Mariner's Ridge

P2070009  Mariner's Ridge hike in Hawaii Kai with our intrepid hiking buddies Anneliese, Calleigh and their mommy Kathy :) Pretty warm and sunny at the start but we found shade fairly soon. imgp6455  There's Gramma along with us, too! imgp6460  Sammy picking out the trail with his trusty stick :) imgp6461  The kids did really great - it was quite a climb for them - about 700' elevation over just about a mile. Then they had to come back down!
IMGP6462  Koko Head crater from a lookout along the way. Can you see the button on his pack? I made that for the kids - it's one they earned on a hike a couple weeks ago up Makapu'u Lighthouse. I figured it'd be fun if they earned buttons on their hikes and could put them on packs like grown-ups do with patches. P2070011  Our buddies! P2070012  We couldn't get everyone looking at once, so here you can see Ben along for the ride as well. P2070013  Showing Sam how to "model" in case he ever gets called for a shoot. ha ha!
imgp6466  Having a good time :) P2070019  Great view of Hawaii Kai from another lookout. imgp6472  Taking a little break while awaiting our friends. Sam really barreled up the hill today. He was way out in front any chance he could get, even while wearing his own pack with 1.4L of water in it. I was proud of him. imgp6475
IMGP6476  Busted!!! (Mom says she was taking a picture...) P2070023 imgp6479  Another lookout :) And learning that V is for valley. You can't see that the mountains form a V behind him - kinda neat. P2070026  Lunch break!
imgp6481  The kids were talking. I asked what they were talking about and they said "the trail"! Aren't they precious? imgp6487  Sam checking to be sure his group is with him. imgp6488  See what I mean about the barelling? It was tough to scurry up in front of him to grab any shots! imgp6489  ha ha - I caught you mommy!
imgp6490  Here comes Anneliese! imgp6498 IMGP6484  Such cute kids :) IMGP6486  Good little hikers.
P2070038  Heading back down. We just missed tagging the summit today. Another day when we have more data on just how far it is. My GPS says we climbed 700' in just over a mile so we were very close! p2070048  Some slickrock - looks fun to bomb down on a mountain bike! p2070049  Mommy and Sammy time. topomap