2012-09 SEPT

Ladies Who Launch

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photo  Flashback to 2008! How I miss that chubby little attachment! He is so big now. IMGP7490  Richard inspecting the property. So many mornings he and Dave would walk around with tea and coffee mugs in hand, thinking and planning. We miss you, Richard! IMGP7491  This is Majesty. She is taller than I am, always bright and smilling in the morning sunlight, and a beautiful reminder of the Creator's sense of humor, I think. IMGP7494  Mom and Richard are just about ready to head home  :(
IMGP7496  Poor Ben was sad. Sam's hair is still not cut for school yet :) IMGP7497  Blackberries from the property! Dave cleaned them and took this picture. IMAG2203  The blackberry bears out harvesting! IMAG2209  A Labor Day tradition - a visit to a favorite tiny little beach to swim. The boys thought this dog was so funny, digging just like them!
IMAG2211  The tide came in! IMAG2213  Time to jump in! IMAG2215 IMAG2216
IMAG2218  We were the only ones there - the water is COLD! IMAG2219  They even got me to jump in, with my clothes on! IMAG2222 IMAG2223
IMAG2225  LOTS of jumping! IMAG2226 IMAG2228 IMAG2229  Such a cutie. Quite willing to pose for pictures, unlike Sam :)
IMAG2230 IMAG2231  I had such a good time with them. Dave had a headache and so was home trying to rest up before another frenetic week. Sam’s summer 2012  A summer slideshow recap I punched out while Dave made dinner. We watched it the night before school started. I'm sure I'm missing a few things, such as mountain biking with those boys. Enjoy! IMGP7507  First day of school!
IMGP7508  The new classroom is very bright with lots of windows. We were the second ones in the room! IMGP7509  Checking it all out with Ben :) IMGP7510  Shared learning area. IMGP7511  Looking back into Sam's classroom.
IMGP7512  This is where I'll be Monday mornings working with a small group on math. IMGP7513  Beautiful hardwood floors in the gym! IMGP7514  I took Ben in to see the Kindergarten room so he could have something fun to see for himself, to dream about next year. IMAG2232  Meeting up with Brie on the first day of school, after drop-off. We're at Bay Hay and Feed, and Ben is putting a chair back.
IMAG2233  Now we're off again on our bike to take a tour down to Manitou Beach. IMAG2234  This was a cool little archway we ran across on a sleepy little side road. IMAG2235  There's the trusty bike, overlooking the sound and Seattle in the distance. IMAG2236  Such a peaceful time with my young man. Also ran into another dad out for a walk. He and his wife run a business from home, so it was nice to trade stories and strategies.
IMAG2237  First day of school - a new library book being read in the new spiffed up front entrance area. Sam slipped right by me at school. I was going to walk him home but he got away before I saw him! He surprised me in our driveway :) IMGP7537  Building a compost bin or two from pallets. IMGP7539  Love Sam's face here :) IMGP7543  Ben is learning about leverage, using a long screw to twist an eye hook into place.
IMGP7547  Such good helpers. IMGP7549  Then it was time to play with chickens. We put the big kids (the grown-up hens and Merlin) in the run so we could play with our babies in the garden. This is Gordon! IMGP7551  Awww...sweet chicken boy. Both of them. Both boys. IMGP7556  What're you lookin' at, big boy? Gordon is about 3 months old now, halfway to rooster puberty.
IMGP7560  Look at that stylin' hair! Tijen says it's like Flock of Seagulls! IMGP7561 IMGP7563  Mom says these are the "auto-turners" - ha ha! IMG 20120911 193002  Finally took Ben to a place he's wanted to go for a long time - OLIVE GARDEN! It was just as good as he'd imagined. He'd seen an ad and just thought it was an incredible place.
IMGP7579  Sam making a new ringtone for my new GoPhone, which is saving me at least $40 a month. Excited about that! I don't use a cell to talk so I don't need all those prepaid minutes. VID 20120915 155407 IMG 20120915 155509  Another project inspired by Rob! IMG 20120915 155516  Dave worked for hours to get his bike all tuned up and the trail-a-bike attached for longer rides with Ben, who loves to push!
IMG 20120915 171036 IMG 20120916 181606 IMGP7580  I gave myself a hair cut! Tried a new technique...many more layers. IMGP7589  Going to a stylist today for the first time in years to help with the near-mullet! Needs some shaping in the back :)
IMGP7593  Ben and I researched harvesting sunflower seeds, so this bag is on to keep the birds from getting the seeds otherwise there won't be much meat in the seeds if we harvest too early. IMGP7596  After the sytlist cut and blow-dry. Looking smashing for back-to-school night! :) IMGP7599  The back side. IMG 20120918 082755  A wooly bear caterpillar about to go into a pupa!
IMG 20120918 124528  Grass is growing up!!! IMG 20120919 135350  Checking on a new wooly bear adopted and put into the terrarium. This one seems ready to make a pupa, so we're watching carefully and calling Gramma with the play-by-play. IMG 20120919 140329  Ben is talking to Gramma here in very animated fashion...as you will see next! IMG 20120919 141657  Oh yes! Standing on the chair. He started swinging his arms so much he looked like a helicopter and almost went right over!
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IMGP7659 IMGP7660 IMG 20120922 141255 IMG 20120923 165957
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