IMGP5410  Dave says it's a horseshoe crab. NO, Dave! No! IMGP5414  The cabin where we shared Thanksgiving with 5 other families - I think there were 20 kids and 14 grown-ups? IMGP5428  My big strong hubby stoking the fire. IMGP5431  David Cohen serving everyone up. He did a fine turkey!
IMGP5433  The kids' table! Full of squeals and naughtiness! IMGP5435  Here we all are! IMGP5436  I am a blur trying to get Ben to turn around and face the camera! IMGP5437  Ok - finally a decent one! Can you find the Krug boys?
IMGP5439  Sam's latest contraption. And the box is a special toy. Ben walks around with that on his head doing "box drumming" - he plays an imaginary drum in there (hands flailing and fists hitting the side) and finally throws it wildly off his head. Not our favorite "show" but it is funny. IMGP5441  Hiking down to Bay Hay to get our tree. IMGP5446  The neighborhood trail which connects our road to another really quiet one. IMGP5448  Walking by some farms and sheep along the way.
IMGP5451  A quick jaunt through a nearby trail to take some family photos. Enjoy the outtakes which follow! IMGP5452  My three men! IMGP5455  Now it's starting to get hilarious! IMGP5457  Uh oh.
IMGP5458  Funny faces starting! IMGP5459  Oh no! IMGP5460  Yup. Who saw that coming? IMGP5461  The rest speak for themselves. I love the whole sequence.
IMGP5462 IMGP5463 IMGP5464 IMGP5465
IMGP5466 IMGP5467  Actually cute! IMGP5468 IMGP5470
IMGP5471  Nice! Thankful the washing machine works again :) IMGP5472  Oh yeah! IMGP5473 IMGP5474
IMGP5476  What is that face? IMGP5480  Eating a snack! IMGP5486  This is "Sam's ditch"  where he went upside down on his bike while we were all three biking home. Ben and I heard a screech and looked back only to see Sam's legs sticking straight up. He has a tendency to be biking along fine, then absent-mindedly run into a termite guy's truck and set the alarm off (Hawaii) or roll right into a ditch! He is funny! IMGP5487
IMGP5488 IMGP5491  Daddy met up with us at Bay Hay - I'd wanted to haul the tree back on my shoulders but they picked one that was much too big for that! Dave is opening up some cranberry bread that has the natives going wild! IMGP5492 IMGP5493  A little more wood for the fire. The boys come running out when they hear me pounding. They all have safety glasses (not on quite yet here) and Ben is using Sam's new sledgehammer.
IMGP5497  Sam is really strong. IMGP5498  Whoa! IMGP5499 IMGP5500  Ben says "You don't want to hit your FOREHEAD."
IMGP5501  Boom! Noting that different rounds make different noises when pounded upon. Hollow or solid, wet or dry.