Easter Egg Hunt

IMGP7078  The second annual Easter Egg Hunt at the beach park commences! We're chomping on muffins, scones and malasadas. Yum! IMGP7081  The mommies are out hiding eggs while the kids chomp...I think we had a combined 10 kids and 200 eggs. Yes - we stuffed all those eggs this week and combined them for the hunt. Thanks Kathy and Leo! Superb contents :) IMGP7082  Trying out some basket fashions :) sam basket head (2)
IMGP7083  Sam was doing some advance recon until we called him back :) imgp7086  So he grabbled a stick and played pirate... imgp7087  Mary and Clark... imgp7088  Mike and Brendan.
IMGP7089 IMGP7091  Dave choosing a basket - I'm partial to pink, actually... ha ha! IMGP7094  The series of shots required to get all the kids lined up and looking one way! Sam laughs when he sees this one of himself - I'm like - what are you DOING here? IMGP7096  And here? Cuties nonetheless :)
IMGP7097  While the kids were coralled I decided to get the mommies in for a shot. imgp7103  Off to hunt! imgp7105  Tricky pine needles hiding eggs! imgp7107  Little Caleigh does a great job tracking down eggs!
IMGP7110  The parents have so much fun coaching and taking pictures. IMGP7111  Kathy does both at the same time exceptionally well! imgp7114  Bridget taking a breather! imgp7115  Anneliese stockpiling her eggs...
IMGP7116  Not sure what Dave is laughing about here :) IMGP7117  Clark is so cute, and Greta is doing a great job hunting! (See the mysterious finger pointing out more eggs!) imgp7118  Sam found a dinosaur egg I think! imgp7119  Mommy joins in for some hunting...I can't decide which I enjoy most - hiding or hunting!
imgp7120  Hmmm...crowded that way. IMGP7121  Ooooohhhh! Sam LOOK! IMGP7122  We run to the next cache... IMGP7125  And come away with loot!
imgp7126  Lindsey with a monster basket! imgp7128 imgp7129  More eggs! IMGP7130
IMGP7132 imgp7133 imgp7134  Showing Pete the big one! imgp7137  Pete the Easter bunny!
IMGP7138  Nate and Laurie... imgp7140  Jon likes the finger lights Kathy found - just for my enjoyment! They are awesome! IMGP7141  The kids sit under the pine trees and explore their loot. Fortunately we had so many stuffed with toys vs treats we really didn't have to worry about them chowing too much candy. imgp7143  Nate likes this for staff meetings...
IMGP7144  Kathy and Jon supervising the treat pile - trying to keep the kids from eating too much candy :) 2008-03-22EasterEggHung (5) 2008-03-22EasterEggHung (6) 2008-03-22EasterEggHung (7)
imgp7145  What's in here? imgp7148  Mom and Pete brought malasadas, bubble stuff, and Swedish golf. Thanks guys! IMGP7149  Ok - this gets really funny...How many shots does it take to get the daddies to line up??? They are about to embark on their "manhunt" for soccer ball and football eggs. Kathy, Joy and I hid them well. Kathy put some in trash and then stuffed them high in the trees. Very clever... IMGP7150  OK - all boys are now looking at the camera...but...we're missing one daddy!
IMGP7151  Now Mike is in the picture...but what is Dave DOING? IMGP7152  Alright! Now we're good to go. They have received their instructions (if you arrive at an egg at the same time, wrestle for it!)...I am totally enjoying this portion of the festivities. They know they are doing this for my entertainment...thanks to the wives doing some "prep" work, they are graciously playing along. They are using baseball caps instead of baskets...it's more manly. IMGP7154  Look at those boys hunting! The kids are helping... IMGP7157  Nate unleashes his sniffer dog, Sophie. Unfair advantage!
imgp7158  Jon is in the lead! IMGP7159  Mike played along super well - he even SMILED during the manhunt! He's totally invited back next year :) Kathy had a great idea for manly contents next year...but it's classified :) imgp7161  Sam is helping Dave find eggs... imgp7162  Brett and Ryan hunting...
imgp7164  Jon found the big bunny egg with a missing ear (meaning he'd have to wear the bunny ears) but he set Anneliese up to "find" it :) IMGP7165  Dave and Brendan check out their loot. imgp7167  Brendan will be sporting his tatoos next time he's out surfing, I'm sure. imgp7170  Mike got a finger light! Woo hoo!
IMGP7171  Swedish golf :) IMGP7172  And bubbles! 2008-03-22EasterEggHung (8) 2008-03-22EasterEggHung (9)
2008-03-22EasterEggHung  Good times, friends. Thanks for coming and Happy Easter to all! 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (2) 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (3) 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (4)
2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (5) 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (6) 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (7) 2008-03-23BackyardEggHunt (8)
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