Some pictures of Christmas Day

Elf at work  An elf at work at night :) stockings  Waiting for Santa! presents and messages for the friends  Finding treats for the "friends" - all the stuffed animals. They had stockings up, too, with a wish-list... photo 1
photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 first look at guitar  First look at the new electric guitar!!!
IMGP5665  Christmas morning! IMGP5666  And a guitar for Ben which plays songs that he can jam to! IMGP5668  Funny face :) IMGP5670  Sam loves his present!
IMGP5673  Dave's pannetone French toast. first look first look all chicken purse
mom recipe box  I decopaged a recipe box for mom with some hen paintings :) marble run maxi leaf blower bellows
built up  Sam loves marble runs - he is quite a builder. Got this set up right away before moving on to any other presents. spirograph  Mom found a spirograph! The real deal! present from Tito Pig to Ben and Alli  Thank you, Uncle Doug and Aunt Mary, for the fantastic presents! spirograph the real thing
tool kit spoiled by hubby with new clothes  New clothes from my hubby - thank you! uhhhh mommy chicken sign
building nonstop tito pig axe fatwood holder breakfast2
stopper mamasan table chargers from Mary
IMGP5674 little davey