Sammy's 3rd birthday

IMGP6274  Gramma helping me decorate our "winter" cake - carrot cake made by my dear friend Dana, covered in "snow" and a log cabin complete with snowman and bonfire ring. Sammy and I have been talking about snow for months...wishing we had some. We look out the window most mornings to see if any fell overnight. We think maybe it does but it melts by morning... IMGP6277  Look around carefully, who can you see? (hint: little bug from one of Sam's books - "GOLDBUG"!) IMGP6281  "Did you know? Campers wear big hats!" So I went back into the garage and got him his hat to wear :) IMGP6284  Finally on our way to the campsite!
IMGP6286  Helping Daddy set up camp. IMGP6288  Here we are at Bellows AFS. Such a great spot!!! Look at how level, private, and roomy it is! IMGP6292  Joined by our friends - Sammy's hiking buddies Anneliese and Calleigh. IMGP6294  Sam sleeping while we finish setting up camp and decorations for his party.
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (37)  Sammy has his party shirt on, his kukui nut lei and a birthday boy pin :) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (7)  Taking Thomas for a walk :) IMGP6295  Lei greeting for his guests. "Thank you, Sammy!" 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (2)
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (3) IMGP6298  Dinner with our friends. IMGP6301  Lounging!? IMGP6302  Daddy colors really well...nice work, Gail! :)
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (11)  Waiting for mommy to get the darn "bonfire" lit! All the rain made the twigs and pine needles a bit damp, and the menfolk were worried about massive combustion right next to a "log cabin" so I had to play it real conservative and be a good wife. (I.e. did not follow friend Dana's advice to use lighter fluid!) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (10)  Oohhh! It says "S-A-M!" 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (9) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (14)  Here goes mommy again!
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (15)  Daddy gives it a go :) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (38)  Alright - let's just stick with the candle! 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (16)  Who do you see, PopPop? 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (17)  Yummy frosting on the 3 candle!
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (19) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (22)  Ok - digging in now! Dana's cake is so delicious!!! 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (20) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (21)  What are you ooogling?
2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (2)  Now it's time to make some s'mores! Angel and Mike came with their son David and his friend Nick to celebrate. That's Angel in the background and Dana getting all pyro with her lighter fluid :) 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (5)  Teaching the finer points of s'more making. 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (6) 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (23)  Sammy made one for Angel :) Or is that his? He probably ended up with it and made Angel fend for herself. He loves s'mores ;)
2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (10)  Aren't we stylish with our headlamps on? 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (9)  Gotta love 'em! No searching around for a flashlight and you're hands-free to boot! They have gotten very sleek since Dave and I purchased our first big, bulky Petzl lamps 10 years ago for hiking. 2008-01-26Sam3B-DayCamp(7a)  Oh yeah... 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (13)  Time for presents from Angel and Mike, and some games.
2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (14)  "What could it be?" 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (18)  Lots of magnets for learning letters and numbers! We had a great time with those this morning. Would you believe he requested that we spell "trail"? Light of mommy's life... 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (17) 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp (8)
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (24) 2008-01-26Sam3B-dayCamp  Tucking the kids in bed. This was their first family camping trip! What an honor to be the ones they joined for their "virgin" outing :) IMGP6304  Sleepy buddy waking up in the morning. He had a cold but was a trooper about sleeping even though he had a lot of coughs. Mommy didn't sleep so well listening to the rustling, coughing, squirming, repositioning... Oh well! The joy of camping wasn't the least dampened. It rained at one point just after he went to bed and when I went in to close the windows he said "who's out there?" IMGP6310  Gotta have a mommy and Sammy groggy morning shot :)
IMGP6311  Sammy enjoys "Sammy's coffee" (Ovaltine and milk). 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (26)  Taking Thomas for an early morning walk around the site. It wasn't this dark out but it sure looks early, doesn't it? We got up around 7am. 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (27)  Sam just LOVED taking Thomas for walks! All over, through the trees, flowers, weeds, around the site...he showed him all kinds of things. 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (28)  He just adores Thomas!
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs IMGP6314  Our little tent. Lanai and two rooms makes it really spacious and easy to move around in. Dave set it up all by himself. Impressive. IMGP6316  Here is my dear husband working hard every meal to feed us wonderful camping fare. I think French press coffee is the first order of the day, shown here lighting the burner. IMGP6323  Coffee and milk start the day!
IMGP6324  Dave is making a big egg scramble, pancakes and bacon for breakfast. IMGP6326  Wrangling him for a thank-you kiss :) IMGP6328  More Thomas time! IMGP6332
IMGP6335 IMGP6337 IMG00868  Off to the bathroom :) P1270046
P1270051 IMGP6338  Eggs are done! IMGP6341  So are the cakes! (Sweet potato pancakes are so tasty and easy - just add water!) IMGP6339  Did I mention Sam loved to take Thomas for walks?
2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (8)  Mommy babysits Thomas for a minute :) IMGP6343  Very interested in Calleigh's bandaid. IMGP6345  What are they talking about, do you think? 2008-01-26Sammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (36)  Breakfast time :)
IMGP6350  Our truck loves camping :) IMGP6354  Gramma looking bright-eyed as usual! IMGP6359  Thomas checks out our tent! IMGP6361  Soon joined by all the kids :)
IMGP6364  Haivng a "meeting" in Sammy's "apartment." He has his own room in the tent. Very spacious pad! IMGP6371  Show me how daddy sleeps..."yike dis" with big snorts for snores. :) hee hee! IMGP6374  Romping with daddy! IMGP6376  Time for more presents! This is from Dana :)
2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (30) 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (31)  A big pirate pop-up book! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (29) 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (28)  Look at the pretty card made by friends Anneliese and Calleigh!
2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (25)  New binoculars for our hiking trips and a great camp chair made just for Sam! Thank you so much!!! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (7) 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (18)  Cool animal tracks on the campchair! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (27)  Thank you!!!
IMGP6381  Sammy's new camping chair is perfect! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (20)  Some raisins to fuel up for the next walk :) IMGP6383  Kathy finally kicks her feet up. I think she was in the chair for 90 seconds before a child needed her :) Hard to get out of that chair it's so comfortable! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (16)  Kids find all kinds of things to do in camp without any of their toys around. Mostly it entails getting very dirty...
2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (17)  I think they're hiding from Kathy here! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (9)  Or helping a friend ride through sand... IMGP6387  Or more walking! IMGP6385  Or getting into mischief with mommy...we're making a fire pit so we can build a little fire before any grown-ups figure out what we're doing...
IMGP6386  Mom is we're safe there... IMGP6379  Grown-ups are busy packing...check out the comfy sleeping gear! Wow! 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (11)  Dave was busy. There isn't one shot of him sitting down, is there? 2008-01-27Dammy'sCampBirthday3yrs (14)  Soon we had firebuilding 101...and attracted a few grown-ups to the challenge. It was pretty damp after the overnight shower, so we ended up resorting to a fire brick to get it going. But we did have a wee fire! The kids made kindling and threw it on.
IMGP6390  The dirt I mentioned - here's Gramma, Sammy and mommy upon return home :) I had to get out a scrub brush to get it all off!