung out for a while and tested it out. It will be a lot of fun for the kids as they grow up. They'll love jumping off of it! P3290068
IMGP7269  Ben's new bed... IMGP7271  Some new window treatments I put up last weekend. Very easy and inexpensive. Pier1 was selling those bamboo poles for $10 per bundle of three! I put up some curtains in Sam's room, too - red background with little pickup trucks and surfboards. It really adds some nice color to his walls and goes great with his bamboo blinds.