imgp6544  Gramma gave Sammy a little Valentine's pig along with a card. So guess who wanted to go for a hike? Photo017 P2140004  About to start the trail! imgp6545  See the sign in red? Pig control in progress. Look at Sam's face :) He's got his pig under control. Kathy read the fine print thankfully. I assumed the pigs were under control on this hike. Nice to know. (Perhaps on leashes or something?) I didn't stop to think about it or read further. Turns out it means on certain days of the week people HUNT the pigs. Also good to know for that luau we've been planning...
imgp6546  Oooohhh! A stream! imgp6547 IMGP6549  We won't be swimming, thanks. imgp6550  HUGE ferns.
p2140009  Gravel path to start out, then it gets more root-bound and rocky toward the top. imgp6552  A nice seat :) imgp6560  Look at that dense rainforest canopy! p2140013  Looking for letters among the roots.
imgp6564  The kids did a great job hiking! The trail is just over 2 miles from the street parking to the falls and back. p2140016  Lots of trail maintenance. This is the second most traveled trail on Oahu, after Diamond Head. We must have seen 100 people on the trail today, a weekday morning. imgp6565 imgp6567
imgp6569  Is this a good hiking stick? imgp6570  Lots of bamboo! imgp6571 IMGP6573
imgp6578  Looking for mommy and Gramma! imgp6579  There they are! p2140017  Are we there yet? A quick check of the GPS says we are! imgp6581  The kids did a great job hiking up these hills!
p2140018  And there are the falls! 150' tall into a small pool at the bottom. photo004 Photo007 P2140020  Lunch time!
p2140022 p2140026  Valentine's Day hugs :) p2140028  Anneliese taking a picture of the falls. P2140030  I made some frozen strawberries with chocolate shell inside. They stayed really cold, much to my surprise! But they were good despite still being a tad frozen.
IMGP6584  What are they laughing about? IMGP6585 IMGP6586  Piggy won't tell! imgp6587  Maybe Calleigh will?
p2140031  Talking about spider webs :) Sammy said "tomorrow, when we go to the library, we will get a book out about spider webs and look it up! 'k?" P2140034 p2140035  Look what Gramma has on her purse! p2140036  Hiking back down. Such a pretty trail with lots of dense foliage. Sam kept saying he really liked the trail, especially the forest with all the trees.
IMGP6590 imgp6596  We even found heart-shaped leaves! IMGP6597 imgp6598  Sam flew his around for a bit :) (I think because he had heart-shaped wings on last night to be a "cupid"!)
IMGP6602  Peaking through some lacy leaves. IMGP6603  We need to start a hiking treasure box for the letters and leaves they find along the way. IMGP6604  I see you! imgp6606  Finally found Kathy a suitable bamboo hiking stick! Very classy.
IMGP6608  Wild orchids. photo011  And a banana tree in bloom. (Bloom?) imgp6613 imgp6614  See the letter J? We found that on the beach and saved it for our friends :)
IMGP6617  A nice Valentine's card for mommy (Sammy and Gramma put it all together yesterday!). He even pulled a chair out for me to sit in, after getting home from his hike. See the dirty legs? IMGP6619  We pretended the mud and rocks were chocolate and macadamia nuts - a yummy trail! IMGP6623  Opening my treat! You pull the bow yike dis! imgp6628  Tasting a candy heart for the first time.
IMGP6631  Look at that beady eye watching the camera! Just like mommy!