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Hockey Tournament - Portland OR

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20141101 154502  Having a nice home day on Sunday - no electronics. A massive fort was built. 20141101 154513  And a warm fire :) 20141101 155906  Cleaning up the woods after Halloween is nice. I enjoy the walk finding 23 lanterns. 20141101 160103  Ben says these guys look like "a happy priest"!
20141101 160131  You can see it was rainy on Halloween! But the fire went on with chili that I made myself this year! 20141101 165902  Sam making some kindling. 20141101 165907  He is really good at this detail work. 20141101 170236  Ben loves to chop chop!
20141101 170421  He's quite good. Very reliable. 20141103 190452  This was a wonderful lesson, watching the two of them play together. 20141105 173415  Dominoes are back out for building now that it is winter. 20141106 173014  A make-up soccer practice - it got cancelled so I organized a little meetup at Wilkes in the covered area. It's really cold out this week so only one other boy showed up, but it was fun for us to get together.
20141107 101418  I plan to paint these. I love these two old buildings on the farm down the street. 20141107 164014  Riding down to hockey practice. He earned the hard hat award at the previous game. He really loved wearing it to practice, although he is very humble and nearly foiled my attempt to take a picture. 20141107 220613  At the Warriors hockey game - the young hockey players like to give knuckles on the way on and off the ice as the big guys go by. 20141107 134211  Star Spangled Banner - fourth year in a row!
20141107 134245  Go Sam! 20141108 175208  KFC! Sam was introduced to KFC by his Thursday night carpool family - Darrel. He loves it! 20141108 180028  So does you-know-who! 20141109 182437  Dom master! Remember, he has a YouTube channel DominoDude1000.
20141109 182519  Ben is into it, too! 20141110 135150  You will not believe this, but we uncovered a network of German au pairs on the island for our German conversation club. This is Lena, who I had just met a few minutes ago. We were chatting and hockey came up. She goes "I LOVE hockey!" So outside we went! 20141110 144003  This is the new conversation club facilitated by Nathan, a 24 yr old who studied for a Masters in Physiology in Germany. He's fluent. Lena is helping us. 20141110 144029  We have about 8 kids who come regularly. It is funded by $10 donation per family.
20141110 144035  Learning to use colors with a game. 20141110 144718  Now learning to ask for things politely over a snack. 20141110 144723 20141111 121107  This is pretty cool! We managed to not knock it down for a week!
20141111 165222  Power Skating Clinic - a fundraiser for our team and attended by 30 kids. Everyone gave it good reviews. There were 8 Warriors on the ice helping run it! Awesome! 20141111 165339  All kinds of agility drills reinforcing the fundamentals. 20141111 165349  I even paid and participated. 20141111 165408
20141111 172903  The end! 20141111 175219  We fed the Warriors volunteers and got them to autograph jerseys and things. 20141111 175236  Leni getting autographs for Josh! 20141111 201551  This is Sam's school binder - I grabbed all the autographs for him.
20141111 170633  Some movies for you hockey fans to see what they were teaching. They are also up on YouTube in a playlist. 20141113 181307  Ben doing some great building with dominoes, too. 20141113 193644  Sam is down at hockey practice so I get some time with my little man on Thursday carpool day. 20141114 084632
20141115 095354  The last soccer game. Ben had an epic game - he was organizing plays just before kicking the ball in by faking out the other team to move to the right side of the field then he'd kick it down the left side to a teammate. He also managed to score a goal from a corner kick! 20141115 135315  Ben building something nice for the chickens to eat a snack out of. 20141115 135341  Gordon looking on in amusement. 20141115 135402  The chickens kind of wreck it with scratching.
20141115 140726  I'm out chopping wood - I love seeing Dave come out with some Duvels! 20141115 140833  Ben is now done with his little project. He's very creative! 20141115 140921  My wood pile is growing! 20141115 141110  I'm making good progress with all the trees we felled over the summer.
20141115 141114  Thanks for taking a picture of me! 20141115 141219  Dave out blowing leaves with a Duvel in hand. 20141116 084835  On our way to a hockey game in Everett! Ferry snacks rock! We are on the 8:45 am ferry. Nice sunrise. 20141116 112908  We're playing in the Everett Silvertips stadium. It holds 10,000 people!
20141116 115327 20141116 120825 20141116 120901 20141116 114318  Here are some movies of the game.
20141116 114616  Tough game, but our kids played really well. We have a relatively young team, with at least half new to ice hockey (came from roller hockey). 20141116 120514 20141119 082912  Out on a run - I liked the sky and Mt. Rainier. 20141119 194750  I have also been working VERY hard on many tight deadlines over the past 6 weeks. Ben made salad while I edited a big report for a state health department. Thank you, Ben!
20141120 164958  A hockey practice got cancelled due to broken Zamboni - actually second cancelled practice in a week, with a broken BORROWED Zam - what are the odds of that happening? I mustered a pickup practice on roller blades at Wilkes for the Bainbridge kids. About 6 came and Darrel ran practice and drills. It was great. The kids really hate losing ice time. They're grumpy for hours. Then pizza afterwards. 20141120 170419  Sent a few pictures to parents who were still at work. This guy needed a helmet - I found one in our truck that his dad had given us to save for Ben. This boy saw it and was like "Oh! My favorite helmet!" Funny! 20141120 170557  This is what the practice and drills looked like. Ben was bounding a basketball all over the area while kids were skating. It was madness - they fill the place quickly when they are at speed. It's loud, too. 20141120 170732  Funny - we realized that the hockey families are used to the cold so they show up at a mustered pickup practice whereas the soccer and basketball families take the pass...Ben's basketball was cancelled this evening and I tried to muster a playdate for him but no one was available.
20141120 170739 20141120 172216  Great job, Darrel! 20141120 174509  Total hockey mom!!! 20141120 172102
20141121 183400  The raffle fundraiser crew rocking it on Friday! We had our last fundraiser and came only $36 shy of raising our full $2400! We think we're the only team who has managed to raise all our funds with fundraisers only, no checks written by parents! 20141121 183420  The signage, everything, was top notch. Thank you, guys! 20141122 114357  Sam winning 2nd place in a math competition with the fifth graders the next morning after coming home very late from the hockey game (which we took au pair Lena too, then KFC afterwards). Late night! 20141122 114450  Sam and his buddies. Great job, guys!
20141122 114459  This is such a neat group of kids! 20141122 114613  He got a Mental Math book as his prize, and said upon receiving it "Oh, yeah, I didn't use any scratch paper." He did the whole test in his head. 20141122 142949  Hockey game after math competition! Whew! 20141122 143000  Go Sam!
20141122 151121  Dave watching with the other dads, trying to pretend they don't know us crazy moms yelling and screaming. I am a total hockey nut! 20141122 151158  Ben found this on the floor "It's a Warriors CheezIt, Mom!" 20141122 151737  Dave and Ben chillin'! 20141122 154605  Alex joined us for the game - it was really fun to have him there cheering.
20141122 154619  Sam walking out... 20141122 161732  He is really relaxed about scoring, but he is super happy inside. 20141122 151240  Some video of the game... 20141122 151520  Sam scored his first goal, but of course that is not on video!!
20141122 152516  You can hear the screaming! 20141122 152633  It was such a tight game. 20141122 152936  Their #17 scored ALL their 6 goals. He was very good. We got 4 goals in. 20141122 153034
20141123 125449  A nice walk down at Fort Ward to have some family time on Sunday. 20141123 140202  A little parkour looked like fun... 20141123 140729  The tide was coming in, and a ferry wake tossed a bunch of water up just as I made it through. 20141123 140809  "Creepy fish!" Ben says ;)
20141123 140822  I was clean ... this was fun, though! 20141123 140845 Sam at Kodiaks1  Some great pictures from the previous weekend that another team manager took. Thank you, Sharon! Sam at Kodiaks2
Sam at Kodiaks3 Sam at Kodiaks4 Sam at Kodiaks5 Sam at Kodiaks6
Sam at Kodiaks7 Sam at Kodiaks8 Sam at Kodiaks9 Sam at Kodiaks10
Sam at Kodiaks11 20141123 153335  Buying axes at ACE so we can help Sara chop some wood! 20141123 160546  We choped about 1/2 a cord in an hour! My boys were SO nice about giving up some down time to do this. They worked hard into the dark. 20141123 140321  Until it wasn't!
20141123 140341  OMG! But we all made it. 20141124 114754  Emmy with her fleece on after a workout - she's about to get some carrots - her absolute favorite treat! 20141124 143730  Learning colors and left, right, hand foot in German with our awesome tutor, Nathan! 20141124 144626  Nathan got in on the act, too! Sam was calling "linke hand auf blau" etc.!
20141127 123719  Steve (Emmy's owner) taking a call while trying to keep Jack (big German shepherd) contained in a stall. This is Steve's preferred "office." :) 20141127 171150  George (Neil Hoffman's dad) and Edie at Thanksgiving dinner! 20141127 171202  Neil and Edie! Newlyweds!!! Thank you for hosting us at your lovely, warm home! You guys are such wonderful family! 20141127 171648  Serving up some awesome sides!
20141127 172303  George and Cindy, Neil and Edie, Dave and I and the kids all enjoyed a great time together. First snow  Dave took this shot at home while I was in Portland for the hockey tournament with the boys. Big snow fall (big for around here) and very cold - snow stayed on the ground for a week! faces  Sam developed some ASCII faces - he got started doing this on the way home from Portland. It took forever with post-holiday traffic so he was making faces on my phone and sending them to a friend who was also driving back. Pretty funny labels! barns  One of the iterations of a drawing I have been wanting to make for a long time. These two old barns are nearby on Day Road. They look so restful standing watch over the fallow vineyard.
barns bw  Trying it in b/w. barns def DSC01767 DSC017671
DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC017691 DSC01770
DSC01771 barns snow1 barns snow2 barns snow2border
DSC01772 barns bw2 barns color barns color2
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