flag football

IMGP7216  The first day of practice... IMGP7239  Ben and I watched on Monday to see how things went. IMGP7244  And on Friday for scrimmage day we had a big crowd! It was hot out! IMGP7245  Some shots of the teams playing.
IMGP7247  The coaches did a VERY nice job working on skills, fitness, and even sportsmanship. I really liked what I saw and heard while watching. IMGP7249 IMGP7250 IMGP7251
IMGP7252 IMGP7253 IMGP7254  Sam is in the sunglasses. IMGP7255
IMGP7256 IMGP7260  He was often lineman. He did a good job at that. No one got past him, not even the 12 yr olds. IMGP7266  He loves racing and running around. He ran hard the whole time. IMGP7267  Comfy, Ben?
IMGP7220  And now look at them!