Makapu'u Lighthouse VIP tour

IMGP6647  Our friends invited us on a special outing to the Makapu'u Lighthouse - our hike leader is in the Coast Guard and had a key to let us inside! IMGP6648  Here's my dear friend, Angel :) imgp6651  Walking down a little path to the lighthouse. Now we're in the "secured" area - accessible to military only. IMGP6653  Thanks for taking all these shots, Angel!
imgp6659 IMGP6661  Makapu''u Lighthouse - we''ll always remember. imgp6662  Yup, Ben is getting big! I'm 7 months pregnant here. We saw lots of whales (other than me!) along the way. Lots of spouts and pec flaps. imgp6664  Angel! Pretending to be a rebel and climb over.
imgp6668  What a view! This is the windward coast, looking northward toward our town. IMGP6674 IMGP6675  Rabbit island. imgp6677
imgp6680  A little snack break before we head inside. Had to watch the kids carefully... imgp6681 imgp6686 IMGP6688
imgp6690 imgp6693  Here's the guy with the key! Thanks Tom! IMGP6694 imgp6696  This is where everyone else hikes to - they look down on the lighthouse from a lookout.