IMGP5183  Out on a nice hike with the family. Ben is learning his letters really well. Here he is saying "A!" IMGP5184  Funny fish kisses! IMGP5185  Fall leaves everywhere. Really different than Hawaii. IMGP5188  A huge boulder!
IMGP5191 IMGP5193  Marking waypoints on the GPS. Don't these three look alike? IMGP5195  My cute men. Sam had the stomach bug the night before. Man oh man...and our washer is still broken. IMGP5197
IMGP5198 IMGP5202  Something flew into my throat while we were out hiking and I started gagging and hacking and spitting really loudly, trying to get it out and disturbing the peace thinking we were by ourselves. Then I look up and there's a nice family approaching us, wide-eyed! Nice, huh? IMGP5205