Chicken family photos

IMGP5679  Thought I'd take a few chicken family photos for their holiday card :) This is Jersey and Merlin. He seems to like his latest hen! She can fly over the fence to get out into the bigger garden area, whereas the other hens can't. So they go on "dates" like this every day. IMGP5690  Squirrel came to visit! IMGP5691  Merlin looking at me funny :) See how big his comb is getting? IMGP5700  What are you looking at?
IMGP5705  Holly Ramona (L) and Allison Audrey (R). IMGP5706  Hi Holly Ramona! IMGP5719  A little hen meeting! IMGP5720  They are so fluffy and cute. That's one of the new "peeps" standing near the door. They are growing! Everyone has finally assimilated pretty well into the flock. Not easy to add new hens, especially a group of young ones followed by a big hen.
IMGP5722  A Rhode Island Red on the left - they are very good layers, and good for meat, too. IMGP5732  Eating some porridge on their date! Merlin does some really cute clucks to tell the hens when he finds something good. He calls them over to share it!