IMAG0889  Getting ready to build the run around the coop! IMAG0892  Helping Richard dig post holes. IMAG0893 IMAG0910  And now the gate. That is a fine looking gate!
photo 1  Going over to meet the hens we are adopting from Tijen. photo 2  The boys just loved this experience! photo 3  That's Margo :) photo 4
photo 5 photo 6  And the big fluffy Orpington is Butterscotch I think. photo 7  The Orpingtons tend to be a little pudgy and cuddly. Sam wants an Orpington, too. photo 8
IMGP5001  The chicken mommies! THANK YOU, Tijen! IMGP5003  The girls are in their new home - two Araucanas and one Red Star, named Ramona, Audrey and Ednamode, respectively. Sam is going to add surnames to them so they can carry both names with them. IMGP5004  I think one is John? He started naming them after his sitters. Holly, I think one is named after you, too! IMGP5006  Eating a lot!
IMGP5007  Ben is checking out their adjustment to the coop. It is raining but he doesn't care! IMGP5008  He inches his way closer and closer. Loud Ben was strangely quiet and sweet, just watching and watching them. IMGP5009  In a bit more now. IMGP5010  Hmmm...I can almost touch them!
IMGP5011  Happy boy! IMGP5012  Can't wait 'til Sam gets home from school. He wanted them to be here waiting for him. IMGP5013  Such a funny guy! That is chicken face! IMGP5014  Then he wanted the window locked.
IMGP5015  Sam's first look at the hens! IMGP5016  Letting them out into the run, now that we have finished securing it. IMGP5017  The hen door is open! IMGP5018  Come on out!
IMGP5019  They were really checking each otherh out. The two Araucanas are on either side - they lay blue eggs. The Red Star, Ednamode, is in the middle. IMGP5020  They started scratching and finding bugs RIGHT away. IMGP5021  Of course next on the agenda was earn trust so we could pick one up and pat her. IMGP5023  Spying on them to see if they are laying an egg!
IMGP5024 IMGP5025 IMGP5026 IMGP5027
IMGP5032 IMGP5033 IMGP5034 IMGP5036
Chickens! IMAG0927 IMAG0938 IMAG0939
IMAG0943 IMGP5037 IMGP5039 IMGP5040
IMGP5042 IMAG0946 IMAG0947 IMAG0948
KingCluckit flappig KingCluckit HollyRamona2 HollyRamona1
IMAG0949 IMAG0950 IMGP5044 IMGP5045
IMGP5046 IMGP5047 IMGP5049 IMGP5052