Orcas Island Camping

they love to be cozy  They are really tucked in! Thankfully they love being cozy! leaving for vaca  Having to say goodbye to Gramma and Richard, too. Boo hoo! That was a great two-month visit!!! Can't wait for the next one. Less work for you guys, though! 20140625 091331  Waiting for the Kingston ferry. The Port Townsend ferry was cancelled due to fog so we had to regroup quickly and figure out how to get up to Anacortes to catch the San Juan Islands ferry without killing a lot of time which we'd otherwise enjoy in the campsite ;) 20140625 101223
20140625 101305  Sam sending a few texts. He has the FUNNIEST sense of humor via text. I can't tell you how much fun we've had getting his notes. I will have to figure out a way to dump Sam's first week of texts for a keepsake. 20140625 101322  Grownup Eagle is still among us and happy! 20140625 125359  In the San Juans at last! 20140625 125507
20140625 130425 20140625 130525 20140625 130605  After all the fog burned off we got beautiful weather. 20140625 131145  A tradition was born last year when I took the boys - Jelly Beans on the ferry!
20140625 131217 20140625 131440  One stop at Lopez, then on to Orcas. 20140625 131731  Ben took this picture. Thanks, buddy! 20140625 134048  That's where we'll land!
20140625 134831  Oh boy - getting silly! 20140625 134835 20140625 144111  At the site! It takes 6 hours to get here, but there's a lot of time spent in and out of the car so it doesn't feel like a long drive, because it isn't. It's really relaxing just getting there. Our site is on the water. So nice! This is Cascade Lake. Eagle checking it out, too. 20140625 144152  See the color of the water?
20140625 144439  Thanks to Mountainsmith I have three functional travel cubes that hold all the boys' stuff and mine for trips. I love them! 20140625 145910  I have pictures of Sam doing this from age 2 to age 9 now! This year he set up the tent nearly all on his own. 20140625 150253 20140625 152200  Gettin' cozy!
20140625 152246  Another tradition - get cozy, then take a picture out the front door over our feet! 20140625 153120  The boys are going to sleep over there. I am taking this picture from where our tent will go. The water is over the log to the right. 20140625 153128 20140625 154046  Testing it out - pretty chilly! 60-65 or so, maybe a little warmer in the shallow parts.
20140625 154514  Ben says as he poses "I don't want it to be blurry." 20140625 154518  In this one he's actually pounding. 20140625 161410  First swim! In later pictures you'll see that the boys played in the water for over 3 hours one day. They were so tired and cold they almost needed a clinical rewarming strategy. Sam especially. He was loopy! 20140625 161422
20140625 161427 20140625 161443  "Bulbous butt" created lots of laughs! 20140625 161451  Dave was trying to nap. He said that Ben's voice and the echoes of laughing traveled very far! 20140625 161812
20140625 161821 20140625 161845  Hmmm...a bit chilly for me! 20140625 161905  Ok, I'll give it a try. They really wanted me in! I have a hard time refusing the cuties! 20140625 165301  Dave and Ben...
20140625 165743  The Sam Otter still playing! 20140625 170206  Getting to kayak on his own again. Each year he gets more skill and confidence. This year he really could do what he wanted with it. 20140625 170611 20140625 170620
20140625 173109 20140625 173205  Our site is the first two tents. The next site was empty both nights. How lucky! 20140625 173223 20140625 182100
20140625 182105 20140625 183514  The boys like "Daddy style" camping as there are a great many more food options and niceties. He nicely reminded them that there are certain things which are hard to do when you're just a mommy taking two very young boys as I did for many years. 20140625 191412  The approach to the site. 20140625 191429
20140625 191443 Ben hot chocolate incident 20140625 200419 20140625 200429  Ben likes s'mores, just not the stickies!
20140625 200438 Ben's natural behaviors 20140625 205632  An "A" for Awesome! 20140625 205732  We put Ben to bed (or so we thought) and gave Sam some grown-up time. Can you see the time stamp on the picture? It is 8:57PM. Ben is still in the tent talking and whispering in his whisper-hiss. We can also hear him making other noises which Sam says are common when Ben is falling asleep. It was so funny - trying to have a chat with Sam but with the constant and entertaining interloper from the tent.
Ben nighttime antics 20140625 215255  This is still at 10PM! Can you believe it? 20140626 065624  Next morning. Everyone did ok - it was the first night the boys had their own tent. Dave thought he had a queen bed for us...but...guess what? He had a TWIN bed which happened to be a double-high! That is why it had so much material that it looked like a queen bed. We were quite cozy! 20140626 065712  First morning at camp!
20140626 065823  Playing with camera settings. We enjoyed "cartoon" :) 20140626 065949  Now playing with "auto-detect smile" - it found me right away. 20140626 070035  It did NOT find Dave until he did this! The craziest smile face he could make! 20140626 070251
20140626 070256  Good morning! 20140626 071257  And the boys are up, too! 20140626 071318 20140626 071335  Sam showing us some of his movies. He is a funny videographer as well! We were all laughing out loud.
20140626 071558  Ben liked the cartoon setting I showed him of Dave, so he did the same thing. Notice he closed his eyes just like Daddy. Very observant! 20140626 071712  And Pythie likes cartoon! 20140626 071831 20140626 072540
20140626 072621  Daddy making breakfast coffee! 20140626 082108  And character pancakes! This is a snake, can you tell? Last year the bubbles showed up right away where the eyes and nose should be! 20140626 082635  Eagle, with his feathers! 20140626 082643
20140626 082650  Eggs, too! 20140626 083522 20140626 083529  Mommy cooks better over a fire. See, no black pancakes! 20140626 083543
20140626 121940  Visiting Mt. Constitution - a highlight for Dave! 20140626 125000  That's how our ferry came through - you're looking back toward Anacortes in this view. 20140626 125010 20140626 125029  Mountain Lake below us.
20140626 151701  "The most adventurous gummi in the world" says Sam. He brought it with us on a hike, carrying it in his hand. 20140626 152940 20140626 153044 20140626 153050  Last year I had only two boys on this bridge. So nice to see a threesome!
20140626 160145  Rescuing caterpillars on the "rescue boat." This also got to be a very loud endeavor, Dave reports. 20140626 160150 20140626 160544  Two otters. 20140626 160618  Lots of diving for seaweed.
20140626 160704  Driving the rescue boat! He was so excited talking about rescues that he got a "drool beard"! 20140626 160711  Just like in Hawaii. So fun to see him having a great time in the water for HOURS! 20140626 164154  This is one of the rescued caterpillars. He was wet and cold at both ends. Ben says his name was Henry. He dried out in about 30 min and crawled away ok. 20140626 164612  Interesting rock with lichen on it. Ben is calling it onvit. That is the rock's name. Hmmm...
20140626 164746  This is the rescue boat. 20140626 165155  Now they've found a dragonfly who was really wet. I tried and tried to separate his wings for him but he really didn't fare well. I couldn't find him after about 30 min so maybe in the end he did dry out ok? 20140626 165325  Henry and the dragonfly. 20140626 175109  Sam taking Ben for a ride in the kayak!
20140626 175124  Video of Sam taking Ben for a kayak ride. 20140626 175409  Here they come! 20140626 175415  Sam bringing Ben back home to our site. 20140626 175506
20140626 175512  Sam was very careful - he did a wonderful job! 20140626 183757 20140626 184114 20140626 184205  Otter attacking the kayak.
20140626 184356  Fingers wrinkly! 20140626 184409 20140626 192124  Sam was SO tired! And cold! 20140626 204821  I gave him my jacket, too.
20140626 204843  A new friend from the top of Mt. Constitution. 20140627 103633  Helping break down camp - it was raining on our final morning. 20140627 112728  A nice hike up to Sunrise rock. This is right up above our camp. 20140627 112735  Funny faces all around!
20140627 112741 20140627 112745 20140627 112829  Thanks for taking this picture, Ben! I'm not really this short, btw ;) 20140627 113746  Hiking to Cascade Falls before heading back home.
20140627 115851 20140627 120139 20140627 171832  On the last ferry home. We were a little kooky for sure! Sam was showing us the movies he'd taken on his phone. They were hilarious! 20140627 171847  He's showing me and laughing :)
20140627 172119  Seeing his favorite part of "Kooky in Coupeville"! 20140627 172139  Showing Ben now... 20140627 172144 20140627 172219  Almost to the funny part!
20140627 172233  Wait for it! 20140627 172238  This picture is my wallpaper now - such funny memories. Kooky in Coupeville