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20140630 085009  Hockey mom times two! 20140630 153928  working with the best "body guard" on the planet! Campbell is working with a group of neighborhood boys when we moms have to work or whatever. It's awesome! 20140630 154328  Learning about soldering. 20140630 154448
20140702 135120  Ben and "Battie" love the new camper! Ben gets a new treat every now and then since big brother is into a lot of kinda pricey things like robots and stuff... 20140704 120518  Tying Growing Eagle to a hockey coach for the July 4 Parade! His asst coach, Caden, went wild over seeing an Eagle at the parade! That's Caden's dad (and head coach Brett) helping. 20140704 120528 20140704 120806
20140704 120822  Nice! 20140704 121038 20140704 123428  The kids did a great job waiting for their turn to head down the parade route. It was a long wait - about an hour! 20140704 130217  Some dads and Mr. Ben :)
20140704 130255  Can you find Big Sam? 20140704 130306 20140704 130329  Nice spirit! He's a really nice guy. 20140704 130352
20140704 130428  Fierce face! 20140704 133705  My neighbor, Ingunn, and little Esther! It was fun to see a lot of people on the parade route! 20140704 133950  Going downhill is a little tricky for new skaters, but they all did really well. 20140704 134004  McCafferty clan!
20140704 134051 20140704 134246  This is a video of what the team did several times throughout the parade... 20140704 140114 20140704 140131  You drag skates to slow yourself down...
20140704 140203  Susan and Brie!!! 20140704 140220  Ben's friend Eli! 20140704 140431  Lovely ladies - hello Kim and Beckey! These two work so hard for the school. Great to see them relaxing for once! 20140704 140537  Ben marches to his own drummer :) Eagle started to get a little itchy on Caden so he's back with his "daddy."
20140704 140815  LOVE this shot. So funny! 20140704 140944  Intihar family! 20140704 142544  Hockey in the parking lot afterwards? Really? Not such a great idea in confined quarters! 20140705 133426  Opening up the rock tumbler is fun!
20140705 140853  An impromptu water war with neighbor boys who are brothers. 20140705 140931 20140705 141004 20140705 141113
20140705 141159  It was raining anyway so why not. It's summer! I had to dry all the clothes and try to get the boys into new clothes from our dressers before heading to a birthday party. I almost did it. 20140705 142121  Tossing secret weapons - old food from the fridge (strawberries) and marshmallows! 20140705 142149 Alex bday  Birthday party for Alex, in the middle next to Sam. A great time!
20140705 193216  Number talk time with Ben while Sam was at the party - he and I had a math chat for 45 min that we both loved! He asked to do it again. 20140706 132205  This has been a mountain biking summer for sure! It is awesome having daddy with us!! 20140706 135552  Ben learning to stay in control on hills :) 20140706 140455  A neat meadow and nice time with just Sam while Dave went with Ben (who makes my nerves ache).
20140706 140549 20140706 142830  Soooo nice to have Daddy figure all this out! Geez it's a lot of work! 20140706 142921  Thank you so much for loading us up so many times this summer! 20140706 143201  4 big bikes to load - a puzzle to configure each time...
20140706 143420  And this is what it is like to live with Ben...or be near us in a parking lot. 20140706 151353  Amazing planters! We want to be able to do this!!! 20140706 151419 20140706 165150  Neil and Edie popped by shortly before their wedding in Tahoe!
20140707 171106  Learning JavaScript with Campbell! 20140707 171114 20140708 100803  Wish I had a better camera and more time to snap pictures while mountain biking with boys! They go too fast! Sunlight gorgeous in woods. 20140709 100728  Out on a jog with two cool guys!
20140709 101652  This story lasted nearly a full 5K!! 20140709 103824  The reward! 20140709 121523  This is how I spent my summer - soccer and hockey for the month of July! Doesn't Ben look super cute in his outfit? He loves getting all geared up and ready to roll for soccer camp even though it's 90 degrees!!! 20140709 142324  Sam at roller hockey camp doing drills.
20140710 142141  Selling eggs for the team! Ben was a superb sign spinner - so funny! People weren't stopping until he got out there. He even helped color in the signs. 20140710 142629 20140710 150617  Sign spinning videos! 20140710 153452  More sign spinning moves!
20140710 154836  Sign spinning moves! 20140710 155116 20140710 155119 20140710 155229  Aren't they awesome!?
20140710 155243  These are neighbors (and fellow hockey player in back) heading out of town, and behind them is actually one of the hockey assistant coaches!!! 20140711 144027  Signing over a special book of instructions and notes to the next RadCon guy. This book has a long history. Very long. Very special piece. 20140711 144053 20140711 144100  Maybe Dave will refresh my memory on the details but it has been handed down for decades and on the book are signatures from each person who signed it over to the next person. Dave is now custodian. Big honor.
20140711 144106  We are at a retirement ceremony for one of the nicest guys in the world (not pictured). 20140711 145302  That guy right there with the sword - Chad! 20140711 162813  I induced Ben to sign-spin at the tournament, but you know what? He was right. Better to sign spin when people are driving by. It's too awkward when people are walking by. 20140711 162818  It just doesn't work the same way!
20140711 162918  Sam scored his first goal in the tournament! And his team won! I raced back here from the retirement ceremony and am so glad I caught most of it despite missing the goal. 20140711 163059  Sam in foreground. 20140711 171539  This is the hockey look. I dare not congratulate him or fuss over him. He is such a serious guy about the game. Just get in the car, mom! 20140711 171719  It's very hot out - can you tell?
20140712 084610  And this is the next day at the rink for a Saturday morning game. It is hot out already. I guess a few sticks didn't make it! 20140712 084618  Poor sticks. 20140712 084630  Anything good, Frank? 20140712 104439  Baby bird nest right outside our dining room window! Four in there!
20140712 151811  Such a helpful guy, and very proud of new, clean sneakers! IMGP0013  One always looks RIGHT at you. They always stay in the same position in the nest. IMGP0014  Planters finally populated with PLANTS! IMGP0015  Just in time for dinner with a really neat couple, Greg and Sharon.
IMGP0016  Mom wanted to see them all :) IMGP0018  Weekend lounging...so nice! IMGP0023  Baby birds stretch for taking flight...turns out it was the NEXT DAY! IMGP0026  Lunch before a ride on the Olympic Discovery Trail.
IMGP0028  8.5 miles each way through farms and beautiful scenery. It was really wonderful - a rails to trails route that stretches from Port Townsend across the Olympic Peninsula. Not all of it is dedicated bike trail, but we're exploring stretches that are. IMGP0029 20140713 153358 IMGP0030  Cow pastures, too!
IMGP0031 IMGP0032 IMGP0033  Ben is THE CRAZIEST BIKER you will ever see. His feet and hands are rarely actually where they should be. He waves to everyone, he shakes his feet around and off the pedals, and horses around WHILE RIDING. We all like to imitate him. IMGP0034  This would be a nice place to live.
20140713 160340  Or a trailer right here. Those mountains and hay growing. I would love that. IMGP0037 IMGP0038  Going over a covered bridge - still on that bike ride but heading to truck now. IMGP0039  Video of covered bridge going over river.
20140714 134733  Again - planter envy!!! 20140717 140249  Spec-ing a fire pit design for a potential customer. It is about this wide... 20140717 140302  Note the design. Sam did that. Like Minecraft, but better, right? 20140718 102445  Ben found a buddy to play soccer with while Sam was in hockey!
20140718 102518 20140720 135531  Gramma - had to take pictures of these for posterity. Or posterior-ity? Lego mania  Campbell in the middle of the room with a ton of Legos!!!! Those are all HIS! They built an incredible village! 20140722 183155  Sam, Stanley and Harris built up a snake robot which is attacking me!
20140722 183203  Robot attacking me! 20140724 125109  Basketball with Campbell. Ben and Sam really have some great moves! I can't believe Ben can send the basketball between his legs! 20140724 125112 20140725 103615  Cream Soda Crew on a farm job - picking up rocks from the pastures! This is Steve Cosgrove, who owns the horse I've been riding (Emmy). Nice family! Sam and I both like the donkeys :)
20140725 103622 20140725 111934  Horses looking on in approval! 20140725 113758  The biggest rock of all! 20140725 113809  This has got to be a good marketing picture for them some day :)
20140725 114104  And this one! 20140725 120529  Then off to Whitethorn Farm to see Janet's latest addition - little colt named Foray. 20140725 120559 20140725 120608  Thankfully he can drink milk because that neck isn't long enough to reach grass!
20140725 120748  Trying to itch a spot - only three legs on the ground! 20140725 120858 20140725 121400  Trying out some cavallettis! 20140725 123553  The cream soda and chips reward after the job!
20140725 124517 20140725 151907  Still not tired - they wanted to chop wood!!! 20140725 151918  But I had broken a mawl, so we had to go to ACE to buy an axe, which turned into 4 axes. Bad mommy. But we needed a new axe for Ben, and a guest axe for Alex. And Sam needed a bigger axe. 20140725 152813
20140725 152832 20140725 152841 20140725 161026 20140725 193532  They chopped for about 90 minutes. They love it!
20140725 193539  Mom had to be very vigilant the whole time so I didn't get to chop too much. 20140725 193607 20140725 193702 20140725 193751
20140725 193817 20140726 083902  Isn't this the most pastoral scene? 20140726 111238  The best snack purveyors on the whole roller hockey team! 20140726 180419
20140726 180506 20140726 180526 20140726 180535 20140726 180605
20140726 194221  Then they went outside and did more! 20140726 194230 20140726 194412  The chickens are really wondering what is going on. 20140726 194421
20140726 194433 20140726 194459  Ok, Doug, who won this round? 20140726 194623 20140726 194630
20140727 125212  Lots of mountain biking this summer. This is in Port Gamble. 20140727 125238 20140727 140654  Followed by very very very good barbeque at Mike's in Port Gamble! 20140727 140659  Goodness gracious this was good. I don't know why we hadn't been there before, but I think mountain biking then bbq is HEAVEN!
20140727 152548  Then to a birthday party for new friends - at the climbing gym! 20140727 153509  Both boys really enjoyed trying it. 20140727 153530  We're thinking of Uncle Tom! 20140727 153624
20140727 154851  Learning to rappel down. 20140727 155721  Even higher than before! 20140729 165656  A quick mow before company comes! 20140729 165705  Ben and I already cleaned house. Trying to help Daddy out by getting all spruced up. Weekends have been so busy with adventuring that the house has taken a hit with boys coming and going all day every day (ours and others!).
20140729 173754  Ben making salad for the dinner. 20140729 173800  Sam getting butter ready for peach cobbler. 20140729 173823 20140730 123546  Cool panoramic of the team!
DSC00853  Mom's Asiatic lilies went nuts! DSC00854  I made Mom a mug with photos of the summer for her birthday. This one was on there! 20140719 163553-1  Gorgeous wedding of one of Dave's colleagues. At The Farm Kitchen.