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Cream Soda Crew Helpline House

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Rockhound Roadtrip

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20140801 100404  Really trying to get a nice picture of Sam...good luck with that! We are out on a bike/run. Such a nice time. 20140801 124804  Waterfall with swimming hole below...near Dosewallups River. We are with good friends Annie and her clan. 20140801 124814 20140801 124839
20140801 124929  Very cold water but Sam loved it. I tried to stand up on that log - not very stable! 20140801 124934 20140801 124945  Reminds me a lot of Hawaii. 20140801 132543
20140801 132708 20140801 132714 20140801 152045  A great trail Dave found - Steam Donkey trail. 3.5 miles, rolling terrain, lots of maples which would look great in the fall. 20140801 152058
20140801 152137  Tons of little bridges. 16 in all? 20140801 152507 20140801 152545  Huckleberry bear constantly stopping for berries! 20140801 152608
20140801 152710 20140801 152909 20140801 152918  And again! 20140801 153011  Beautiful sunlight peeking through!
20140801 153218  Huckleberry bear! 20140801 153627 20140801 153813  Daddy stopped, too! 20140801 153830
20140801 153927  Love this one! 20140801 154116 20140801 155214  These black slugs always remind me of a hike with the boys on Mt. Constitution. We were not on the right trail, and we made a mental note of a particular black slug on a particular stump so we could find our way back. We called her "Licorice." 20140801 155626  Two trees fell down together - very shallow roots on fir trees.
20140801 160005  Ok - trying again for all four in a shot! 20140801 160010 20140801 160012 20140801 160016
20140801 160023  Funny what all the mouths chose to do. 20140801 160025  Dave looks questioning here. 20140801 162847  Annie and her daughter :) 20140801 162927  Beautiful end to the hike. So peaceful along the river.
20140801 163005 20140801 164058 20140801 164834 20140801 164936
20140802 100032  Final tournament of the season! Ooooh...kinda sad! 20140802 111525  Awards ceremony. 20140802 111734  My good friend, Basia :) 20140802 112023  Sam taking his medal.
20140802 113438  Ben, Alex and Sam recognized for their fundraising efforts with egg selling and sign-spinning. Ben wasn't even on the team yet. This dear lady made an award just for him to recognize his efforts. It was so nice. 20140802 154428  Grand Forest! 20140802 160458  Long hill. Daddy is very good with #2, who tends to be a bit vocal about challenge. 20140802 160815  They made it!
20140802 163819  Snacks on Hilltop! Great views of the mountains but hard to capture on camera over those trees. 20140802 163835 20140802 164653 20140802 164658
DSC01275  Awesome visit from Brendan, Leocadia and their two girls who were traveling around the Pac NW from Virginia! SOOO great to see these Hawaii friends! 20140807 150525  A walk in Fort Ward - lots of blackberries coming into ripeness! 20140807 150540 20140807 150843
20140807 151555  Some spontaneous adventuring... 20140807 152229  Doesn't this look like elephant skin? SO interesting. 20140807 152239 20140807 152247
20140807 152613  The tide is coming in! 20140807 152618  We're hanging on like this tree, trying to skirt the shorelines to a couple little tucked-in beaches. 20140807 153657 20140807 154630
20140807 165328  Sparrow still doing well! Almost a month into the grand integration! 20140807 165516 20140807 165521 20140809 111413  Going to a rock show in Edmonds. I am convinced this is an aboriginal tool. Think anyone will agree with me?
20140809 151402  Getting thunder eggs cut in half. Always fun! 20140809 151505 20140809 165653  And now to Play-it-Again in Lynnwood (AGAIN!) for more gear. This time ICE HOCKEY! Trent is sharpening blades on a pair of used Bauers. 20140809 183320  Ben made this arrangement on the ferry table with his rock show loot.
20140810 130653  More Olympic Discovery Trail exploring - this time in Port Townsend. 20140810 130801 20140810 130820 20140810 131000  You bike 7.5 each way through many great trails and farms. Hard to decide which of these bike trails I like the most!
20140810 131031 20140810 131356  Can you barely see Rainier above that little bridge between two land masses? 20140810 132136  Just a sampling of the trails in the next series of photos. 20140810 133630
20140810 133637 20140810 133718 20140810 134633 20140810 134858
20140810 134926  This is where I want to live. The area is peaceful, near the water, and has LAND near TRAILS for HORSES! 20140810 135247 20140810 135518 20140810 135540  See???
20140810 144742  Oh my goodness! SO CUTE! 20140810 153044  When I try to take picture while biking, the white balance is totally off! Dumb smartphone! 20140810 153056 20140810 153323  Going back to Port Townsend.
20140810 153617  Dave does not like it when we get under foot for this portion of the adventure. Somehow Ben made three of the four bikes fall to the ground in totally innocent maneuvers! Not fun! 20140810 162349  We stumbled into the Jefferson County Fair for dinner! 20140810 162404  The boys bought a box of rocks for $10! 20140811 110623  Like the outfit? They are seeing how high they can flick a hockey ball.
20140811 111057  And how many taps. Sam is up to 16 I think? 20140811 111249  This strikes fear in Sam and my hearts! Where is that ball going to go?! 20140811 120539  More rock cracking! 20140811 141707  Bainbridge Island Mining Company at home and at large!
20140811 141740  I found picture jasper, I think! 20140811 141954 20140811 150916  Buying 50 lbs of chicken feed then biking home with it. AND 10 lbs of rocks. UGH! 20140812 125050  Next day Ben had an ear infection. But the PA couldn't see his ear drum due to too much WAX. So she irrigated it. FUN!
20140812 125301  Sam was beside himself with this gory task! But she got a lot out. Thankfully...although Ben still says "WHAT?" a lot! 20140812 171947  And the same week as the ear infection, I am beset by a mite infestation of Armageddon-like proportions. In the chicken coop, I should clarify. 20140812 172120  Ben is going to help me use some unconventional warfare techniques to kill them. I've already lost four birds in three days to anemia. They just keeled over dead as a doornail with no signs of distress the previous day. 20140813 110054  Out on a hike with Ingunn and Esther!
20140813 113011  Can you see the owl we found!? HUGE eyes just staring at us! A bit creepy! 20140813 113038 20140813 131047  Sam has a friend over who also enjoys playing the guitar. 20140813 132832  But they soon ventured outside for mining!
20140813 132838  And look who else wanted to help! 20140813 134402  Hi Gordon! This is a bit morbid, but I'm photographing the chickens because I don't know who will fall the next night. I hope all survive this mite infestation and my efforts prove to be sufficient, but we are very sad to lose four hens. We certainly don't want to lose Gordon or Sparrow. I had to box up three hens and ship them via FEDEX to the Avian Health and Food Safety Lab for necropsy. The lady at the shipping store was a big help but she was a bit out of her element...laughing about trying to keep them cold so they don't stink, what size box, more plastic needed to keep the ice from condensing and getting the box wet, etc. 20140813 135829  Walk the plank, Sparrow! 20140813 135956  Sparrow looking on...
20140813 140233  Talking about something in Minecraft I think...while doing actual "mining." 20140814 095358  Just a sample of summer with Campbell watching the boys (and some other neighborhood kids) while I ride. We are so fortunate to have found a guy who is a good sports buddy AND a mentor in computer programming, roboto building, etc.! 20140815 151118  Sam and his buddy Alex are making robots to battle each other. This is Sam's. 20140815 173756  They battled and modified for hours! Then pizza and fire.
20140815 201510  Sparrow likes hanging out on the roof of the coop at night! 20140815 201438  This is where Sparrow likes to roost now! 20140819 180509  Battle Bots at our house! Sam and Alex have built robots to battle each other. Sam is sharing the controller with a friend right now so he can battle Alex's robot. The boys loved it! They would build, battle, then retool. 20140819 180521  Alex's "grabber" claws were very effective at trapping.
20140820 175405  Off to the field at school for a little football tossing! 20140820 175434 Clinic with Bill  Like the little side-kick-buck? That was fun! This is at a dressage clinic where I am trying to master canter departs from the walk.