2012-07 JULY

Lake Crescent

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Nana and PopPop visit

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Mt biking

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Tour de Coop

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IMAG1849  They are SO handsome with short haircuts for summer! I just can't stand it! IMAG1852  These balloons got partially blown up, then shot across the salon! IMAG1854  Ben in his gym class! IMAG1855  Doin gbalance beam - he is in the middle of the shot, at the right end of the balance beam.
IMAG1856  AlphaRex is all built! IMAG1858  Dave and I love these slow-growing evergreen shrubs. IMAG1860  In Poulsbo on a random Saturday outing. We ended up looking at campers in Silverdale! IMAG1868  Now in Seattle for the aquarium. This scuba diver was really good.
IMAG1870  I would LOVE pants with a design like this fish! IMAG1872 IMAG1878  Silly mommy - this really cracked me up, putting a bag on Eagle's head so he's a great horned owl. I was LOLing :) IMAG1879  Ben is in swim class now, too!
IMAG1883  He loves it! IMAG1886  These rascals were prancing through Daddy's Father's Day Garden! IMGP6879  We went on a hike which ended at the beach and found these neat treasures, including this part of an old (1930s?) Clorox bleach bottle. The Clorox bottles apparently have very unique markings which allow them to be dated pretty accurately. The CA FIRE dept forensics team uses them to help date buildings. IMAG1895  More mommy finds - these guys had critters in them so they stayed on the beach.
IMAG1896  Sam found this sickly crab. IMAG1897  Big, huh? IMAG1899  And positioned him nicely by the water for his final moments. He caught a sunset. Sam is very sweet to all creatures. IMAG1901  At this moment they were saying to each other "Isn't this fun? Aren't we having a good time?"
IMAG1905 IMAG1906  And at this moment Sam is shouting "OOOOH HOOO HO! Look at THIS!" He'd found a huge family of crabs under a rock. IMAG1907  We did some interesting estimation on the hike - the circumference of a tree vs one Lewis and Clark found, and how high up this ridge is compared to the trail below. Sam nailed it right on the money - we checked with our GPS (50 feet). He really was on fire with the estimation on this hike! He also got the elevation of the parking area at the trailhead within 10 ft, which is about the margin of error of the GPS itself! IMAG1908  Can you see Sam's reflection in this? The elevation is 197 ft here - just what he'd estimated it would be.
IMGP6880  Daddy made great Fourth of July pancakes and berries. Thanks, Daddy! IMGP6882  Now at the float they'll ride in the parade! IMGP6884  Blue hair! Not entirely pleased with mommy. IMGP6886  Cute marchers!
VIDEO0057 VIDEO0058 IMGP6892  The after-party at our house. Matt is conducting Fear Camp here - the kids all wanted to try doing monkey bars down the rope from 10 ft up in the tree. Thanks for holding the rope, Matt! IMGP6895  S'mores and pizza, and fun catching up with this great couple.
IMGP6896 IMGP6900  Yeah! Big s'more bites! IMGP6901  Hair is still blue, and he is still not too pleased with me! My men were going rogue all day on the Fourth, for some reason. None of them were very pleased with me all day! I was on the outs, for real! IMGP6904  Reading some patriotic quotes and guessing to whom they should be attributed. This was fun. Matt and Dave were good.
IMGP6905  Buffy came out for a visit. IMGP6906  I loved seeing these two tenderly care for her, feeding her choice nibbles of grass blades. Their little heads formed a heart shape over her. IMAG1911 IMAG1912  There they go!
IMAG1914 IMAG1915  This parade is a huge deal! IMAG1916 IMAG1917
IMAG1919 2012 July 4 Star Spangled Banner  Kicking off the after-party at our house. This Sam playing the guitar - he did a wonderful job! IMGP6916  One of Ben's favorite activities is racing down the driveway then screeching to a stop. He has me measure how long the skid marks are. Then he asked me "Mom, are these parallel?" IMGP6917  A little risky being perched here for the shot, but he has VERY precise timing! He nails the screech every time.
IMGP6919  Yup, I'd say some are parallel! He likes the 6 foot long skid marks. IMGP6921  Now you can see what he's doing. IMGP6923  Can you see the fishtail? IMAG1925  Setting up camp to monitor flock integration. We're on day 6 here and we have 3 of 6 integrated into the flock. No blood yet. I hear clucking now as I type furiously so I better get out and see what's up.
IMAG1926  The three we've integrated. They are about 6 weeks old. Hiding out behind the stump. It was so nice to share this time with the boys, watching the chickens, listening to Merlin talk to himself about the nesting boxes (he was in there chuckling to himself!). Sam was journaling, too. IMAG1927  This is where he wrote his July 2 entry. I think I'll paste it here for you:  Week of 7-2 This week I built alpharex! Evin my cimputer wasn’t strong inof! Evin for an 85 pg instruchin book! The peeps have moved into the run! I was in the 4th of July parade in the aquatic center float! And Ben was too! And I’m in Manta Ray. My rooster, Merlin, is obsessed when he is (in) a nesting box. He’s chucling right now!  Dear Sam,  I really enjoyed sitting by the coop in our little tent and watching all the hens to be sure the little ones (Gordon, Alex, and  Jersey peep) were ok! Butterflies danced in the garden while we chatted and laughed at Merlin!  I love you forever!  Mom 7-6-12, 3:07pm IMGP6926  Working on putting sheets on bed and clothes away. These two are so funny! IMGP6955  Our flowers are starting to bloom now that the sun is out!
IMGP6957  We love dragonflies thanks to Eddie Kamae. IMGP6959  These flowers match the dragonfly. IMGP6962 IMGP6964  Mom and I found this old keg on a curb in Coronado and designed deck decorations around it. I still love it. We had glass cut for the top. And here I've put our Kailua sand and shells that Dave and I collected on beach walk dates. It looks like a dune. Love it. So many memories tucked away in those grains of sand.
IMGP6965  Hi big biker boy! I love you! IMAG1935  While Daddy was at work on the beeeeg inspection, I decided to take the boys to the Monday night all-comers track meet. Little did I know how fired up they were to run races. ALL the races. We were there until dusk, which in the Pac NW is around 9pm. IMAG1936  Chariots of Fire! Sam running back from his 50m race. IMAG1939  Getting ready for the 100m.
IMAG1940  Doing hurdles (behind the guy in the foreground - his buddy Ryan from school). IMAG1941  Ben waiting to run the 200m which he went on to get third in - little Camheawait! IMAG1943  There's Sam running the 200m! IMAG1944
IMAG1945  Go Ben! He's doing the 400m! IMAG1947  And after all the races, including an 800m and relay, Sam and AJ still had energy to race each other! I had to drag them off the field. Unreal! IMAG1950  On a hike the next day with buddies - 11 kids, one of whom is a girl :) IMAG1951  We went to Manzanita Park which has a lot of horse jumps.
IMAG1957 IMAG1958  Chatting afterwards with the other moms. This is what boys do when moms chat. Look at Ben on top of the truck! IMAG1959  A tug-o-war broke out! IMAG1960  Of course we had to bring this stick home. Jenni remembers bringing LONG bamboo poles home from Hawaii. She rolled with that so well. We had to tie it down then find vines to serve as warning flags...
IMAG1961  Buffy taking a snooze in Sam's lap. IMAG1962  And Gordon Junior! IMAG1963  He looks like a dinosaur! IMAG1964  So cute!
IMAG1965  Sam has solved this thing every which way now - he has mastered it and wants one with more squares - 7x7 or something? I don't know! IMAG1966  Explaining one of the algorithms he used. IMAG1967  On a field trip with the gang to the Puget Sound Navy Museum. This is the sail of the USS Parche - a top-secret submarine that you can see is highly decorated. IMAG1968
IMAG1969  Here's what those things mean. IMAG1970  This building was on the shipyard and had been moved 7 times before coming to its final spot here. IMAG1972  I found a typo in this screen about the reactor! # 8 - the deaerating feed tank was missing the second e! IMAG1973  Contraptions for pilots are pretty impressive!
IMAG1976 IMAG1978 IMAG1980 IMAG1981
IMAG1982  Outside the museum. IMAG1984  Waiting here to meet up with Dave for lunch after his big inspection was over. IMG 1659  We are at a retirement ceremony for a gentleman in Dave's office. Good occasion to dress up and see dear friends - this is John and Christine - friends from Submarine NR-1 in CT - 10 years ago! IMG 1661  They are so much fun. It was so great to see Christine again!
IMG 1663  Great idea, Christine...I wonder if Dave would play along and do this, too? IMG 1666  That's their daughter Mallory! IMG 1667  I love you, my Rooster :) IMG 1668  He's saying - "No crazy looks."
IMG 1669  I love you! light falls on coop  Mom took this picture of the evening light falling on the coop. The chickens have a prime spot on the property. kanikapila  An impromptu kanikapila (musical jam) with Sam's guitar teacher, Randy. We had so much fun!