Mother's Day

IMG 6057  Mother's Day started out with some wonderful gifts from my boys. This was awesome! IMG 6061  Sam marbled the paper with his teacher and the teacher's father! IMG 6087  This is what was on the back of the picture frame. IMG 6062  Sam explaining paper marbling.
IMG 6065  Ben made a neat clay heart that he decorated himself! IMG 6079  My mommy! IMG 6091  Dave's FB post. I'm not on FB so I don't get to see these things unless my mommy sends me a clipping! I am lucky to have a clipping service! 20140511 125254  Out on the hike up Mount Walker :)
20140511 125401 20140511 125440  Ben had a low grade fever, but was a trooper anyway. 20140511 125510  Dave telling the boys something funny. IMG 6098  The view from the top.
20140511 132519  Ben kept finding these cute leaves with little faces cut out! There were 36 of them! 20140511 132942  Cute idea! IMG 6104  The trail description. IMG 6106
IMG 6105 20140511 133154  Love the mosstache tradition :) Dave you really rock the handlebar! 20140511 133229  I like it! IMG 6108  Cute little bird at the top loved snacks!
IMG 6140  Nice picture, Richard! IMG 6142 IMG 6146  Heading to the southern lookout to see Seattle and Rainier. 20140511 143041  Ben and Richard left me a cute note.
IMG 6148  The view! IMG 6149  Silly family photo time! IMG 6159  Dinner at the Timberhouse - yum! IMG 6161  Neat decor inside.
2014-05-11Mom'sDayDaveEagleOnHead  Eagle is still among us! IMG 6164 IMG 6169 20140511 190005  So tired!