Pumpkin Patch

IMGP5055  Off to grab pumpkins from the Day Road farms just .1 mile from us! IMGP5056  We will buy what you can haul in the wagon. Oh boy...did I just say that? IMGP5057  Yup. Straight for the biggest one he could find! IMGP5058  Ben is a strong guy, too.
IMGP5059  Another one? Really? IMGP5061  Such a little farmer boy :) IMGP5062  Mommy wanted a portrait with her handsome boys! Aren't they nice to agree? (You've seen the others where it looks like I'm tormenting them!) IMGP5063  And look how sweet for Gramma! She got her choice of shots, actually!
IMGP5064 IMGP5065 IMGP5066  It lasted 12 seconds. Now they are off to pay for the big pumpkins. IMGP5067  BUT. We forgot to bring enough cash!
IMGP5068  Gramma got a little artsy with the camera for me! IMGP5069  So pretty out there! IMGP5070  A vineyard at the same farm. IMGP5071  The hay bale maze is a huge hit!
IMGP5075  Tough to grab shots they are moving so fast! IMGP5078 IMGP5079  Sneaking up on Sam! IMGP5082  LOVE this one!
IMGP5088 IMGP5099 IMGP5100  We brought one home to the chickens, too :) They were very interested! IMGP5101  That's Merlin!
IMG 5245 IMG 5239  Me with HollyRamona! IMGP5104  Love their little home! IMG 5222  Mom took pictures in the afternoon sunlight so you can see their run inside the garden pen (where they get to free range during "chicken recess" after school). They love to see us come down the driveway - they know it's treat time! They are literally crazy about the chard. Nuts about it.
IMG 5232  One of Richard's many projects is finally getting our flag up. THANK YOU! IMG 5233  And trenching a path to snake a low voltage cord down to the coop for light in Jan (to extend daylight here so they will keep laying).