2012-08 AUG


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Mt. Rainier

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IMGP7199  Out for an impromptu low tide walk at the marina. IMGP7200  These moments of peace are so cherished. I love being with these boys. Sam's nose is almost into the water. They really liked looking down in there and seeing all kinds of fish and sea stars, and especially crabs! helping richard  One of many many projects Richard has taken on. Incredible amount of work done here. Little things many of them, but they add up so beautifully. IMAG2085
IMAG2086 IMAG2087 IMGP7204  Baguettes came out pretty well despite being busy and not having time to fuss over them! IMGP7205  Good oven spring!
2x2 lesson  Trying to teach mommy via a 2x2 cube :) photo 1  Ben is giving us a "tutorial" on solving a cube! "Now counter-clockwise left face 180 degrees. Now top face clockwise." And so on. He sounds so authoritative. IMAG2089 IMAG2090
IMAG2091 IMAG2094 IMAG2096 IMAG2095
mailbox 1  A new mailbox and dressed up post! mailbox 2  Wowzer! We need a shot with the numbers on the post! IMAG2100 IMGP7208  The turnaround area.
IMGP7209  These daphne pop up really well all over. I think some of these would look nice with ferns up by the cedars as you pull in. IMAG2101 archery7  Archery class! archery5  This is at the Sportsmans Club range. They did a really nice job teaching over 50 kids this month!
archery6  The teachers, one of them anyway, is a world-class archer! They popped a tiny balloon from about 50 yards away. archery1 archery2 archery3
archery4 IMAG2102 IMAG2104 4x4 a  Solved! Sam has really gotten into solving Rubik's cubes. He has done the 3x3, first, then moved onto a 4x4, and just got a 5x5 yesterday. He's already figured out that one - you use some of the same algorithms as a 3x3 (because the center is really a 3x3), then you solve the "tredges" - the three-block edges.
4x4 b IMAG2105 IMAG2106 talking about 4x4  Talking about how to solve the 4x4.
IMAG2108 IMAG2109 IMGP7269  First rose bloom on a plant given to us by friends! Thank you, Wes and Denise! It was so exciting to know from whom this sweet plant came, and to take good care of it! IMGP7272  A little guy on my thistle!
IMAG2110  A campout in our OWN woods! See the folder dedicated to this campout for more. IMAG2114 IMAG2113  A cell phone snapshot of the trip to Mt. Rainier. Ben on uke  Ben giving an evening uke concert!
Sam on guitar  Sam providing a recital of Andante - it is such a beautiful piece and he has worked on learning the tricky plucking this month with his teacher, Randy. garden  Some cubing on the park bench. IMAG2119  A trip to the Fair!!! IMAG2120  Waiting for Mom and Ben on a roller coaster date :)
IMAG2121  There they are! IMAG2123  He was so cute! IMAG2125  There they are in the back, waving to us! IMAG2126  Sticky fingers with cotton candy - JOY for a BOY :)
IMAG2128  Oh yeah! IMAG2130  We had to check out the poultry tent of course. IMAG2132  See this little cutie sitting on her mom? summerzend cubing  Summers-end cubing. So relaxing. Check Sam's lap - there's a 3x3 and a 5x5 there. I think he's working on his 4x4. He also has a 7x7 now.
helper ben  Richard fixing all kinds of little annoying things that break with rough boys! IMAG2134 IMAG2135 IMAG2136  A nice visit with Chris and Dave Cummings!!!
IMAG2137  Hi CC! IMAG2138  We loved seeing you here in our new digz! IMAG2139  Out mountain biking with my two men. I love those guys. IMAG2140  Then to Bainbridge Bakers for a treat!
helping eduardo  Helping Eduardo and Mike build the front wall, thanks to Richard and Mom's generosity, it came to fruition! helping eduardo2  Here's another one! helping eduardo3 helping eduardo4  Alpha Rex checking out the beautiful mums Mom brought home. A neat reminder of life as a kid when the mums would arrive with Fall.
driveway  The finished front area after 17 cubic yards of gravel, and three transplanted ferns! driveway2  We're hoping they thrive out there. front of house tic tac toe  Out to dinner after a long day shoveling and transplanting and trenching a hose...
heavy lifting  Sam filling in for Daddy - helping move a railroad tie and learning about proper lifting technique. meet greet3  A meet and greet for Sam's teacher and classmates. About 6 families were able to come. This was nice to have because the school ended up not being open in time for the school-wide meet and greet. meet greet2  Glad we were able to fill in the gap for at least a few families. meet greet1  Digging for the fave Otter Pop color!
IMAG2141  Ben holding Gordon...barely! komo1  I ended up being interviewed for the Seattle news about the school not opening on time. Do I have blackberry branches in my hair? I had just emerged from thrashing around in the woods to take a look with Ben... komo2  Second part of interview. IMAG2143  Bubble head!
IMAG2144  Another lost tooth! IMAG2147  We're sleeping, don't wake us up! IMAG2149 IMAG2152  The garden!
IMAG2153  At Bay Hay we found a branch that allowed me to show Ben the Fibonacci sequence using phyllotaxis - leaf growth patterns. IMAG2154 IMAG2155  At a new road end via bike! IMAG2156  Lots of crabs to find and play with.
IMAG2158  These guys are little isopods. See www.outdoorohana.org for more on them if you wish. Related to the pill bug, and lice. Ick! IMAG2159  Cute little guy! IMAG2162  School hair cuts! IMAG2163  I never tire of seeing this cute head get a hair cut. When will I stop taking pictures of that cute head?
IMAG2165  This one is handsome! IMAG2166  A really weird place we found out on a hike. Full of glass and hypodermics. Some other families were letting the kids run and jump in here. Made my hair stand on end. Let's get outta here! It's an abandoned lumber mill building. IMAG2167  Off we go on a hike. IMAG2168  Algae covering the entire pond!
IMAG2174  Nice trail up to Fort Ward from Blakely. IMAG2176  And another hike over Labor Day weekend with Daddy! Murhut Falls. Lovely spot out in the boonies via logging road. IMAG2179  Steep descent down to see the pools at the bottom of the falls. IMAG2181
IMAG2182 IMAG2183  Big boulders! IMAG2184 IMAG2185
IMAG2186  Sitting on a big log with my buddies. Ben managed to shoot my treking pole down betwixt the logs into the stream. I managed to retrieve it from the murky blackness - wondering how many spiders were down there! IMAG2191  Cutie! He was trying to get back up the steep hill, too, and kept flipping backwards! IMAG2192 IMAG2195
IMAG2199  Up we go, like the frog! IMAG2202  Cubing at the restaurant! The 7x7! Looks like he's doing it with eyes closed :) VIDEO0143  Here you get a rare glimpse into the final stages of a SOLVE.