Chicken time

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2014-10-18 hockey game

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20140925 124336  Emmy waiting for her carrots after a good ride! 20140926 182404  It's fire time! We took a Friday off of skating practice and just hung out at home, made a fire and ordered pizza with friends. It was wonderful! 20140926 203533  Patricia brought over apples in a skillet with butter and brown sugar and cinnamon...I think! 20140929 191641  Sam got to play Randy's guitar one practice because his string broke. Nice!
20140930 154946  Typical day eating at Subway before going to hockey practice. This is our Tuesday carpool :) 20141002 082330  Out on a run - the leaves are changing! 20141002 085742  Hockey family! Very rowdy games of street hockey between Sam and Ben! 20141003 081115  My friend, Misty, on the left, serving as one of our school photographers, taking pictures of Harvest Fair creations after the kids went to class.
DSC01718  Sam's ADM practice (skills) on a Friday. DSC01721  Final sprints. DSC01724 DSC01728  All done!
DSC01731  Look who we found at a Warriors game a few minutes later! Jenn Olsen and crew! DSC01733  Sam is loving the pizza :) DSC01734 DSC01735  Ben is loving the music and loud banging on bleachers!
DSC01736  Hockey boys watching the big guys! DSC01741  Now we're at Sam's first hockey game. Ben is in the bleachers watching while I am getting trained on all the stuff behind the bench. DSC01745  There they are! Go Warriors! It ended in a 3:3 tie! DSC01747
DSC01748  Fast game - Sam is on the left, working his way up the boards. DSC01753  #17 my favorite :) 20141004 150734 20141004 150737
20141004 184435  Making hockey puck brownies now for bake sale the next day. This was a busy weekend! 20141004 193207  They turned out ok! 20141004 193326  Testing one that fell on the floor! 20141004 204903  Ben decorating with a W!
DSC01754  Out at an intersection workin' it for our bake sale! DSC01755  Leni made an awesome thermometer to indicate our earnings! DSC01757  Taking shots on goal was a lot of fun. Some folks preferred that over brownies! DSC01758  This guy took a few shots!
DSC01759  I think one got by! DSC01760  Leni and Ben flagging people down! DSC01762  Nice - caught Sam tapping his ball on his stick. His record is 21 times! DSC01764  She was so cute: "I used to be pretty good at this!"
20141005 132154  We could not believe meeting these folks by chance! They own a famous restaurant in Kailua, O'ahu, where we used to live! Mahalo nui loa for your donation!!!! Aloha! 20141005 133408  Leni's thermometer! Hard work raising a dollar! MAH01725  Sprints! MAH01739  Video of hockey game.
20141005 163046  Now we're out at our driveway trying to unload a bunch more. The kids really gave it their all! 20141005 135641 20141005 163221 20141005 165308
20141005 173924 20141008 185413  Late-night street hockey game - they played for 30 min really well together! I enjoyed watching and cheering very much. 20141010 091231  A school project - very funny! 20141010 103617  Dahlia finally bloomed from our garden!
20141010 173605  Thank you for helping with name plates, Lisa!!!! 20141010 192715  Ben showing how he is learning to skate. 20141012 145710  See this nice, pastoral seting? Completely defiled by the sonic fart. 20141012 145628  Sam pulled a very funny prank on me...he ran up (just prior to this video) and did a massive "sonic fart" right behind an older couple and blamed me - "Mom! Wow! Say excuse me!" I was laughing so hard I couldn't run.
20141014 084022  Chicken girls all came up to see me on my way out for a jog. 20141014 084042  Cute girls! 20141015 150158  At lesson with Randy, learning tabs. 20141015 150207  Sam, you're getting so big!
20141015 165643  Dahlias hanging in there! 20141015 165653  Even some new ones growing! 20141015 150314 20141016 120728  Out for another jog with the boys.
20141016 120824  Sam runs a 5K with good endurance. Ben is getting there. 20141016 122226  Too much fun with a broken water fountain! 20141016 122252~2 20141016 150033  Do you like belly snacks? (Salmon) I think it's gross but they LOVE them.
20141016 150037 20141020 111719  New saddle for Emmy (and me)!! I am finally getting legit, not borrowing a saddle as I have been for a year. 20141020 135810  It's mustache Monday! This was totally random. 20141020 141901  Then...the power randomly went out with a big bang! So we were playing outside with neighbor boys when the fire dept went by to fix the power outage. So...we of course had to run down and watch. But I still had a mustache on.
20141020 141921 20141020 143742  Now getting into Ian's house via a window since his garage door opener didn't have power. 20141022 150851  Ben lost his first tooth! 20141025 095701  Baking for a bake sale at T&C.
20141025 095946  They made cookies and fudge and did a very nice job! 20141025 101408 20141025 101852  This is over at Kim's house with her son Adam. 20141025 102556
20141025 102612 20141025 103122 20141025 103153  Yum! 20141025 112156  The bake sale did really well!
20141025 143020  Waiting to go on the ice. 20141025 145715  Our refs didn't show up so thankfully the hockey director, who lives up the street, came down so the kids could play. Thank you, Jay! 20141025 150525  It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, hence the pink uniform. 20141025 150533
20141025 150658 20141026 125124  The bake sale on Sunday! 20141026 130940  Nice work, gang! 20141026 130948  The kids learned how to talk to people and we met a lot of nice people.
20141026 131004 20141026 154912  Right after the bake sale (busy weekend!) we went down to IslandWood for our annual service on the History Mystery Trail. Sara was the school teacher and I was the harried frontier mother with two naughty boys. These roles worked really well. By now you know what noise Sam is making. 20141026 154940  Ben chopped wood to build a fire. 20141026 155042
20141030 151907  Working on robots after school. 20141030 183306  Ben convincing me to buy this guy! (This belongs in the Halloween folder but I'm a month behind on pictures...so enjoy this teaser here!)