L1080436  Anniversary celebration with friends at Sound Brewery. I made an aluminum rooster for my rooster :) Tin or aluminum is the present for the 10th anniversary...so that made present-making easy! L1080437  My outfit is a collage of items from the past 10 years, from boots worn in wedding, to pants worn to Scotland to meet up with Dave on the submarine, to new clothes for Christmas and safety glasses representing my fondness for chopping wood (and being ready for anything!). L1080438  Going through presents from my dear friend, Christine. L1080439  She is so sweet to have put together such a huge bag of all items in tin or aluminum.
L1080440  Beautiful bowl! L1080441  You are so kind Christine! We love you guys! L1080442  Other candids of the gang - that's Matt and Melodie. They love Sound Brewery and have been wanting to get us together over there for some time. It's a cool place. L1080443  And more friends - in the middle is Richard, then Jeremie and Beth.
L1080444  Nice face, Matt! L1080445  Mom and Richard! L1080446  Oh - cute picture of everybody!