20141031 125014  Ben REALLY wanted this guy from Safeway - "It's half price, mom!" So Gramma and Richard sent up the funds to get him after I caved and went back down to get it for Ben and surprise him after school. Ben thinks it looks a little like Richard...the chin, the hairy arms...thankfully Richard has an excellent sense of humor! 20141031 142052  Captain America! Like the shield? Bay Hay had too many lids for their steel cans, thankfully. This is no plastic toy shield. 20141031 145820  Seeing the crazy guy for the first time! 20141031 145828  He talks!
20141031 145853 20141031 145900  Thanks, Gramma and Richard! 20141031 172917  Hanging lanterns on the trails (which we cleaned the previous weekend, the boys and I). This is opening ceremonies for our annual Halloween party. I invite neighborhood newcomers, and regulars, and don't ask for an RSVP, and never know how many people will show or if I'll even know them, especially with costumes on! 20141031 172925
20141031 174301  See? How would I know this is Jeremie, well, except that he showed up with Beth :) 20141031 174309  Little Esther! 20141031 192026  Joanne always makes awesome drinks! These are mummy juice boxes and poison water!