Orcas Island Camping

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20140602 174333  The coaches are dads who jump off the ferry and race to practice, throwing their skates on. Sometimes they don't have time to change clothes! I think it's a good look :) 20140602 161724  A video of Sam skating - he's been working on his crossovers. 20140602 161644-1  Hockey practice. Sam is out there early before practice starts getting some skate time in. photo 2  A nice night out with my friends, and sending Lauren off to her new home in Bellingham.
20140604 200926  Sam won the third grade Math Kangaroo contest. He got to bring home some "hardware" ;) Awards2  This is the awards ceremony. Awards3  Sam entered a few math competitions this year, along with some of his buddies. They did quite well! boys nerf war  Boys having a Friday afternoon Nerf war. They are planning the rules here in this picture.
20140607 132414  I thought this jewelry was really cool - made out of wrecked luxury European cars! 20140607 161054  Ben spilled water on the kitchen floor and went to get a piece of paper to draw us a caution sign! He even folded it so it would stand up! 20140607 161345  That is totally his spelling - so funny! Love the falling guy! 20140609 170934  This is a cute video of Ben skating around with a 4th grader named Josh, who sprained his ankle so he couldn't skate this practice. He took to coaching Ben quite readily!
20140611 095419  For my birthday I love to line up activities with friends who I don't get to see enough - this day we went for a jog along the water then a coffee. It was so fun to see Christine! 20140612 184404  At guitar/uke lesson last Thursday. Ben is so cute - sometimes bringing Grownup Eagle to things still. I hope we get to keep bringing Grownup Eagle around. I will miss him when he doesn't come along. 20140612 193320  Sam was Ben's age (6) when he started with Randy. I thought a picture was in order to celebrate three years of study with Randy! Great job, everyone! IMG 6718  Sam talking to some audience members later - people who were so encouraging.
IMG 6719  This man is in the lead act which comes on much later. IMG 6717  Sam playing a classical piece (a waltz by Ferdinando Carrulli) at an open mic on Seabold Second Saturday. He did great! A bit nervous with that spotlight on him and a piece he hadn't yet perfected. Good for him for being brave enough to give it a go! Dave is working on some great ukulele tunes. He says "Maybe sometime" he'll play at open mic, but I have to tell you, he's ready next month. I will put his name in the hat! 20140616 113950  Emmy and I after a lesson. Emmy was a little nutty this day maybe because of the rain. She spooked three times on the way up the driveway! We ended up having a great lesson. I decided not to lunge her first - that lunging was really more about me than her (i.e., getting her ya-yas out in advance of hopping on gives me a psychological boost but may not be necessary now that I have more experience). 20140617 085637  These alpacas were very quiet until I showed up!
20140617 112359  This is how I found Grownup Eagle this morning, Ben's last day of school. All tucked in! 20140617 150025  And look at Dave on skates!!! He was quite good after a 10 year hiatus! 20140617 162717  Ingunn and Esther were having a dirt-eating contest. Esther won!! ;) 20140617 163606  This appears to be a hockey family now :) Look at all those sticks!
20140617 163709  Mom found these shears somewhere in our garden. They look good with this pot! 20140617 163812  This is the RV backing in. I took this picture because I thought Richard might like to see his big rig pulling into his cool spot with hookups. Then I noticed Mom in the background, directing him. But...I am unclear on the signals. Are you? It looks vaguely Gangnam style. 20140617 165521  Where is mom? 20140617 165612  Oh! In the ferns again! Where are your hearing aids???
20140617 165858  Richard hooking up the RV - he is trying to open up a hose. I like the face! 20140617 165904  Richard saying "Huhmmff...what are you lookin' at?!" 20140617 165933  See the power and water station? Yay! 20140617 085720  I am not sure what is going on here! Mating? Sibling rivalry? Dave said..."Well, that was an awkward sound."
20140617 145034  Sam skating over at Wilkes - first free afternoon of summer! No plans, just fun! Look at how solid he is on skates now. WOW! 20140619 135845  Sam unpacking his first phone! We got him a no-contract GoPhone like I have. Not a smart phone, but has camera and can talk/text as needed for $2/day. 20140619 140048  Ben is telling Sam how to install the battery. Ben does that a lot with his phones (old flip phones I used). 20140619 145131  Sam is texting already! Gramma is loving it (from across the deck!).
20140619 192356 20140620 123242  We are at the Pacific Science Center - Daddy made a photo booth print! 20140620 123257  Ben eager to see it! 20140620 123317  Nice, guys!
20140620 124322  This guy climbed right up me in the butterfly house!! 20140620 130054  Watching a movie about lemurs in 3D! 20140620 150137  This is in the Experience Music Project in Seattle. More really for grown-ups, but the boys liked these massive LEGO builds of famous structures. 20140620 150159  This front building (Flatiron building?) is one Sam actually used for inspiration for his Father's Day card.
20140620 150228  You can also make your own creation and add it to this "city." We were there for an hour building while Dave explored the museum. 20140620 151352  This was cool! 20140620 153039 20140620 160325  Sam's project in the middle. Very symmetrical.
20140621 180015  Our neighbor Ingunn and her husband Colin got me this GREAT axe for my birthday! Esther likes it, too! THANK YOU! 20140621 180018 photo 1 photo 3
20140622 163845  Meeting a distant cousin (?) Quinn at Cathie Moody's memorial service last Sunday. She will be greatly missed by many. Glad we were able to get to the service and the family gathering afterwards. Looking forward to seeing more WA family this summer! 20140622 163848 20140622 163859  Instant connection, I'd say ;) 20140622 175059  Typical WA ferry ride - very nice departure from the hassle of driving. We enjoyed the Kingston-Edmonds trip.
20140622 175105  I still love the profile of Ben's head. What is that bump out in the back for? What does he keep in there? It is flat on top, too. It's kinda boxy. I LOVE it! 20140622 182940  Rainier was out! In distance in the middle, over the other two people's heads. 20140622 183019 20140622 183042  Not as windy down here!
20140622 202307  We had a great dinner at Agate Pass Cafe. Literally ate half the menu. Daddy really spoiled us! It was so good! Sam loved the clams with a little spiciness. Ben liked the clams and fried olives. They liked the calamari - even the tentacles! We tried all three desserts. This is how we celebrated afterwards. 20140622 202312 20140622 202318  Unscripted...this is just a series of snaps capturing them while Dave was paying. 20140622 202324
20140622 202332 20140624 094127  Mom and Richard taking on one last job - getting rid of a few problem trees! These guys are good. Can you find the one in the tree? He looked like a lemur hanging sideways! 20140624 094438  They thread it out through the other trees. Didn't hurt a thing in the garden. 20140624 094557
20140624 143223  Taking a walk for more brush pickup with Juan - of the Mendoza crew. 20140624 143240 20140624 143256  Mom and Juan got to be buddies! 20140624 192741  Great ribs just before leaving for our camping trip! Thank you, Dave, for grilling these up! They were so good!
20140624 192843 20140624 201214  Ben has been really working hard to make his clothes right-side-out before putting them in the hamper. Each night he goes one step beyond. This time I had to take a picture. He thinks because they are all folded, they'll come out of the wash folded "So Gramma doesn't have to fold as much." Isn't he PRECIOUS?! 20140624 201222  Washing his hair 6 times. Because he wanted it to be clean. 20140624 201239  Hi little guy! You'll be really clean for camping!
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