2011-12 DEC

Some pictures of Christmas Day

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IMAG1082  Out on a jog I saw four or five eagles soaring overhead! Ben would love that! IMAG1084  Looking across to Seattle. IMAG1089  Chickens enjoying a snack! IMAG1098  Merlin eating porridge out of Dave's leftovers :)
IMAG1110  Ben out on a hike/bike with me, looking at mushrooms. IMAG1111  Then to the playground! IMGP5528  A brief biology lesson on cell signaling :) IMGP5529  And tumor growth!
IMGP5532  Then a wrap-up with the inflammatory response to injury :) (That is blood swelling under the aluminum foil.) IMGP5536  Yum - great lesson, mom! IMGP5545  Our friends Tijen and Clay over for a "farm breakfast" and fun afterwards :) IMGP5546  Tijen's kids :)
IMGP5548  My chicken-mamma friend! IMGP5549  I just love Tijen. She is SO much fun! IMGP5552  Ben and Tijen's daughter making eagle noises at each other. It was quite noisy in the house! IMGP5554  Some bike jumps :)
IMGP5591  Looks like he can see a little better now! IMGP5590  Yeah! IMGP5592 IMGP5593  Ben getting in on the action :)
IMGP5601  Go Ben! IMGP5607  We turned the Christmas lights on and studied how electricity fills the wire - at first they all lit up faintly, then 0.03 seconds later they came to full power. Dave says maybe resistance or impedence were responsible. Christmas light study  You can see the power going through in this movie which we slowed down many hundred times. IMGP5623  A friend of mine made this ornament for Sam's teacher as a class present!
IMGP5625  So pretty, Nicole! IMAG1118  At the Bloedel Reserve for the holiday train/village exhibit. IMAG1122  A military guy who lived all over the world built these homes by hand to imitate the villages of France, where he met his wife. IMAG1123  Reminded me of the doll house my grandfather made for me. Wish I still had it :(
IMAG1127  Playground fun in the sun! When the sun comes out here, you can be sure it's cold - the sky is clear and not holding in any heat. IMAG1129  After losing a hen to a predator, Merlin is standing guard. Sad :( IMGP5629  Dave tried to catch the pretty light on the trees one morning. IMGP5630  And I learned to swing an axe in avenging Polly's death.
IMAG1132  Meeting Santa! We saw him several times this season :) IMAG1134  Telling Santa about wanting an axe for Christmas! IMAG1135  Three new chickens! We THINK these are hens... IMAG1136  The mother of these hens disappeared for a month, and the owner thought she'd been food for a predator. When she came back from the woods, she had 12 chicks in tow!
IMGP5631  A Kanikapila party - a Hawaiian-style musical jam with our friends! IMGP5632  We had such a great time playing music and hanging out with them. IMGP5633 IMGP5635  Sam playing Amazing Grace with Chele on accordion and Larry on mandolin.
Larry at Kanikapila  Larry is so much fun! He is wearing Dave's king hat :) Bainbridge Bakers Santa Photo  Santa at the bakery! An impromput shot - you can see we're fresh off the trail or something :) IMAG1139  A beach walk - found some people filming a zombie movie while we were out. Weird! IMAG1141  And one more hen! This is Jersey! She is a large hen - a Jersey Giant. We are so thankful to have our flock complete - for now!
wood chopping  The fun we have around here - wood chopping! Sam ropes  Sam is quite a roper! Uncle Tom would be really proud! IMGP5637  Sam learned to throw a bowline from a really nice guy at a marine store in Poulsbo. We set out to learn the double carrick bend sennet, which he'd been working on for a while to make a belt. We got to learn this one, too - a very helpful knot to know! IMGP5638  Christmas Eve hike with three other families - 9 boys under age 10!
IMGP5641  Lots of fun together :) IMGP5642 IMGP5644  "Hey Mrs. Krug, take a picture of us over here!" IMGP5645
IMGP5648  My elf running :) IMGP5649  Scaring the grown-ups - kids were hiding all over in the woods. IMGP5652  Group shot attempt! IMGP5654  Kids taking pictures of themselves, now.
IMGP5655 IMGP5659  Ben talking to a buddy. Christmas Eve hike2  Mom grabbed a few shots of my elf outfit... Christmas Eve hike3  It made a beagle howl when I got out of the truck!
IMGP5660  Christmas Eve dinner. IMGP5661  Loving having family here! IMGP5663  Rebecca - look who came to visit! Thank you!!! IMGP5734  Sam got to do some leaf blowing!
IMGP5737  And Ben is trying out his axe from Tito Pig! IMGP5740  He loves it! IMGP5742  And I love my husband! IMGP5747  Nice shot, honey!
IMGP5748  This is our "at-home date" activity - chopping wood and stacking it together. IMGP5750  You can do some yoga while stacking, too. IMGP5753  Whew! from Dave  Happy happy anniversary, honey! I love you!