First day of preschool

P9020004  Hi five, friend! We're ready early!!! Woohoo! P9020005  He was genuinely interested and eager to go. We'd been talking about it for a while and gathering his things up. I tried to be matter-of-fact when he asked "Will you be there?" or "Will you play with me there?" (Imagine the little voice getting higher and higher with each word, then linger on the last word in anticipation of my response. Oh man!) I just said "No, it's just for boys and girls, not for mommies. I can visit but it's special time for you to meet other children and learn from your teachers. Turns out he was cool with that. P9020007  Dropping him off - after a quick orientation to the bathroom and drinking fountain, he was off to play. He went straight for the kitchen, of course. (Takes after Daddy!) Sam is so sweet - he asks if he can do everything first because his instinct is to not touch unless mommy says he can. Poor guy - he asked all day the first day! P9020012  There's Ms. Patty in pink. I like that they have lots of activities, the place is big and clean, and the teachers are really awesome. Very engaged and involved.
p9020016  Typing a note at the computer. Not sure to whom... P9020021  He quickly turned this chair around to face the table behind him so he could watch the girls playing in the kitchen. Ha ha! Can you picture him in 20 years or so with a wife? P9020023  Ms. Patty doing circle time. That's "impulsive puppy" with "slow snail" helping him learn to listen. P9020027  Hugging a girl who was a little sad on her first day back after being in Alaska for a month. Sam with hands in pockets absorbing it all. This is just before I left.
P9020030  Chicken, rice, salad and oranges for lunch. There's another table to the right. The kids take their plates to the sink and scrape them clean, then go to their cots for naptime. Hours are 0830-1430 for the part day program that Sam is in, although I'll likely pick him up after lunch most days so he and Ben can nap at the same time, otherwise I have to wake Ben up mid-nap to go get Sam who probably got a short nap. Things will change in a few months I'm sure once I get this system figured out!