2008-01 (JAN)

IMGP6070  Dave made us whiskey porridge (that's the Scotch topping it off, above) for New Year's Day breakfast. SOOOO good! We first had this in Scotland and had to take a nap afterwards. Recipe: steel cut oatmeal (the kind that comes in a pretty can), cream, butter, honey and Scotch. Enjoy! imgp6084  A family hike up the Pillbox trail - finally escaped the remodeling! imgp6085  Sam is doign a really good job managing using a trekking pole as he navigates the rocks. imgp6088  This is one of FEW pictures of huge mommy. I only included it for the look on Sam's face :)
imgp6089  Stopping for a drink. imgp6090 imgp6091  Such good bouldering! imgp6095  Baby panda wanted to go on this hike.
imgp6105  Silly face :) But you can see the reflection of the water in his sunglasses. IMGP6116  Playing with the space station from Uncle Dan and Aunt Heather. IMGP6118  see the beady eyes? IMGP6124  And the globe? We were landing on different states and countries :)
IMGP6128  Daddy is making dinner in the background... IMGP6130  New kitchen!!! imgp6132  Dave's favorite thing is the beverage fridge. It's a nice feature and allowed us to get a smaller counter-depth fridge which is now more conveniently located by the table. IMGP6134  Love the range hood. Found that on ebay and saved a fortune vs sourcing it here.
P1080076  Gym class! Sam loves going to tumbling class on base. He is pretty much game for anything, although he thinks the little parachute game is lame. He took off while it was being dragged around by all the mommies. Up he went with his beach ball, climbed out of the circle and made straight for the trampoline (again)! IMGP6137  A little secluded cove where we found a turtle feeding one evening. IMGP6138 IMGP6140  A pretty piece of coral that Sam found.
IMGP6142  Sam enjoys romping around at Tripler after my OB appointment. IMGP6144 IMGP6145  Up and down! IMGP6146
imgp6149  My friend Dana and I after a wild night walking the dogs and child on the marsh trail. Funny that the wine label matched the evening. (I only had a sip!) ATT00039  A beautiful sunset over the marsh (cell phone picture). 2008-01-10UltraSoundDay (2)  Sammy got an "ultrasound," too... 2008-01-10UltraSoundDay (3)
2008-01-10UltraSoundDay (4)  It's baby panda! 2008-01-10UltraSoundDay (5)  Sam was so good to the little model baby. 2008-01-10UltraSoundDay (6) 2008-01-10UltraSoundDay
IMGP6171  Getting our Christmas tree ready for Christmas campfire. IMGP6173  It was fun but pretty stinky... IMGP6176  Dave supervising my safety precautions. IMGP6177  Sam and Thomas watching.
IMGP6178  Look at their faces! IMGP6179  Getting more ready to throw on. IMGP6208  Sketch for a button I made at www.cafepress.com/kampkrug for our little peakbaggers. IMGP6213  Monk seal molting at Kailua Beach. These rare creatures are protected by federal and state laws. There are guardians keeping watch around the clock to prevent anyone from disturbing the seal.
IMGP6216  Sam is enjoying burying himself in the sand lately... IMGP6222  Our friend Kathy and kids came back after a hike in the morning with us to check out the monk seal. IMGP6228  Sam making a volcano and telling us all about "lava flowing down here!" IMGP6231
IMGP6232 IMGP6235  The moth we spotted on a hike - I'm working with the state entomologist to try to identify it. It was 4"-5" long and almost as wide, and very hairy! (VERY!) 2008-01-19OutingWithGramma (2)  On a "date" with Gramma at Famous Amos' cookie store in Kailua. They have a lot of books in there, so it's a fun place for kids to go and read. 2008-01-19OutingWithGramma (3)  Sam picked out this "cookie basket" from his room after nap :) Here it is with water and a little bag of cookies.
2008-01-19OutingWithGramma (4)  Checking out the big kids' fort on the beach. 2008-01-19OutingWithGramma (5)  What a sweet face! 2008-01-19OutingWithGramma (6)  Dinner on Gramma's lanai. The lights are dim, so it's a "romantic" dinner! (He knows to talk softly, sometimes hold hands, and generally be sweet when out for a "romantic" dinner :) ). 2008-01-19OutingWithGramma  Is he checking his blackberry here?
2008-01-20FamilyBeachDay (2)  Family fun on the beach - finally cleaned up after the remodel and got a nice weekend to celebrate some free time again! 2008-01-20FamilyBeachDay (3) 2008-01-20FamilyBeachDay (4)  It's fun having mom to take pictures of us like a celebrity family. Can you see us on the cover of "People"??? :) 2008-01-20FamilyBeachDay (5)  He loves to boogie board and body surf!
IMG00864  Eating dinner at the farmer's market. No shame slurping up shrimp scampi! IMGP6241  Out on a date with Dave! We caught the sunset at the Hale Koa (Army hotel in Waikiki). IMGP6243 IMGP6246  Cool reflection, isn't it? Look carefully...
IMGP6247  Diamond Head IMGP6248  Reading a favorite book with Gramma at the library. IMGP6254  After jogging, we stopped by the beach for a brief visit. I thought it was funny to juxtapose this shot of Sam playing while the other little kids are "working" during a Pottery Barn Kids photo shoot. Didn't look like they were having too much fun - looking straight into the sun with no sunglasses on, standing around and waiting for direction, not being able to play...good money, though ($150/hr). Just not sure it's worth it... IMGP6256  Log covered in limu.
P1170007  One of mom's shots of the Moks. P1180022  Sammy making us some tea! P1180024 P1180027  Burying Sammy to make the Mt. Sammy volcano.
P1180028  We kept thinking he'd get nervous all buried, so we asked did he want more? He kept saying "yes, all the way up to my neck, please!" P1180029  So are you ready to erupt? No...not yet. So we waited a bit. Then we asked if he was ready and he said he wasn't ready to come out of his chrysalis yet. I asked how long he would be in there, and he said 40 hours! So we asked if we should go get him some lunch and he said "no, just wipe the sand off my chinny chin chin, please" and we cracked up :) P1180030 P1180032  Still waiting for Mt. Sammy to blow! Good way to capture a wiggly buddy for a nice family photo! Maybe we'll do this with Ben next year!
P1180034  This is a good way to capture a shot of Ben for now :) P1180037 P1180041  Turtle right by shore. P1280002  Out for acai bowl with mommy and Gramma after a jog and doctor appt. What a life, huh?
IMGP6258  Trying several kinds of eggs thanks to Frances in the cute "Bread and Jam for Frances" book :) IMGP6259  Ooooh! It wiggles! IMGP6263  Gramma made sunny side up, over easy, poached and scrambled for us to sample! IMGP6264  It looks at you!
IMGP6266  Yummy, though! IMGP6269  Brushing his doggie... IMGP6413  Playing with a portable Thomas set from Grammie and Grandpa! IMGP6417  And great letters and numbers from Aunty Angel! Can you find a special word in there?
ATT02326  Sammy doing some math this morning :) climbing wall