IMGP7273  The morning of our Mt. Rainier trip - Dave taking a walk around the new turnaround area we cleared and covered in 12 cubic yards of gravel! It looks really nice. IMGP7274  Mt. Rainier wildflowers are in full bloom! Aren't we lucky to get a clear day and lots of flowers! And even a parking spot - wooohooo! IMGP7279  Thanks to Richard for driving the "summer campers" over - all of us! IMGP7280  Showing Grownup Eagle around.
IMGP7282 IMGP7285  You're going to see lots of different wildflowers up here. Alpine ones. Love them! IMGP7286  Eagle seems to like them, too! IMGP7289
IMGP7290  No cell reception up here, so Dave kept slipping away to check messages on his phone using a pay phone. What a conscientious guy. It's been a busy summer for him. IMGP7292 IMGP7293 IMGP7294  Last time we were here was 7 years ago! I had only a 5 month old Sam with me. Now I have TWO boys!
IMGP7297 IMGP7299 IMGP7300  Nice stream :) IMGP7301
IMGP7302 IMGP7306  See the snow patches? IMGP7307  That's the Tatoosh Range in the distance, behind us. Reminds me of the jaggedness of the Karakoram Range. IMGP7308  Getting hot and dry up here, but Sam is a strong guy.
IMGP7309  This was fun to play in! IMGP7311 IMGP7312 IMGP7313
IMGP7317 IMGP7321  Great job catching the summit, AND us. This took three tries. You are a nice guy to do this every time I ask :) IMGP7323 IMGP7324
IMGP7325  See the snowball in flight? IMGP7328 IMGP7330 IMGP7331  Ben loves these fuzzy ones :)
IMGP7333 IMGP7335 IMGP7337 IMGP7338
IMGP7339  Everyone enjoyed the Ben Show, eating this cone. It gets really juicy... IMGP7340 IMGP7341 IMGP7342
IMGP7343  Awww... IMGP7344  Brain freeze! IMGP7345  I love the red ones! IMGP7346
IMGP7347  A more secluded hike. It's so nice. IMGP7350  Can you find Ben? IMGP7351 IMGP7354
IMGP7356 IMGP7359 IMGP7361  Just one cute face, Ben? IMGP7362  Please?
IMGP7363 IMGP7364 IMGP7365 IMGP7366  A little bouldering to finish off the day :)
IMGP7373 IMGP7376 IMGP7381  And a WONDERFUL dinner at Bruno's! Do you remember Ben's plastic pickup truck that he drove at breakneck speed around the Kailua beaches? We still have it! So of course we had to eat at Bruno's namesake restaurant. It was very good. In Eatonville.