IMGP5109  Out for a hike to explore Dogfish Creek. This little cat joined us the whole way! IMGP5121  Making a fish face, since we're hunting for salmon! IMGP5126 IMGP5133  Who is teaching who?
IMGP5136  Now at the Fish Park in this a big fish? Or a bike rack? Play structure? IMGP5138  Definitely fun! IMGP5139  The viewing area near the estuary. IMGP5141  Really good information to absorb here. I am getting better at speed reading so I can try to retain something of what I read while out with the kids!
IMGP5144  The boardwalk...what are they doing? IMGP5145  I just got done saying - it's a bit slippery! This is an alder grove - a sure sign that it is wetlands. IMGP5147  Oops! Yup - slippery! IMGP5152  Then to the Poulsbo Marine Science Center. The docents showed us how to pick up sea stars. They turn their stomachs inside out and stick them out of their body into the mussels they are eating.
IMGP5153  Sam is very brave. And that water is VERY cold. It comes in right from the bay. IMGP5155  Very smooth and slippery underneath. IMGP5157  Pretty colors, isn't it? IMGP5159  This one is regenerating a missing leg - getting two for the price of one!
IMGP5160  Those are the suckers underneath that help them hold onto prey. IMGP5163  Can you find the wolf eel? He is grey. IMGP5164  Then to JJ's Fish House to finish off FISH DAY! Yum! IMGP5165  Candy from Marina Market is always a treat.
IMGP5168  Think I can get a hug from any of my men? IMGP5169  Only one complies!