P8120015  The start of the trail - a great view up to the Ko'olau Mtns. P8120016  The trail is great for kids - about 0.7 mi each way. It can get a little slippery as with any of the windward trails (more rainfall) but it wasn't bad. The dense canopy limits the amount of rain that actually hits the ground. P8120018  Our new friend Liisa - a photographer and fellow nature nut with a cute 3 yr old son. P8120020  Here's the ancient Pali road - really cool to see the old rock road bed!
P8120022  We took a right at this large tree to head to the Likeke Falls. P8120024  And here we are! P8120026 P8120033
P8120035  Great view out to Kaneohe Bay from a little lookout spot. My camera settings didn't cooperate here...but you can see Sam's peakbagger buttons really well! Liisa volunteered to draw the button for this hike :) P8120036 P8120037  The kids plotting and scheming :) P8120038  This must have been what they were talking about. How to get wet and muddy!
P8120040  Now we're looking for the geocache - Sam didn't want to leave without it, and who can blame him? It's fun looking for treasure. Turns out it was close by. P8120041  Under a boulder. Kathy is "cache-dawg" now - this is her second find! P8120042  The kids know how to get into those jars! P8120045  Looking for a trade item...
P8120046  Lush forest. Nice shot, Liisa! P8120049 P8120062  Sam's sturdy hiking pole :) likeke