IMAG0915  We had a party to thank all our new friends for welcoming us so warmly to the island, and to say thank you to all the contractors who made it possible to build, fix, modify all sorts of things. photo 16  I decided to serve up some gourmet fare. Can you guess what it is? photo 10  An under-appreciated meat that is recession-proof and so tasty! photo 11  That machete has been purified by fiah fiah. Don't worry.
photo 6  My new friend, Jenn, is not afraid to try her first bite of the SPAM. photo 7  Brian, Carrie and Zach! photo 8  Richard with neighbors Brian and Terry! IMAG0918  A little roping fun was had by all! Jeremy gives it his best shot.
photo 9  The spread! Down at the left is sausage and mustards, Betsey's potato salad (made from Betsey's potatoes grown at Laughing Crow Farm), cioppino from Town and Country and local wines. At the far right is the kiddo snack area...lots of naughtiness down there! IMAG0919  I think there were 13 kids ages 2-10? IMAG0920  I put out contractor cards so that if someone needed a good reference for work at their house, they could take a cell-phone picture of the info. That's some of my sourdough ciabatta in there, too. Came out pretty well, really! IMAG0921  I gave wagon rides to two VERY helpful little boys who helped load wood then stack it.
photo 5  Carrie is roping! photo 1  Doing a little bit of wood stacking while chatting. photo 2  Get it, Carrie! photo 4  Beth and Susan :)
photo 17  Eagle taking a rest with the flag. We had a great time - thanks for coming by and warming our home up with your visit!