stay out all night  The great August campout! I decided to fly solo since Dave was out of town for two weeks. I need adventure, too! Plus - if you can camp out with two kids, then just about anything else is a piece of cake :) We invited our friends to come and two families did in shifts, one family on Friday night then another on Sat night. We had such a great time! Thank you for joining us, friends!!! P8220004  Gotta play football while setting up camp! Somehow I found time for a few tosses with my buddy :) P8220005  Sam was a big help on the first day. P8220007  Ben not so much :) Kidding! He was awesome - he enjoyed watching us work :)
P8220008 P8220009  Hold tight while I grab the other pole! P8220010 P8220012  One of my favorite shots :) Such a big help!
P8220017  All set up. One hour. My goal for light and fast camping is 1 hr for each phase - packing up, setup, packing out. If it doesn't take an hour or less, it doesn't happen. If it doesn't fit in one cooler, it doesn't go. That's my policy :) P8220018  He's a squire out exploring the rest of the sites. Every time we go Sam is older and gets more privileges to explore. However, he is still learning how to follow rules...hence I had to keep a careful eye on him or he'd take off and my little squire would be across the campground! P8220019  Aaaargh! P8220022  Crashed out. Actually, Sam just rested quietly but didn't sleep. It was SO hot in there. Gotta have the rain fly for shade but it's a sauna. Not too many breezes sheltered where we were away from the blowing sand at the beach. I will have to bring Dave's battery powered fan next time...even though I teased him about that piece of gear.
P8220025  Look who's peeking out the little window! P8220027  Ahhh...nice rest for Ben :) P8220029  And a dip in the water for us! P8220033  See that big dark cloud?
P8220031  Gotta book it back to shelter! P8220034  Yes, I had rainproofed the site before we left for the beach. Just in case. Dad, are you proud? P8220035  Starting the fire and waiting for the first batch of friends to arrive for dinner! P8220041  Wait for the coals to turn grey, kay? (He's telling me how to cook.)
P8220046  No, he wasn't playing with the coals. Just all kinds of dirt! I decided to leave this "campsuit" on him - great for spotting him in the woods. Also turns out it was great to just scrub him down in the shower with this on - no wriggling him in and out of it for a nighttime shower. Really no dirt or sand gets up in there anyway, so I don't have to bring a towel to the shower or anything, just a tiny bottle of soap. I also learned to brush teeth by dunking a tiny toothbrush into a little trial size Listerine - no need for paste, water, etc. Works well...Sam says "spicy!" Little efficiencies born of necessity this trip... P8220052  Long sticks were prize possessions this trip. I managed to only bring one back this time. We have quite a collection going in the truck. Sam uses them as "gear shifts" next to his seat. Yeah - the truck is a complete mess. If it doesn't stick or stink, I don't care it can come in. But we are getting to the point where it needs to be detailed... P8220056  More ball playing while awaiting dinner. P8220057  Dad - we're ditching the tent :) Turned out to serve a different purpose - it did rain pretty hard but really the rain sinks quickly into the sandy soil - it doesn't run off under the tent. What it does do here in Hawaii is deter centipedes. When it's really wet out they look for dry land - often your tent! Indeed I found two crawling up the front of the tent toward the door when I went to bed. I heard them slither on the tent so I took a closer look (didn't have my lenses in!). Yikes! So a protective watery moat keeps them away. I left water all over that tarp in front - none climbed up again but it was hard to keep feet clean.
P8220061  Our friends setting up. They arrived and Rich quietly mentioned that they have "never had a successful camping trip" - the last time was 10 yrs ago in Zion in September and they froze they were so cold. I already felt responsible, but now I really felt responsible for them having a good time! It was great to have friends share our campout with us :) P8220062  Can you spot Sam??? This area is right behind our site and is fantastic for the kids. Like a huge backyard that we can see from our vantage point. I pointed out a "triangle" of trails they could roam in and they stuck to it really well. P8220066  Check this guy out!! Dave are you laughing? (Dave is away in upstate NY right now.) P8220067  There's Holly with Sam - she was one of his first babysitters :)
P8220068  This was funny - it's raining but Sam is in his swimmers anyway, right? So he's sitting out there by the fire, having "fire time" and looking back at us huddled going "what's up with you guys?" P8220070  Is it s'more time yet? P8220074  Chatting it up... P8220075
P8220079  Ahhh yes - s'more time! P8220080  Like the headlamp? Very fashion-forward! P8220081 P8220097  Having fun with our friends Heidi, Rich and three of their four kids.
P8230102  Sammy waking up in the morning :) P8230104  I always take a first thing in the morning picture ... a strange tradition. P8230108  What are you doing in there mommy? P8230114  Heidi cooking up the eggs and bacon I brought. Poor Heidi was at this for a long time because I didn't realize I should have cooked up the bacon first when the flames were really high. We tossed lighter fluid in to get the coals fired up and it all came out ok :)
P8230117  And...the kids waiting :) They were really good about it! P8230119  The big men waiting. Eating chips to keep from starving! P8230123  More showers in the morning. P8230126  Ben! He was SO good the whole weekend. Seemed to take it all in.
P8230132  Sam helping me bring a chair to the beach. P8230136  Morning nap on the the go :) P8230140  Hanging with Heidi! She got him to laugh so hard he got the hiccups! P8230148  Lovin' my little boy...
P8230149  This is the noise he likes :) P8230150  17 lbs now! P8230153  Sam waking up from a nap - don't remember what was so funny. Nothing really - just hitting me with a diaper :) P8230158  Ben's playmat :)
P8230159  Or prayer mat? P8230160  Next shift of happy campers arrived for dinner on Sat night! This worked out well :) Here's Kathy cooking up the burgers. P8230161  The kids want in on the action blowing up the air mattresses. They are convinced it would be a great trampoline! P8230164  Sam showed Anneliese and Caleigh his "triangle" of trails. They ran and ran up and down this hill, through the woods and back again!
P8230166 P8230168  Back around to "chase my friends!" P8230169 P8230172  And over the special log again - this was a train, a plane, and also the time-out log. Sam had three time-outs before 8am on Sunday, the last morning. I think he was wiped - he said at about 9am "now it's time for a nap" and went into the tent to lie down. He did that the previous evening - now it's time for bed. Funny boy. I tried to keep my sense of humor!
P8230173  Look at that RUMP! P8230177  It's a train now. P8230179  They got a big kick out of drinking water from shot glasses! Round after round they filled them up. We finally had to put a stop to it by turning the cooler around. But they figured that out, too! We'd turn around to see them filling up again! P8230181  See what I mean?
P8230187  Ha! Anneliese is drinking out of a plastic wine glass now :) P8230189  Funny boy last night! P8230190 P8230196  Doesn't he look like he's 13 with these faces? Waiting to get more s'mores on the second night of camping.
P8230200  Hanging out with his friends :) P8240201  This is morning now...waiting for mommy to cook pancakes. I managed to get up, get Sam dressed, go to the bathroom, get the fire going and pancake batter made, oh and the table cleaned off...all before Ben woke up at 7am. Whew! The timing worked out great both mornings. Ben was so great sleeping through the night. I put the boys down around 8pm and had a little grown-up time before bed. I got so much sleep the second night that I was up around 1am rested, just kinda chillin in my tent looking at the boys sleeping... P8240210  I am blessed. Don't get me wrong - it was a lot of work and I am tired but SO worth it! P8240211  Mixing up the batter. So I said to Sam - please guard the batter and don't let flies get in while I get Ben up and change him. I looked back to find someone "tasting" the batter!
P8240213  Like Ben's camping chair? P8240214  Yummy pancakes! P8240217  Taking Miss Kathy on a field trip :) P8240218  Sweet boy so wonderful during pack-up time. He is amazing.
P8240219  Jon got us lattes! Woohoo! P8240222  Sharpening a stick to use to crack open a coconut. P8240224  Go Jon! P8240225  Yeah!
P8240226  What is Sammy doing? Just noticed this when I went through the photos. Jon has great technique! P8240228  Look at the little face inside! To crack it open you hit it on the line that runs between the "eyes." P8240230 P8240231  One hole is open so it's dried up inside. Not worth opening so we kept it for a camping mascot.
P8240235  More activities - volcano time! Load it up with Mentos then pull the trigger. "Lava" shoots up 20 feet! P8240240  OK stand back! P8240239  Video of the "explosion." ATT00267  "I need a nap!"
P8240241  Filling the truck up with "oil." Sticks served many many purposes. P8240242  Kathy rode with us to watch the boys while I checked out. They are so awesome!