2011-11 NOV


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IMG 8187  Mom found this on someone else's blog - a hike with space-a friend Kristi and her kids (we had an unforgettable 12 hour flight on a C5 together). She is such a dear person - she has just published a book. You can get details at www.kristiwoods.net. See Ben on the harness? Mom says that's why he's still alive. Sam is only 4 here. IMGP5211  Benji on his sick day, enjoying the fire. This is the stomach bug that doesn't quit! I was doing some data analysis at the same time, moving between hurling and analyzing, more hurling and towel tossing, then writing. Unreal. Dave was in the office trying to sleep the bug off. I was tracking the washer part from Alabama hoping it'd arrive the next day. It did, thankfully. IMAG1034  Out on a hike on Thursday, several days after his stomach bug. Still recovering - pretty tired, but game for a nice hike and reporting in on more blow-down, like this. A friend of mine joined us on the trail for a hike meeting to talk about volunteer work she's doing at the school - enrichment program work. Really nice to have such interesting and dedicated friends. And a trail buddy who doesn't mind grown-up talk too too much! IMGP5214  Dave and many others in his office were honored with an award for service in Japan during Operation Tomodashi (following the earthquake and tsunami).
IMGP5215  A nice Friday afternoon! That madrona is super hard to split. Sam and I worked and worked at one the day before. I worked on it literally for 45 min I think while Ben chased chickens. We marked the wedge with chalk to see if it went down at all with each 20 strikes. Nope. I think it actually bounced out a bit! So we finally had to go in because it got dark. We decided Krugs Don't Quit, and we'd be back, even if it took us 100 days, we'd get it. The next day we came out and in 20 swings it was done! IMGP5237  Helping my big man with this heavy axe. This is not my Halloween costume, although it certainly could be next year, do you tihink? Those are safety glasses, in case you were wondering. IMGP5245  Do you see me bending the axe? I'm a superhero! IMGP5246  Not!
IMAG1038  Can you read this? It says a little about what he did. IMAG1039  We all went to the award ceremony at a restaurant in Bremerton. Dave was very nice to invite his family to come along. He does not like to be a spectacle and is very humble regarding awards. PB040004  Daddy and Ben at Dave's award ceremony - Kathy just sent the picture to me. Thank you Kathy! IMGP5250  Daddy serving up farm breakfast. We have a little routine - the boys and I go out and do the weekly chicken chores (clean water, refill feed, clean coop) while Dave prepares eggs and pancakes for breakfast!
IMGP5251  Then we come in cold and hungry! IMGP5252  Sweet boys! We chomped down then headed out for a hike. IMGP5249 Star Spangled Banner  Sam practicing The Star Spangled Banner. He's been working on this for a month and has gradually mastered not only the notes, but the time signature for each note. He's really been working hard. Monday he's playing it for his class during their music time.
DAVE splitting wood  Dave and his peanut gallery :) Now this is how you chop wood. But I am not strong enough to use the sharp side. I have to use the wedge :( It takes me a long long time! IMAG1041  Naughty Merlin! What are you doing up there!? IMGP5268  On our way to the Veteran's Day Assembly. Sam will be playing the national anthem on his guitar. VeteransDay2011  This is the video of Sam playing! Please note the young man who had the presence of mind to stand and salute!!! Amazing.
IMGP5275  Our principal introducing Sam. Ben watching with Grownup Eagle. IMGP5277  Matt doing a short presentation. More coverage on what he had to say on the Nov 9, 2011 post. IMGP5279  The kids doing a presentation. IMGP5281  Loading up 127 pounds of candy to ship to the troops!
IMGP5285  Walking home. What a great parade. IMGP5314  Sam doing bike jumps! IMGP5315  Wow - great job. First day of jumps. They get more elaborate every day. IMGP5321  Enjoy!
IMGP5322 IMGP5326  Ben was playing Star Spangled Banner on the electric guitar - pretending to be Jimi Hendrix. IMGP5329  Out to Grand Forest with Daddy for a hike/bike/jog! IMGP5332  My big guy biking while I jog!
IMGP5334  Daddy pointing out something interesting :) IMGP5336  A cool bridge. Walking because it is slippery! IMGP5347  More bike jumps after getting back from Grand Forest. He can't get enough! IMGP5356  I try a few after Sam, so that hopefully I can learn with him.
IMGP5360  Here I am! IMGP5361  Catching some serious air there, big guy! IMGP5371  Another variation. Sam's Tito Pig (Uncle Doug) provided some advice on staying alive over jumps... IMGP5372
IMGP5385  Now really going fast! IMGP5386  And then from there on to our trails for a spin. IMGP5393 IMGP5394
IMAG1049  Preschool for Ben. He loves noise and action, so we pound letters and numbers. Hey - I do what I can with the guy. He is a hard one to educate! He plays dumb because it's funny. Then he comes out with stuff that tells you his brain is alive and well in there. IMAG1045  Working on focus, concentration, and deriving satisfaction from a job well done...not from an extrinsic reward. He did this puzzle ALL on his own. It's a tricky one. Took 15 minutes of concentration. IMAG1050  Mommy tried her hand at making calzones for dinner one night. Crowd-pleaser that was! IMAG1051  Sam (the blur) teaching Ben how to read. Sam is a very emphatic teacher, if you know what I mean. I hope he didn't get that from me, but the odds are, he did. Oops.
IMAG1052  "Now, Ben! Blend it together - CCC AAAA RRRR!" IMAG1053  The finished product. IMAG1055  Talking to Gramma! Marching around the house with her held hostage. IMAG1056  Looking at turkeys!
IMAG1057  This is Jim Trainer showing the boys all sorts of very intersting forest-related facts. This is a cougar paw. We are out at a tree planting. IMAG1058  This is a "treeture" - Jim is a colorful character. Such a nice guy. IMAG1059  There is a flying squirrel, and in the back of the truck in a big black box is a real eagle nest with an egg in it! IMAG1060  Bear-related items!
IMAG1061  Eagle claw! They have velcro-like stuff on the skins on the bottom of their claws to help them grab fish. IMAG1062  The eagle egg! IMAG1064  You know Ben loves eagles. So he did his eagle call for everyone. It was a real hit. This is Ben's tree! IMAG1065  And Sam's tree - the bucket used to water the tree.
IMAG1066  Now it's mulch-pile time. Man did they have fun! Like a snow pile, but warm mulch! IMAG1067  Up and down, face plants, dirty faces, log rolling, laughing and squealing with a crowd of kid and parent onlookers wondering what kind of rogue mother would allow such frolicking. Believe me, though, I made sure we weren't too much of a nuisance. IMAG1068  Funny boys! IMAG1070  Doing a "water slide"!
IMAG1072  Finally luring them away with a granola bar, only to lose them to the pile again! IMAG1073  Then to the Farmer's Market where Sam was allowed to play our friend Larry's guitar. IMAG1074  He did Star Spangled Banner wonderfully despite sleeves in the way of his anchor arm :) Larry is a wonderful, warm-spirited person who encourages everyone. He is a joy to be around - aloha certainly alive and well! IMGP5400  Hauling lots of gifts to a gift exchange where you bring gently used items and get "giving bucks" in return which you can spend the following day. I had this idea to start and pitched it to a consignment store in Oct, but they didn't have time to act on it. So I was totally thrilled when another mom on the Island organized it in November! The boys donated their giving bucks to another family.
IMGP5402  Getting ready to do weekend chicken chores. IMGP5405  What a spread for them for holiday breakfast! IMGP5407  My helpers! IMGP5502  Matt and Melodie, Tres and Jenni over for dinner during the Thanksgiving weekend. We always have so much fun with them. Missing from the usual gang are Neil Hoffman and Josh and Angela Taylor.
IMGP5507  "Happy hour" ya yas being worked out with box jumps, running, chase, pushups, weights and all manner of nonsense which should not be documented for Daddy to see. IMGP5509  Here comes Sam! One-legged hopping over the stool jump. IMGP5515  Now cartwheels! Socks on to facilitate spinning like the Nutcracker ballet dancers. IMGP5516  A lot of thudding. And me watching carefully due to proximity to fire.
IMGP5520  Why do we need to launch from the stool? IMGP5521 IMGP5522 IMGP5523  Again!
IMGP5524 thanksgiving2(1)-01  A collage of good times in the last month, plus a few oldies I just love too much (the one where we are wearing short sleeves should be a hint!).