2008-02 (FEB)

Mariner's Ridge

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Manoa Falls

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IMGP6429 IMGP6425  This is a remote beach on base. A couple cool tide pools and lots of sea glass. 2008-02-01MarineBaseKaneoheBigStickDragHalfMile (2)  A big stick for a little guy to drag 0.5 mi back to the truck! He insisted on taking it home to "show Daddy" much to mommy's chagrin - what am I going to do with a 7' stick in a tiny yard? But it is a boy thing, I guess, dragging huge prey back to the den... 2008-02-01MarineBaseKaneoheBigStickDragHalfMile  So off we go with the stick in tow. Mommy is mean - I said if you want to take the stick home, you'll need to get it all the way back on your own, hoping it wouldn't happen...
2008-02-01MarineBaseKaneoheSandFun  Building a fortress complete with "pillboxes" to guard it. IMGP6440  Some of the sea glass I found on base. 2008-01-31AlliInAbout5thMonth  At the playground after a walk/jog in Lanikai. IMGP6431  New tide pools we found near Makapu'u. Delightful! Busy even on a coold day so no doubt they are very busy during the summer.
IMGP6433  Just before you hit the Makai Research Pier while driving toward Waimanalo. IMGP6435 IMGP6437  Romping around with Daddy in the tall grass. ATT00297  Helping Gramma shop :)
IMGP6445  Girebra? See the controversy this creature stirred up on www.kampkrug.com. IMGP6449  A huge cone shell I found on base as well. IMGP6451  Sammy enjoying some special Gramma reading time. I think they were in this position for 1.5 hrs!!! Lucky boy! IMGP6453  I baked some ciabatta to go with soup. It's WINTER here, after all!
P2056401  Sam LOVES his tumbling class - especially this part! P2056406 P2056407  One-footed hopping! I think he hit 8 times this day! P2056410
P2056411 P2056412 P2056414  Gym class! P2056415
P2056417 P2056418 P2056421 P2056422  Yes - he keeps jumping and jumping for about 40 minutes!
P2056425  Sometimes I can persuade him to try something else - like the rope climb. He's learning to use his arms as well as those legs :) P2056426  Tag the top! No - we're not at all goal-oriented! P2056427  Doing the last bit on his own to build confidence. P2056428  Balance beam he has nailed - lots of practice on curbs, trees, etc.
P2056429  Look at the mouth! P2056431  Toward the end of class they bring out beach balls to play with. Sam goes and gets one then comes BACK to the trampoline to play with his friend "Ball." They bounce together. Ball jumps as high as Sam's head! P2056432  He bounces the ball with his own bouncing :) P2056436
P2056438 P2056442 P2056447  See the other kids in back? They are doing a parachute thing that Sam seems to think is for little ones. He did that when he was months old and is so over it ... although this particular day they threw the beach balls up in the air with the sheet and all the moms were laughing as they came flying back down. Drew mild interest from Sam. P2056451
P2056452  Stamp time! That's Sam's teacher in the background - Di. She is from Argentina I think. She does splits and handstands during the warm-up - the kids love to watch her! She's really great, very warm and encouraging. P2056453  Look how sweaty he gets! Such a workout! p2060002  story time with mommy at the library :) we walk/jog there on wednesday mornings. p2060003
P2080055  I was invited into Sammy's playhouse at Learn with Me - for coffee :) P2080056 P2080057  We're up to some mischief here I think :) p2080058  No mommy, no going out the window. You go out the door! (We had just spoken about how to get past little girls who block the doorway, even after asking nicely to come in, please. I suggested going in through the window, which he promptly embraced. But when I said I wanted to try climbing back out through the window, he wisely responded that I shouldn't.)
P2080059  But I had to try, just in case I need to get out of a playhouse during an emergency. Like a fire started by our "coffee maker" or something...you never know! p2080061  Mommy, what is tha-aaat? What does it DO? (So mom suggested we take a picture and have daddy answer later. Whew!) P2080062  Now can you go from 3 back to 1? Or straight to 1? Maybe draw a straight line from 3 to 1? Very sequential thinking :) P2080063
P2080064 P2080065 P2080066  Hmmm! I made a STOP sign! P2080068  What now mommy? What could it be?
P2080069 P2080070  A BUMP sign! (These are signs we see while out jogging/walking.) P2080071  Sammy on his bike going over the BUMP. P2080072  Oooohhh...tricky one!
ATT00708  At Learn with Me! He loves to catch big bubbles! IMGP6499  Look at this happy guy! We got to see F14s take off this morning on our way in. Pretty compelling sight. IMGP6500 IMGP6501
IMGP6502 IMGP6503  Lanikai Beach for a change. IMGP6505 IMGP6509
IMGP6512  Filling our buckets up with one of the Moks in the distance. IMGP6513 IMGP6514 imgp6515  He did a lot of body surfing that morning. He is really getting good at reading the waves, believe it or not. He feels them lift him a bit then he starts paddling in. Sometimes he checks over his shoulder to watch for the next big one. Little surfer :)
imgp6516  On this particular morning, I really wanted to get in 30 min on the rowing machine before the day got in full swing. I knew I'd miss a chance later. So I suggested he take his animals for a "boat" ride (see background) and if that got old then to work on his puzzles. So when I came in from rowing he had gone back to his room and gotten his puzzles out. Here he is tackling all 50 states by himself. He did every single one...three times! Wow. He even knows many of them by name now (so do I, finally!). IMGP6518  Last piece! Nice work! imgp6525  What are YOU lookin' at? imgp6527
imgp6530  He knows tihs state (Alaska) and that it is cold there. imgp6531  And Washington...is where Sammy was born and where Gramma and Grandpa Pete live sometimes. imgp6535  Attaching wings to our little cupid. imgp6536  Flying around after "baff" is a nightly routine! Sometimes it's butterfly, other times big hairy "moff", sometimes dragonfly (this takes two of us!)...or even baby bat (upside down at the end!). I couldn't resist cupid on Valentine's Day :) Dave complied nicely. I think he's smiling there?
imgp6537  Getting the arrow ready to poke mommy! IMGP6538  Looking at himself in the mirror before jammies go on. IMGP6542 IMGP6543  I caught my little cupid for a hug!
IMGP6632  Dana learning to paddle :) 2008-02-16Dana'sFirstRide  My friend Dana on her first kayak outing! Woo hoo! NIce work! : Pregnant Kayak Pregnant Kayak 025  We're testing out mom's new inflatable kayak with a see-through bottom. Water was so calm we couldn't resist. No - Sam is not wearing a PFD here so I was very very (very!) careful not to take any chances. You can see we did not venture far! : Pregnant Kayak Pregnant Kayak 024 : Pregnant Kayak
Pregnant Kayak 026  Ok - just a little ways out but water still very very calm. Like his bath. : Pregnant Kayak Pregnant Kayak 034  On our way back. Sam helped me paddle in and mom helped make sure we didn't huli on our landing :) ATT00492  We found a little trampoline at Sal's! For $10 I caved in  - he was very pleased with our heist :) Gramma came by to take part in the fun (and help take it home since we'd walked there!). IMG00933  Grape snack at Gramma's!
IMG00934  Then sand time. IMG00938  Then giving Gramma a nice haircut...followed by a nice wash with handful after handful of sand. Read my mom's blog at www.skeneclan.com for the hilarious write-up :) IMGP6637  Valentine's Day flowers from Dave :) We indulge in the holiday about once every five years :) I dry the flowers, move them with us all over the country, then we replenish every now and then. Also a pink hibiscus from our garden... IMGP6713  Sam is working hard on his drop-kicking - he's really getting good!
IMGP6717 IMGP6719 IMGP6720 IMGP6726
IMGP6727 IMGP6728  A trip up to the North Shore turned into a totally random day. We were waiting for the truck to be serviced, so we just took off in the GTI for a drive. IMGP6743  Little buddy has a good cold but is always up for a swim! IMGP6744
IMGP6748 IMGP6750 IMGP6751  We're at Turtle Bay Resort. imgp6760  From underwater...kinda cool.
imgp6777 IMGP6781  Then a nap on the beach while mommy spotted whales breaching. IMGP6784  I had to build him a little improvised tent out of sticks and my shorts to shade him. We didn't really spend much time thinking about the path of the sun this time...we were just chillin'! imgp6787  Then ice cream for dinner in Haleiwa!
imgp6791  Sharing with daddy! kailua beach  Here's Kailua Beach. The water has been so calm that it's been busy for paddle surfers and kayakers recently.