imgp7044  We went on a submarine tour just off Waikiki with Kathy, Anneliese, mom and Pete. Here's the bigger boat we took out to board the submarine. 2008-03-21SubmarineAtlantis (2)  Riding out. I feel surprisingly good and stable on my feet. IMGP7047  Watching the sub pull up so we can board. IMGP7051
IMGP7053  The hatch is open! 2008-03-21SubmarineAtlantis (4)  There's our little sub (there were two sizes - the bigger one for all the Japanese tourists and the smaller one for those of us needing English). I think this is about the same size as NR-1, Dave's old sub. 2008-03-21SubmarineAtlantis (6) 2008-03-21SubmarineAtlantis  Sam went up and down that steep ladder really well.
IMGP7059  Some artificial reefs. IMGP7064  Going deeper! I started to feel claustrophic at 3ft, and Kathy was nauseous from fumes on the transport boat. The two of us were quite a pair that morning. We decided we hike much easier than go on a touristy outing :) whew! we'll work on that, though :) IMGP7066  Sam was entranced the whole time - it was about 45 min submerged. Very cool to see all the fish, 4 turtles, and even a trumpet fish. IMGP7067
IMGP7068 IMGP7071  Can you make out the turtles on the old wing of this plane? IMGP7073  There they are again... IMGP7074
IMGP7076 2008-03-21SubmarineAtlantis (11)  Wow - what a big inflatable! Mom and Pete have this in their backyard for the next beach outing.