2011-10 OCT

Pumpkin Patch

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Fish Day

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Gazzam Lake

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IMAG0876 IMGP4936  First Sunday of the month is Farm Kitchen breakfast out in Port Gamble area. So much food, and so fun! IMGP4937  Afterwards you can walk around the grounds, feed apples to the draft horses and enjoy the flowers. IMGP4940  Amazing. I love these! Angie - what are they?
IMGP4942 IMGP4944 IMGP4948  Lots of French-toast-fueled mischief afoot now! IMGP4949  Running running running all over!
IMGP4950 IMGP4951 IMGP4957  Then for dinner (but who needed dinner after that?!) we got to enjoy Matt and Melodie! IMGP4958  So fun to reconnect with friends after 5 years as if no time had passed at all. They did a great job dealing with the incredible noise that fills our house when boys are excited and playing instruments for guests. Dave made incredible potato salad from our friend Betsey's potatoes which she farms with the help of two draft horses. I think she is just incredible!
chicken coop planning  Designing the run portion of the great coop building project. Getting Dave's input on paper before proceeding. This has been a collaborative project spanning many months and many miles! Now Gramma and Richard are on site for the final phase! I know it will involve some consternation and lots of laughs! first catch  Learning to rope! I finally got it! I now have a "steer" made of madrona attached to a fence post. Dave has not commented on that decoration... IMGP4997  Silly boys doing chicken faces! IMAG0888  Our zuchini is growing!!!
IMGP5000  Ft. McHenry! IMAG0894  Now off for a little farm touring looking for eggs. Sam was off from school that day so we got his company, too! IMAG0895  At Laughing Crow Farm where Cassie very kindly introduced us to Red and Abby, who help cultivate the fields. IMAG0896  There's the cultivator.
IMAG0897  BIG draft horses! IMAG0898  Testing to see if a cabbage head is ready. It needs to be very firm. IMAG0899  It was grey out, but really so pretty because the sun popped out over the rolling hills just as we were touring around. IMAG0901  That is their chicken tractor! They move it from spot to spot so the chickens can feed and weed!
IMAG0904  See the sun now?! IMAG0905  "A weef!" IMAG0906 IMAG0907  Rolling Bay area is where we live, and you can see why it got named as such.
IMAG0909  Go Sam! IMAG0913  Ben is out cultivating the pen area. He LOVES the "baby hoe" - loves it. I don't love worrying about two boys hoeing within inches of each other. But that is what they have been doing while we build the run for the chicken coop. IMGP4999  Singing the national anthem and reciting the story of the War of 1812 and its epic battle at Ft. McHenry, which inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the words to the song. IMAG0928  A little beach walk with Ben in Indianola - GrownUp Eagle enjoyed it very much.
IMAG0931  Showing him a huge jellyfish! IMAG0932  Not sure what this thing is...have to look it up. IMAG0933  This is a dogfish. There are a ton of these small sharks so the fisherman toss them out. IMAG0934  The seagulls enjoy lunch on them!
IMAG0935  Showing GrownUp Eagle a big eagle totem. This land is the Port Madison Indian Reservation. photo 1  Our home at night with the monster pumpkin! photo 4 Morning routine  I run in to let the chickens out on our way to school. They laugh hysterically as they watch Merlin RACE around the coop trying to catch a hen to make a baby chick! He was really desperate this morning - he even raced  UNDER the coop. Not much clearance for a huge bird like him!
Alli and HollyRamona  Sweet girl - I just love her. She was so cuddly when the new hens arrived. After a lot of love and attention and helping her get on her own two feet she is thriving now. I even gave her water from a dropper. Now she is much more independent and stands up to the other hens when need be. Even Merlin! IMAG0974  Doing letters with Ben involves lots of hands-on stuff, like chasing him with letters, or taping the J to the JELLY! IMAG0975  Sam practicing guitar before his lesson. He has almost got the Star Spangled Banner down! IMAG0976  What a cute cute road, reminds me of Europe. It looks bleak and grey here. It is. But being out with the boys makes it fun anyway - they always dial up the color with their antics, and we heard a sea lion barking somewhere out in the distance.
IMAG0980  I want this!!!! Only $400! IMGP5172 IMGP5173 IMAG0983  Chicken "recess" after school is so much fun! We let them out into the big pen where they just run wild. Ben is feeding HollyRamona chard! He laughs like crazy as she jumps  up to snag a bite.
IMAG0986  Sam is guarding the dust bath area - there is real warfare over the prime spot, which is just to Sam's right. Can you see Merlin eyeing Sam? IMAG0989  Finally, HollyRamona has bagged the prime dust bath spot, so we're going to fend off the intruders. It's important to let them do the dust bath because it keeps mites from taking hold. IMAG0990  Back off, PeckyBecky! IMAG0993  Go!
IMAG0995  HollyRamona shares with another of the "first hens" - the ones we first adopted. IMAG0996  More crowding into that prime spot! But sharing nicely now, thanks to Sam's admonishments. See Merlin??? IMAG1000  Chicken recess with playmates - spaghetti, a worm gathered from under a stump, and a chicken anatomy sheet. IMAG1002  While waiting for friends to show up for recess with the chickens, Ben shows Merlin what's inside him.
IMAG1003  At the laundramat - our washer was broken for 14 days! I am sure glad to have it fixed! A nice lady gave the kids a quarter each for MORE candy! IMAG1007  Ben doing morning chicken chores with me. This is scratch that we sprinkle around and feed from our hands. He takes such good care of the chickens, making sure the favored "first hens" get preferential treatment. IMAG1008  Biking in Poulsbo along the waterfront. IMAG1009  Such a good biker now! He does 5Ks with me trotting along.
IMGP5177  After the fish hatchery, we (well, Jon!) cleaned and filleted the salmon. IMAG1012  This is a male salmon. Note the grisly hook nose! IMAG1013  The females are in the slats waiting to have eggs harvested. The salmon swim upstream, get caught in the net, get a swift bonk on the head with a bat, and are then used for egg and sperm retrieval to create the next generation of fish. IMAG1015  Male again.
Grovers Hatchery Visit Clear Creek 4th Graders 0115  See me and Ben on far left? That is Kathy and Anneliese, Calleigh and Jon with us. Ben has his stuffed salmon in his hand to watch. IMAG1020  Having a soda with Daddy while working outside :) IMAG1022  Is that Daddy patting HollyRamona? IMAG1024  And checking eggs!
IMAG1025  Poor Ben very sick with the stomach bug that went through the town. IMAG1026  Naughty Merlin hopping out! IMAG1027  Teaching Baby Tad about the color green while out on a hike. IMAG1031  Finding some blow-down to report - Ben is a trail steward now.
IMAG1032  This is what Sam wants to be next year - a Gormidian. It's a creature with one eye and eight legs. It lives in another solar system, on a planet called Lavaland. He made this up all himself.