IMGP6928  After a challenging ride yesterday, we decided to go to Grand Forest today and LOVED it! What a great time. Daddy is working a long week this week so we took "mini-Daddy" with us - my submariner that I bought 10 years ago when I married my submariner. He sat by my computer when Dave was deployed. His dogtags and cover are still with him after all this time. Even boots and socks. Amazing! IMGP6929  We had such a great time! IMGP6930  I am on cloud 9 being able to run along with these two handsome men - this has been a dream of mine for YEARS! IMGP6931  Here we go!
IMGP6932  Hi Daddy! IMGP6933  I run alongside Ben, with my fingers on his water pack just in case. I'm a human brake and parachute. He really doesn't need it but it makes me rest easier just in case. He actually goes right over roots and down hills, stands up on his bike to go up hills, knows to gather speed to get up the next hill. He's really a natural. I think it's because he really has no idea how much could go wrong - he's oblivious - whereas Sam has always had some sense of possible doom! He's more cautious and calculating. IMAG1934  Mini-Daddy having a great time! IMGP6934
IMGP6936  You can't see the cute little stone bridge behind them, probably. IMAG1933  I accidentally clawed Ben trying to slow him down. Looks like a snake bite, poor guy. Ben later said Eagle was flying along behind him and tried to save him, but the talons got him. IMGP6937  Such a handsome man. I just measured them yesterday - Sam is 54" and Ben is 44" - in case you wanted to hold a yardstick up and see where they would measure up to you. They're big! IMGP6938  Heading to Bainbridge Bakers now for some really yummy treats!
IMGP6940  See these men getting their helmets and packs off on their own? IMGP6943  All the friends (Eagle, Penguin, and Mini-Daddy) came to BB. IMGP6944  The next series is just for fun. Contemplating how good a chocolate peanut butter cookie could possibly be. IMGP6945  Yup.
IMGP6946 IMGP6948  You know what the mouth is doing from the eyes! IMGP6951  Mini-Daddy looking on somewhat disapprovingly... IMGP6954  No more pictures!