Christmas festivities!

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20141201 185558  At guitar/uke lesson with Randy! The boys are really making progress and it is a joy to see them with Randy. Monday evenings, this is where we are! 20141201 191915  I often record Randy playing so Sam can refer to the riffs later. 20141201 192350  Merry Christmas, Randy! 20141202 150813  Ben playing some Christmas carols at home :)
20141203 095648  That snow I mentioned from Thanksgiving? It's still on the ground when I get home and am able to head out for a Tuesday run! 20141203 095806  This is on a set of trails nearby which I really love to explore. They are not marked, so you have to remember the terrain. One of the guys who lives on this section of the island loves to make trails, so he does! 20141203 100527  Big alder fell down in the storm. 20141204 124149  Emmy after a workout again - trying to get a decent selfie! Gloves and cold hands make it hard. Those ears of hers - they do not much like to point forward :)
20141204 124409  But, from time to time they do when she hears something interesting! 20141204 124423  Good girl, Emmy! 20141206 091253  On our way to Tacoma with Dillon for a hockey game. His parents were away for the weekend so poor guy got sandwiched between the crazies :) 20141208 165503  Ben at basketball practice. He's doing quite well and seems to be enjoying it!
20141208 165829  Here's a movie of basketball practice :) 20141208 165932 20141209 180044  Sam getting to try out being goalie in practice. He has been - and truly, this is not a lie - dropping to his knees, feet out splayed to the sides, in an instant, all over the house, as if he's blocking a shot. He's fascinated by goalies. He'll do it in coffee shops, super markets...kinda surprising when it happens! 20141209 180049  So he was loving this chance to try it out!
20141209 180103  Waiting to be netminder :) 20141209 183716  Ok here are a few goalie cam movies for Sam (and family) to enjoy... 20141209 183937  And another one! 20141210 100715  The PTO ladies clipping box tops to send in for $0.10 each to raise money for school. The lady standing up was in German Club with me last year. She's really a go-getter and has taken our rather dormant alternative fundraising effort to a new level. Thanks, Nicole!
Emmy1  Sketches under wayfor a present for Steve, Emmy's owner. Emmy4  Then I had to darken it up so that it could be laser etched onto a glass. 20141212 104124  Ben in our math pull-out enrichment group. He's showing how to create a table with headers and columns so you can more easily detect a pattern. Each of the four kids got a chance to "present" their work. Ben LOVES to wear a Christmas elf hat. He is the spirit of Christmas indeed! IMG 8326  YAY!!! Finally! Another long-time dream come true - Emmy and I out on the trails!!! I was so nervous about this because the road has big trucks and sometimes even a new splash of paint on the road can make her take great interest. She's a bit skittish one might say! But Janet and Denika went as well, and horses always do better with buddies around. We had a great time!
IMG 8672  Thank you, Janet, for this great Christmas present!!! I went out again by myself on Thursday and did just fine, trotting up the spooky road. You keep the feet moving and they feel better about things. As if they are escaping I guess, or something. Anyway, I ran into another trainer on the trails from a nearby barn and enjoyed a nice ride with her and her mount. Such fun to be out there! I didn't remember that there'd be more downed trees and stuff from the storms, so we even did a little impromptu jump or two until Janet told me to make her walk over the obstacles to reinforce being in control first, before trying new things. Sage advice, as always! 20141216 150748  The parents vs. kids game was Tues Dec 16. Dave and I both played. It was SO much fun! Exhilarating! I made some key plays doing a snow angel on the ice because I wiped out diving for the puck and then was slipping around so much on hard plastic shin guards that I couldn't get up, then I started laughing so hard it was hopeless! This little poem came to mind just as we were leaving to go down to the rink. Nice little card, ay? 20141216 185721  At the rink the moms brought Christmas cookies, we brought eggnog, and had a nice time celebrating. 20141216 185728  Photo-bomber!
20141218 132100  After Thursday's ride...just a need image caught my eye so decided to try to capture it. "Reflections on a great ride." 20141221 102247  Sunday morning elving...such different boys! They are hilarious! Mom you will like what Ben is doing here... 20141221 150313  We had to get plywood to protect the garage door just a few more days until Christmas arrived! 20141221 150337  Those are targets taped up to the door.
20141221 155004  Cinnamon bread with cream cheese and York peppermint patties. This is what Sam came up with for a sandwich he made for himself. 20141221 155033  Ugh!! That is AWFUL! 20141222 194247  Christmas carols with Randy, the boys' guitar/ukulele teacher! 20141226 154546  Here's what the outdoor "sport court" looks like now!
20141227 121805  It's busy! 20141227 150514  EVERYONE has been sick. No kidding. This is my "hospital." 20141228 131908  Richard and I enjoying "Boxing Day" - burning boxes! 20141228 131927  That was fun!
20141228 131958  Look at this one! 20141228 132221  We have quite a supply to burn down! 20141228 133520  We had to keep sliding this big box over the flames. I am sure Dave would have had a problem with this. But he was inside watching hockey ;) 20141228 133535  Still going!
20141228 133628  Almost done! 20141229 191858  Sam is very opposed to filming him playing guitar, so we all had fun trying to trick him. He'd play these complicated pieces while looking around for a hidden camera, iPhone, iPad or something...I had my phone perched while I cleaned the kitchen so I could get this :) 20141230 140617  Out on a brisk bike/run. Ben is annoyed his hands are cold. I did warn the kids to wear the mittens I brought and to consider more than short sleeves under a hoodie. Sometimes a lesson learned the hard way speaks louder than 1000 words... 20141230 140626  Poor guy - winding his arms to warm his fingers, but he almost took off like a helicopter!
20141230 140632  Sam imitating Ben... 20141230 140703  Ok, ready to roll! 20141230 141827  Back in the sun :) 20141230 142021  On our way to lunch at JJs with Gramma and Richard, then stick and puck hockey in Bremerton.
20141231 140717  Here's a gift we got Sam - a course on modding Minecraft. Sam is SO happy learning Java so that he can forge his own tools! 20141231 141155  Watching ice hockey with a nice fire in the background. It's only 34 degrees out! 20141231 151105  This is an obsidian sword Sam made and will "call" into a Minecraft game to use. IMG 8689  Doing "Christmas Fun" together - it's a picture hunt book that Ben really loves to do with his Dad every nigt. Dave is wonderful with him, and is an excellent spotter, as I know only too well ;) He finds every little thing that is out of place or odd when he gets home!