20140401 095224  Out on a jog before heading to Snoqualmie Falls. This is Port Madison. So peaceful! 20140401 100101  Love this camelia hedge!!! 20140401 133544  We scooted over to Snoqualmie Falls to wrap up Spring Break. Such a great day! 20140401 133616  You can feel the power and the spray from far away!
20140401 133623  Down to the bottom right you can see water emerging from a tunnel that was bored to allow the creation of hydroelectric power. 20140401 134926  Ben reading to us - love his little finger :) 20140401 140350 20140401 140453  Dave is thinking - we need more adventure time like this as a family. I agree!
20140401 140822  Another view from access down below the falls. 20140401 140838 20140401 140905 20140401 140913
20140401 141638  Sam took this shot for us :) 20140401 141753 20140401 145557  Exploring the little town now. 20140401 145900
20140401 153426  Ice cream for two boys! 20140404 130917  Loafing around on Spring Break - we had gorgeous weather every day! Even the two roosters lounged together. They never take a break and certainly not at the same time, but we were outside helping guard, so they got to lounge a bit. That is nice! 20140404 130935  There they all are, under their plum tree! 20140404 131039  Ben loves to kick the soccer ball up against the garage over and over again. I hope that door lasts!
20140404 165410  Someone pecked out a window, so instead of getting ahead of chores and spring cleanup, I managed to fall behind because I had a chicken pane to replace. Got plexiglass this time! 20140406 152750  Sam built this Mindcuber for his science project, so he is testing it out. 20140406 152809  Checking the build instructions. 20140406 152954  Very happy with himself, as he should be! It took about 4-6 hours over two days.
20140406 153140  Daddy playing Legos with Ben, too. Still on Spring Break here. So nice to see the family together. 20140406 155026 20140406 155115  I LOVE STRING CHEESE! 20140407 164752  Ben entertaining neighbor Esther with a VERY long show. 20 min of this.
20140407 165301  If you decided the movie was too long...here's a sense of it. 20 min of strange stuff! 20140407 165305  Neighbor Ingunn was able to mow her lawn while Ben kept Esther happy! 20140407 165322 20140409 110534  A typical trip to the commissary. Filling half the cart with produce!
20140410 164842  At church for PREP - making a crazy egg project! 20140410 164851  Mrs. Wolansky is very patient! 20140410 164900  Nice, Connor! 20140410 185935  At guitar practice. Sam is just really dialing in his skills lately. It's amazing to watch him pick up a piece so quickly.
20140410 185951  A little bit of what he was doing there. 20140410 193129  And now Ben's turn, playing the ukulele that Eddie Kamae gave Sam 4 years ago. It is so beautiful! 20140410 193218  And a snippet of Ben's work. 20140412 150936  Gearing up for roller hockey!
20140412 151628  Big guy! 20140412 155856 20140412 155905  On a hike afterwards over in Lynnwood. What is this pose? 20140412 155914
20140412 160110  A nice walk. 20140412 160126 20140412 160133 20140412 160139
20140412 161853  Umm...didn't bring our water shoes so took a pass on going through here to get to the beach, but was very tempting! 20140413 113606  Sam at roller hockey evaluations. 20140413 113754  They assess everyone then create even teams. It is an awesome organization. 20140413 113938
20140413 113943  So proud of Sam for picking this sport up. 20140413 120056 20140413 120100 20140413 131049  Go Sam!
20140413 131249  I thought this was so cute! 20140414 123458  At a luncheon for Rotarians - Sam demo-ed how robots work and what the grant money that Rotary has donated to his skill can fund (Mindstorms kits like this are now in the schools). 20140414 145129  His Mindcuber is a huge hit after school. 20140414 145148  Kids were cheering for Sam and some were cheering for the robot. Sam beat the robot once!
20140414 163504  More roller hockey! 20140414 163509 20140416 130745  Paulo Younse came for a while three-day tour of Bainbridge Island presenting his work at NASA/JPL on the Mars Rover! He brought a mini rover to drive over Mars "rocks" - eager volunteers! P.Younse at Wilkes 4-16-14 ii  He is such a fantastic presenter! Engaging for all ages - I learned something new in each of his talks.
20140416 140451  He spoke to 3,700 kids in three days! 20140416 140505 20140416 155007  Plus we got to give him some down time at our house between events. He's watching Sam race the Mindcuber. 20140416 155013  You can see this time Sam won and his friend, Kai, is very pleased!
20140416 164400  Ben and Kai are showing Paulo Minecraft! 20140417 093904  At the Bainbridge Schools Foundation breakfast program. 20140417 094726  This little boy had robot socks! 20140417 094802
20140417 140813  Paulo at the high school. 20140418 110609  At the AP Physics class for his final talk. IMGP0278  And then just before his plane, we took him for a stand-up paddle. Hard to find something Paulo has not done before! IMGP0279  Ben's inspiration for his science fair project - we found thousands of sand dollars on this beach!
IMGP0280  Beautiful day for Paulo to get some peace and quiet before going home to LA. IMGP0284  Go Paulo! 20140419 154316  Out mountain biking in the rain - so catching a drink! 20140419 161413  Lots of fun :)
20140419 161423  Daddy came along for a walk, too! 20140421 135532  After-school club Destination Imagination - impromptu problem-solving with teams. 20140421 143556  They liked this one! 20140423 095415  This is Arch - he carved this himself! I met him on a trail and just loved it.
20140423 111047  This is a project of Sam's - can you believe in the whirlwind week I have going on here I didn't knock this over once? You know I zoom around like a dirvish - but this speedbump was a welcome reminder of my boy, so I didn't spaz even once. 20140423 111121  Very precarious, though! 20140423 182235  Sushi carnage! This was a reward for getting science projects all set up. 20140426 113026  Some mountain bike jumping - a little impromptu clinic I hosted when 5 neighbor boys showed up:o
20140426 131135  Down at the mine - they are hunting for anything of value, hoping for more peridotite. Stanley is hoping for garnet! 20140427 123558  Ben just scored a goal! So psyched about soccer! 20140427 160533  Hosting a "Minecraft Dinner"! We served all foods available in Minecraft - roast chicken, mushroom stew, beetroot soup and cake! 20140427 184535
20140427 164927  Dave carving up chicken. 20140427 164852  Patricia putting some fennel on Sam's beetroot soup! 20140427 164902  A big hit! 20140427 164916  Yum! Patricia is amazing - we planned this the day before - she just happened to have beets on hand!
20140427 174339  Look at dessert! Dave found one that really did look like Minecraft cake! 20140428 200346  Dave setting up the rowing machine!