Mother's Day

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Ben and Eli birthday soccer party

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20140430 104033  This is why people think it makes sense to paint a home robin-egg blue. Isn't it beautiful? I caught a crow eating the egg! Bad crow! 20140501 165642  Dreaming about a popsicle on a hot day...can't wait to take my first bite. 20140501 165658  Ah yes! So refreshing! Sam is grabbing some water in the background. He practiced skating for 90 minutes in the 85 degree weather with 20 lbs of gear on! 20140501 165749  There he is very happy to be on his skates and with his new hockey pants and girdle (under the hockey pants - it is the padding which keeps you from breaking your tailbone!).
20140501 171225  I really thought Ben was borderline delirious with thirst or something at this point. He was whacking and whacking the ball/puck at a little fly hiding from him behind that little plastic molding stuff screwed onto the bottom of the rink wall there. Do you see the speck he's looking at? He's going "That fly is really BUGGING me!" Ha! 20140501 171344  Sam skating around and practicing. 20140501 171350  Ben practicing slap shots and scoop shots while Sam is in the rink. Ben is too young to play this year, but the coaches were talking him into it for next year :) 20140501 171403  Big slap shot coming!
20140501 171406  The parents brought that tent shelter thing in the background and had all kinds of snacks - watermelon, drinks, popsicles. Such a welcoming group! 20140501 191759  At guitar/uke practice afterwards - we literally had 9 minutes to choke down PB&J sandwiches after hockey then scoot to Randy's. Fortunately, Sam and Ben were really pumped up after playing hockey, so they were focused despite being tired and hot. This is Sam continuing to practice a classical piece even after his lesson was over. I'm in the room with Ben who is taking his turn with Randy. Dave got home in time to have some dinner then meet us down at the lesson. 20140502 085120  A crazy drone camera taking pictures at Wilkes for the architectural firm. It has about 4 little hover things to keep it in the air! 20140502 151137  Sam and Stanley (foreground) who is a neighbor on Day Road - they decided to jog a whole 5K for the Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser. I was so impressed! Options were to jog or walk, and quit any time. I mapped out the course on my phone and found 6 laps = 1 mile so told them how many they needed for a 5K and they decided to go for it! WOW!
20140502 151140  Sam coughing - still getting over a cold, but that didn't slow him down. He has amazing endurance. 20140502 151150  I told them it was customary for distance runners to be sick in the trash can after a long race. They liked that idea. 20140502 160922  At the PTO BBQ right after the jogathon! I raced home, threw the kids in the truck and brought 50 lbs of charcoal to the party for grilling. We got the coals ready and started cooking for 300 people!!!! OMG! This smoothie truck was a big hit - some of the proceeds were donated to the school. Ben got the first smoothie :) 20140502 161555  Go John! Team John and Melissa (to the left) worked the grill. John never fatigued of expertly flipping and topping burgers. He was accompanied by other intrepid helpers as you will see in the following picures.
20140502 162857  Ariel was raw beast purveyor - she put the burgers and dogs on the grill! 300 of then! 20140502 162918  CHEESE! Patricia steadfastly provided cheese for all those who wanted a cheeseburger! 20140502 164145  Ariel and Kim - Kim was the big shopper and stored all this meat in her freezer for us since she lives right by the park. Kim also graciously hosted many of us for the after-party at her beautiful home overlooking the sound and Seattle. Thanks, Kim!!! 20140502 164536  Phil to the far right opening up some hotdogs. Phil wasn't too sure about my charcoal stoking practice, but we managed to keep charcoals going in the fire without smothering the hot coals, and kept that grill rockin'!
20140502 164541  Foy loading up for the family - or so she says! 20140502 164554  Melissa and John! What a great team!!! 20140502 171623  Just a little smoky!! :) 20140502 171649  Nice guys!!
20140503 085213  The fun continues - this is the Math Olympiad competition the next day, Saturday. Our boys played HARD on the beach, building forts and running for three hours straight, after all that jogging at the jogathon! There are some tired peeps around here! But Sam was game for meeting up with the team for the math competition so away we went - to arrive at 8:30 this morning ready to roll! I can't believe we did it! 20140503 092046  I took Ben to Bay Hay - mommy needed more coffee! Look what he chose as a treat for getting ready so quickly and rolling out the door (he was still asleep at 8am!). 20140503 093622  We went to check on the chickens and found this one looking like she was ready to lay. Sure enough - we waited about a minute and "thunk" out popped an egg! How exciting! 20140503 093632  She's checking on it...
20140503 093643  A nice, fresh egg...ready to be picked up for sale in the store. 20140503 093700  Ben enjoying watching the hen get her breakfast after laying. 20140503 093743  AH! HENS! Thieves! They came back, looked at the egg, then the one who laid it cracked it wide open like a geode and started guzzling the yolk! She then invited her friend in for the treat! 20140503 093750  BAD HEN! We have one that does that every now and then as well. So naughty! I found that if I keep the nesting box material clean (so no yolk smell from other bad deeds) it doesn't seem to trigger the eating urge. I haven't seen evidence of one being eaten in a while. But perhaps they are really crafty like this one - she kept the egg mostly intact so that it was like one of those soft-boiled egg cups - most of the material was still inside, not dripping into the nesting box. Dang - who says chickens are dumb? They are...but also crafty.
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IMG 5910  Sam has a new adult size bike! IMG 5911  He loves it! IMG 5925  Getting Emmy ready for a ride :) IMG 5928  It's hockey practice time! This is the first hockey practice.
IMG 5929  Sam has been playing for about a month now (?) and has really developed skill. He gets all ready in his gear at home then skates up to practice early so he gets lots of skate time in. IMG 5931  This is the field outside the rink. IMG 5933  Getting that helmet on is really tough until the snaps loosen up. Thanks for all these photos, mom! 20140505 165121  Ben likes to ride his bike while Sam skates.
IMG 5934 20140508 184039  This is the music Sam is working on right now - Sonatine. Pretty complicated stuff but he likes it! 20140512 201730  Gramma and Ben :) 20140512 204728  Gramma is working on aim :)
20140514 172645  More hockey practice! 20140514 172720  Go Sam! 20140515 170552  After the last PREP at church. Can you find anyone??? 20140516 143635  Our house after school most Fridays - lots of bikes, meaning lots of boys running around.
20140517 161230  Sam and Alex studying some rocks they dug up from the pit. They are looking at crystals under the microscope. 20140517 162404  Ben and the latest build - a neat truck and little boat! 20140517 200943  Finally got a hat I can wear to the playground after school so the sun doesn't burn my part and my face! 20140518 134932  Sam gearing up for a game!
20140519 171348 20140520 151308  This was a fun experiment we did with Sam's class. I came in to do a little presentation on yeast and bread-making using wild yeast starter. We actually made bread, and we also did a little experiment to see what "food" source the yeast liked best. 20140521 064731  We watched the yeast create pockets of gas (carbon dioxide) and ethanol (the other byproduct of fermentation). We noted how high the yeast rose in the tube. 20140521 064820  In the four tubes, from left to right, we had a Cheezit, a raisin, a marshmallow, and plain sugar. Yeast eats sugar for food, so we fed it complex carbs (Cheezit - just something from one of the kids' lunches that was similar) and simple sugars. The yeast liked the raisin best!
20140521 104900  Enjoying the final product! 20140521 104907  Thanks, Mr. E, for a good time! 20140521 104918  Also taught the kids about crust and crumb texture. Then Mr. E captured his own wild yeast and made a starter of his own at home. Pretty cool! WP 20140521 15 38 24 Pro  Ben's 6th birthday - my friend Annette grabbed a few pictures of us and his friends on the playground.
20140521 165705  Sam skipping a water break to practice more with the Coach's son, who is also a coach. These are great high school guys who coach. 20140522 133227  One of Janet's horses out in the pasture. Life is good! 20140523 164318  Sam biking down our road with a friend :) 20140525 154605  Dave got his mountain bike back in operation and three of us (me, Dave and Sam) went for a rainy day ride!
20140525 154607  Can you tell Dave has lost 35 pounds??? 20140525 154628  Love you, honey! 20140525 154803  Hi Sam! We got a little wet out on the trails :) 20140525 154806  Silly guy!
20140525 154846  Hi Richard! 20140525 154943  Ben in the RV watching cartoons in Spanish (?) while we chat with Mom and Richard. photo 2  Sam is a tiny bit more snuggly at night so I welcome these little night-time visits :) 20140526 110038  At a Memorial Day ceremony at the High School!
20140526 110109  I try to do something every Memorial Day that recognizes the sacrifices men and women have made for our country. Each year is a little different. 20140526 110112  This time I found out about this ceremony 12 minutes before it started! A neighbor showed up at our house just as I was packing up to leave, so we brought him, too. 20140526 110126  Good boys... 20140526 110131
20140526 161730 20140526 161738  Ben helping with the potato planting! 20140526 161803  Digging massive trenches to put in power and water hookups for the RV! 20140526 161829  Mom doing a lot of planting to get veggies in the ground :)
20140526 161835  Whew! 20140526 161907  Sam doing some trail work. Thank you, Sam! 20140526 161915 20140526 162318  Our digging crew! They did a very nice job.
20140526 194837  Hmmm...some training for the men in our lives :) 20140527 072025  You can't see him, but there's a hummingbird on the red feeder! 20140527 184914  Oh my - I hope we never forget the miraculous recovery of a hearing aid from the underbrush!!! 20140529 163928  Ben at his PREP class with two delightful teachers. He was answering all kinds of questions correctly from his learnings during the year. Amazing!
20140530 175409  Boys in the woods digging for rocks and exploring the trails. 20140530 175417  They bring out their geology hammers and safety glasses, and crack them open! 20140530 181822  Ben building a really neat Lego house that has tons of windows! 20140530 181830  We all want to live in there! He calls it "Apple Tree House."
20140531 163045  Neighbor Jeremie had quite a weekend, too. He brought us lots of extra dirt for a garden with a tractor he'd rented.