2014-10-18 hockey game

20141017 172613  Ben using his coins earned with proactive self management - i.e., doing what he needs to do to get out the door, or by identifying a need around the house and jumping on it before being asked. Both boys earn money in a tip jar which they can use at the vending machine at hockey practice. They LOVE it! 20141017 172622  Carefully selecting what he wants, and watching to see if he has enough money. This guy knows his coins and counting money well before the school standards as a result ;) 20141017 172631  Going in after the goods! He still seems amazed that he can choose what he wants and out it comes! 20141017 172637
20141017 172701  Money bag and treats. He shares these with his horde of little girlfriends. 20141017 185940  Sam walking out after practice. Wish it wasn't blurry. He moves fast. He's so cool. This bag plus gear is 30 pounds. 20141017 202306  Now we're watching a Warriors game. 20141018 114140  Getting his stick taped by one of the dads.
20141018 124340  Now at a game! 20141018 125444 20141018 125510 20141017 205603  Ben is NUTS! This is between periods.
20141018 125740 20141018 135811  Nicole and Ryan and family doing snack crew! Thank you!