Ben and Eli birthday soccer party

20140516 154518  These new shoes help me jump really high! 20140516 154528  Doesn't he look tall? 2014-05-17 (13)Ben's6BirthdayParty  We held Ben's birthday jointly with another buddy, Eli, at their school. 20140517 131742  It was a soccer birthday party!
20140517 131808  All the dads joined in. We had a great time! 2014-05-17 (14)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Even Jack's dad joined in - wearing slippahs (flip flops)! 2014-05-17 (17)Ben's6BirthdayParty 2014-05-17 (19)Ben's6BirthdayParty
2014-05-17 (27)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Cupcake time! 2014-05-17 (32)Ben's6BirthdayParty 2014-05-17 (33)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Wow - pretty cool! 2014-05-17 (35)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Trying to light the candles!
2014-05-17 (38)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Singing 2014-05-17 (39)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Blowing! 2014-05-17 (41)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Eli's turn! 2014-05-17 (43)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Beautiful day for an outdoor party.
2014-05-17 (45)Ben's6BirthdayParty 2014-05-17 (46)Ben's6BirthdayParty  These were pretty tasty. 2014-05-17 (49)Ben's6BirthdayParty  There was a near riot trying to get them passed out. 2014-05-17 (52)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Thanks to Sarah for providing snacks and a table!
2014-05-17 (54)Ben's6BirthdayParty  I might have cleaned up some of the frosting :) 2014-05-17 (13)Ben's6BirthdayParty  Some funny videos of the game. 2014-05-17 (14)Ben's6BirthdayParty  In one of these, Ben tells his buddy to "stop flopping around; focus!" 2014-05-17 (15)Ben's6BirthdayParty
2014-05-17 (16)Ben's6BirthdayParty 2014-05-17 (17)Ben's6BirthdayParty