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20140831 150233  Dave (and Gordon!) checking out the garden! 20140831 150817  Quite a big garden haul! I have no idea when to harvest things. I figure they have a terminal size (like terminal velocity?) but some things just keep growing! 20140831 151149  Our stuff is HUGE! Any ideas for harvest fair? You could build a go-cart out of these! 20140831 151705  New hen girls! 6 new chicks! Gordon looking at them from outside their bachelorette pad! They are eating kale from the garden.
20140831 154336  Sparrow is eager to get a flock of his own! 20140831 154640  He flirted through the fence shamelessly. 20140831 155025  That is Fort Mandan (Lewis and Clark stopped there) - a place for new hens to hide if being chased. Ben built it. 20140831 155740  Lemonade for the chicken-tamers!
20140831 155814  Boys enjoy watching their new girls. Ben likes to have "chicken happy hour" outside, in the sun, building them things to play on. He is so funny. He loves to catch them and put them on things. All this handling is very good. It will make my job much easier when it comes to worming and dusting for mites. 20140831 161020  There they are! Layla is Sam's - she is looking RIGHT at the camera. Ben's is to right, and looking to the left - Obsidian. He thinks her feathers look like obsidian. 20140831 161745  They love their time with their chicks! 20140831 161805  Layla is a smart girl. She's the ring leader.
20140831 161948  Ben caught his girl! 20140831 162050 20140831 162540  Who's in the cage? I like having boys cooped up! Can you believe they could both catch hens in this tiny space? 20140831 183707  More garden haul!
20140831 183722  Those are rattlesnake beans in the foreground. We have like 1 cup of them. But still cool to grow your own beans! 20140901 140350 20140902 131829  New sneaks! I need a GoFundMe account to support boy shoes! 20140902 170119  More chicken happy hour!
20140902 171742 20140902 171759 20140902 171910  He's getting big! 20140902 172047  Learning about the big girl waterer.
20140902 171905-1 DSC01701  First day of school - AFTER school! DSC01704  Enjoying some robot time - this thing can crack nuts, OR your TOES! DSC01707  See the front hammer thing? That arm is heavy and it moves fast. There is an ultrasonic sensor, too, so it responds right away if you stick anything in front of it.
20140904 124303  Do I look nuts or what? The horse (Emmy) seems fairly normal here. I had a great ride that day. Avoided being bucked off during a canter depart. I always feel like a million dollars when I work hard at a ride and accomplish some things. 20140904 175442  Ben at soccer practice. 20140905 073612  Swinging in the morning sun - so nice. On our way to school. 20140905 073638
20140905 085153  Chickens in morning sun :) 20140906 154526  Sam is now playing ICE HOCKEY! 20140906 155355  And he LOVES it! I am learning how to do a hockey stop, too. 20140906 161318  Ben out there on skates during stick and puck. Good for him!
20140906 161913  He kept trying to block pictures! 20140906 162226 20140906 162540 20140906 162832
20140906 164014  Now playing with some big boys! 20140906 164043  Little Ben is so brave! 20140906 170205  Love these guys! 20140907 163758  The game jersey - he's #8.
20140908 155928  Ok - got rear-ended on the way home last Monday. First time EVER! This is the other car which hit me. 20140908 160019  This is what it did to the truck. 20140908 165144  Making lemons out of lemonade - look at the price for this cake! We celebrated a crazy Monday. Ben was literally jumping up and down all the way to the checkout, and through the checkout! 20140908 165200
20140908 170409 20140908 191036 20140908 192548  Sam sporting his new hockey club t-shirt, and maybe a little tired :) 20140909 175118  Another lemonade out of lemons - the Zamboni was broken but we didn't get the call in time so we drove 45 min down to practice and found it was cancelled. Set up a street hockey game with other players who didn't hear in time.
20140909 175802 20140909 181343  We want in! 20140912 112750  At an officer spouse social - these were made by a Supply Officer's wife - she is INCREDIBLE! So cute! Cherries in white chocolate with almond sliver ears! I brought some home for the kids. 20140912 183805  Hockey practice has started!
20140912 200305  We still have some nice nights after practice. In a few months it will be DARK out on our way DOWN to practice! 20140913 095915  Out on a jog. This is near our home. They have a big dahlia garden and recently addded this cute cart. 20140913 112233  Ben learning how to be a goalie :) 20140914 184657  Trying out making pizza on the new fire pit grill!
20140914 185333  We made one with toppings the boys picked out - ham and pineapple. This is the first one off the grill :) 20140914 185604  Looks good! That's dough I made, too. It behaved well despite not having much time to proof. 20140914 185845  On to the second pie. 20140914 190047  Cook one side, flip it and top. This is going to be kale, onions, yellow tomatoes and some leftover bacon bits. Everything but the bacon is from our garden!
20140914 190110 20140914 190130  This was REALLY good! Nice job, Dave! 20140914 190405  A pull-up bar :) 20140914 190423  If you just reach over and squeeze one of Sam's arms while he's relaxing, you can tell he is muscle-y. He doesn't let you get too close very often without a hip-check or a shove, but sometimes you can sneak in and just see how strong he is!
20140914 190441  Ben doing some :) 20140915 184204  A little word cloud on Sam's desk. Neat to see what is important to him. This is from back to school night. 20140915 184537 20140916 151657  AAAH! No! Chickens raiding the kale! They have found their way into the garden bed!
20140919 181834  Hockey practice in full swing! 20140919 181840  They are doing neat drills to build skills. 20140920 123133  Ben and I decided to enter a zucchini race at the last minute. We had a little trouble with the axles - not exactly in the same plane initially, as you can tell! 20140920 130453  Those are roller hockey wheels on it. The weight - over 6lbs!
20140920 131121  Silly guy :) 20140920 131128  Lots and lots of people came out for this! 20140920 131234  Here are a couple neat ones. 20140920 131251  Ben very excitedly pointing out one of his favorites.
20140920 131305  A creeper? 20140920 131327  Mom would have loved this one! 20140920 131806  The ramp! 20140920 132529  We're ready to race ours!
20140920 132629  And they're off! Note theh wide axles...they caused some trouble. 20140920 132656  There were first aid workers to pick up the carnage :) 20140920 132730  His didn't fall apart! Pretty rugged! 20140920 152819  These are Bainbridge Schools Foundation sunflowers! We raised them from seeds and they are the most giant I have ever seen! Good job, BSF!
20140920 152827  Busy bee is working hard up there. 20140920 165451  Out on Phil and Patricia's boat enjoying the sound on a beautiful sunny Saturday. 20140920 165650  Thanks, guys! That was awesome! 20140920 170517  Ben really starting to enjoy himself!
20140921 145448  We ran out of gas, so I came back to fill the lawn mower and Sam had taken it upon himself to cut the grass with scissors, he was so intent on helping Daddy (who was away at the time). Wow! Nice guy! 20140921 151855  Doesn't he look like a high-schooler here? He is unbelievably strong. 20140921 151941  Ben watching, admiring? 20140921 152013  More of mommy admiring Sam. I took 40 pictures of this guy mowing the lawn, I was so thankful and so impressed.
20140921 152409  These guys like their salad bar! 20140922 132109  Sam is still working hard at Stairway to Heaven! We promise to film the whole thing...I just haven't yet because he hasn't given the green light. He would like to get the solo down first, but that's ambitious. So I quick turned on the camera at lesson on Monday... 20140922 132303 20140922 133934