Mariner's Ridge

imgp6881  Sammy in his new Merrell hiking shoes. There are little suction cups on the bottom (like a gecko!) and mesh uppers. They're still a little big but he said he liked them. imgp6882  Mom and Pete patiently walked at preschooler pace :) imgp6888  We like the shady areas! P3060003  Snack break at 0.8 miles into it. We've already climbed about 400'.
IMGP6892 imgp6897  GORP - Good Old Raisins and Pretzels :) This bag of snacks was a big hit - think it was the M&Ms hidden in there, too? imgp6900 IMGP6901  Sharing a few :)
imgp6906  REAL climbing walls! IMGP6909 imgp6913  And tree hugging - this was Sam's idea. I did not put him up to it :) imgp6915
imgp6917  Chasing mommy with a fern flag! imgp6920 IMGP6921  Ahhhh...the summit at last! Kathy brought naughty Nutella to spread on graham crackers. Look at the faces! imgp6922
imgp6923 IMGP6925  Binoculars to look for pirate ships out in the ocean. This is the view of the windward coast. To the other side you can see out to Pearl Harbor. I am just now realizing I didn't take any pictures out that way. Oh well. Next time! IMGP6929 DSCN0030
P3060021  Yes - we watched the kids carefully! P3060038  Here's our gang :) P3060010  The "sitting tree" with Grandpa Pete. P3060043  Here we all are on the way down.
IMGP6934 P3060047  Little pine cones make for fantastic "wheels" on the bottom of your shoes. They're not permanent. They just show up and totally take you down if you're not careful. Even if you are careful, it's fun to let them take you out - Sam is "skiing" downhill here with mommy as his lifeline. (UGH! getting to big for this!) P3060058  Back at the trailhead 4.5 hrs later. Whew! it's a long hike for the kids (3 miles total and 850' elevation gain) but they did fantastic! I made buttons for their packs so they can earn one with each peak they bag. IMGP6942  Ahhh...nothing like taking shoes off after a hike!