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IMG 20121001 155145  At Battle Point Park - Ben made it across the monkey bars all on his own for the first time! IMGP7662  Last of our paddling excursions - out on Fletcher Bay this time. IMGP7663  The tide was coming in, so we talked about gravity and the pull of the moon and the sun working in concert twice a month. He watched the ripples as the water rolled back in. IMGP7666  Little man!
IMGP7667  We just saw a big fish jump! This is a salmon stream, so maybe it was a salmon returning home to spawn! IMGP7670 IMGP7673  Look at the name of this boat! IMGP7674
IMGP7675  This little spit juts out to the the mouth of Fletcher Bay. We're looking back toward the ocean, and across to Brownsville from here, with the Olympics in the distance. The little spit is a bird nesting area. IMGP7677  Trying his hand at paddling. IMGP7678-001  So funny! What a neat guy - I found him standing this way, on his own. Just arms crossed, watching me maneuver the huge SUP back to the truck. IMGP7678  So funny! What a neat guy - I found him standing this way, on his own. Just arms crossed, watching me maneuver the huge SUP back to the truck.
IMGP7679  Probably thinking mom is totally insane. IMGP7681  Look at the name of this street! Foster! That is Ben's banana slug stuffed toy. IMG 20121002 121540  Mmmm...BIG pretzel! IMG 20121003 133958  More road end explorations. This is Agate Pass Bridge, which goes from Bainbridge (which we're on) to the "mainland."
IMG 20121003 134005  See? Found a patch of sand!!! IMG 20121003 134024  Oh yeah! Making tunnels. IMG 20121003 135012  Looking across the water to Suquamish. There used to be an Indian trading post in this area. IMG 20121003 135253
IMG 20121003 135323  So good to see them getting sandy. IMG 20121003 135334 IMG 20121003 135349 IMGP7689  Ok - here trying to take a portrait for my business website. Hard to do when you give yourself a crazy haircut! Sam took this one.
portrait  The winning photo...for now! IMG 20121004 164046  The next day we were at Fay Bainbridge Park - someone is flying a kite. It was sunny out - so we went out despite being chilly! Gotta take advantage of that sun any time you find it. IMG 20121004 164103  Looking across the water to Indianola now. IMG 20121004 164120
IMG 20121004 164234  Big E for Eliza - one of my dear friend's new twin babies! IMG 20121004 164652  Sprinkling sand in the wind to test direction. IMG 20121004 164657 IMG 20121005 073629  Dressed up for a half-day at school during which the kids were talking about National Parks.
IMG 20121005 081652  This is an eggplant that NEVER grew. Not warm enough. Ben asked "Is that an egg?" Good point, Ben! IMG 20121005 144839  At Suquamish Museum - a new museum opened by the tribe to celebrate their history and traditions in the area. Well worth the $8 to visit. IMG 20121005 144850 IMG 20121005 152259  Neat stick-on letters. I'd like to put some things up in the boys' room with stick-ons.
IMG 20121005 154301  The outside of the museum. They spared no expense. It is LEED-certified, too. IMG 20121005 154851  Chief Sealth's grave. Seattle is named for him. He was a wise and patient leader of the tribe. Apparently the tribe relied on many different leaders, depending on the need - for good harvest, for fishing, for times of crisis. No one person was expected to possess all the qualities of leadership to encompass every need of the tribe. Interesting model. IMG 20121005 154900  The view from Chief Sealth's grave. IMG 20121005 154907
IMG 20121005 171013  More exploring - we were out and about a lot this week, can you tell? Just two days have elapsed from Fletcher Bay on SUP, to the Agate Pass bridge view, to Fay Bainbridge, and now exploring in Indianola. We've already been to a golf course after the Suquamish Museum, trying to find a trail someone mentioned. Kind-of an odyssey, but we finally found it. Now we're in Indianola checking out the tiny town, reminiscent of Haleiwa, actually. Lots of famous people live there, but it's very understated. Not even a stop sign, really. A cute general store is at the top left of this long pier. IMG 20121005 171029  Looking out to Seattle on the left and Bainbridge on the right. IMG 20121006 094158  Harvesting sunflower seeds! Look at all of them! IMG 20121006 094356
IMG 20121006 094412  And turning over the compost pile. IMG 20121006 094425 IMG 20121006 094556  Gordon quite happy to help Sam harvest seeds :) IMG 20121006 140302  Out on a hike with Daddy at Scenic Beach State Park. This is a house you can rent.
IMG 20121006 142613  So cute - on the way to Scenic Beach State Park. Always seems sunny there. Martinez dinner2  Thank you for an OUTSTANDING dinner, Melodie! Really - can still savor it. Martinez dinner1  At dinner with dear friends Matt and Melodie (Matt is in the center) and Tres and Jenni. Tres is back from deployment after being extended twice. We sure are glad to see them! IMG 20121007 122627  On a visit to Seattle with Daddy - to go up in the ferris wheel!
IMG 20121007 124822  WAAAAY high up in the ferris wheel! IMG 20121007 124832  Mommy is a little bit nervous. I don't like being enclosed high up in the air. Like on a plane. IMG 20121007 125316 IMG 20121007 125619  Looking down from the top into the water!
IMG 20121007 125649 IMG 20121007 131351  Huge jelly fish! IMG 20121007 131748-001  Some parkour going on... IMG 20121007 131748  Some parkour going on...
IMG 20121007 132850  The gum wall. Famous gum wall. Disgusting. In Seattle near Pike Market. IMG 20121007 132906  Disgusting! IMG 20121007 145808  Frozen Yogurt from Shy Giant. Very good! IMG 20121007 145945  This poor guy got a ticket while we were sitting there!
IMG 20121007 164941  Back to Bainbridge to unwind at the park just a short walk from the ferry, while Daddy hit the market. IMG 20121007 165037 IMG 20121008 085906-001  I've been working with five kids in Sam's class to stretch their math abilities. It has been a really rewarding experience. I take a picture of the board when I'm done to facilitate reporting in to the teacher what we have covered. IMG 20121008 184129  Setting up a telescope, a present from Tito Pig and Tita Bear several years ago to Sam - and now it finally has the space (and darkness!) it needs to work! Thank you so much!!!
IMG 20121009 083240  Ben having a very animated morning - talking about taking his canoe (box to R) and paddle board (to L) out on the water and fishing. He also traveled to Madagascar (the outlined island with pool noodles). We were talking and talking the whole time I was lifting weights out by the garage after doing chores. He had such a fun time! And I did, too, of course. He is so full of ideas. He put me on the front of his paddleboard and took me for a ride, too. IMG 20121009 083308  Here he is paddling! Using a bat for a paddle. Very loud and animated paddling! IMG 20121009 181853  Using the new apple-corer tool that Daddy got for us. We harvested a bunch of apples from our friend Tami's orchard and are making applesauce! VID 20121009 185704
IMG 20121011 140859  Here is David Knight working on the display case for the flag. As soon as I got it folded, I drove from Bremerton to David's workshop to have him measure it. He is such a wonderful carpenter, and so very humble. IMG 20121012 110532  Out on a jog with Ben! IMG 20121012 110547  "Don't take my picture! No! NO PICTURES!" "But I want to send one to Daddy at work, Ben!" VID 20121011 191644
IMG 20121012 124901  At Wal-Mart. I FINALLY gave in and found two quarters to let Ben try this motorcycle game. So cute :) IMG 20121013 133728  Out on a hike last Saturday up at Fort Ward. We had no idea these other bunkers were there! IMG 20121013 133831  Massive fortifications for WWII. IMG 20121013 155019  And that night Dave surprised me with a HUGE DATE - see where we went! We haven't had this much grown-up time - like 9 hours - in 4 1/2 years. It was really fun.
IMG 20121013 170934  Dinner at a wonderful French restaurant by Pike Market. It was so nice. IMG 20121013 170956  I could reach much of this :) IMG 20121013 211239  At the concert - see the man's jacket in front of us. Now that is style! IMGP7732  Sam is really into building enormous domino structures right now. He has 192 dominoes in a huge bin. He builds pyramids and towers, then topples them after a whole-family count-down.
IMGP7733 IMGP7734  Ready! This one stretches in a big V shape from down by Sam's feet, to the left of this screen, the tower, then past that to the other top of the V shape. It's about 10-12 ft in total length. IMGP7736  Oh - there you go! IMGP7742  More tower-building! There's a lot of growling when things don't go right, though. Not Mommy's favorite noise.
IMG 20121014 161121  The next day, Sunday, exhausted, we were out on very random adventures. This is us in the mall. We NEVER go to the mall. I found it so humorous and other-wordly that I was just cracking up. I was overtired, too. But still - who ever heard of a train in the mall, run by a real-live driver in the front? I mean, he could just opt to bounce down the stairs instead of the ramp if he wanted! And I was tempted to just jump on the back like the great train robberies...Bad Mommy! IMGP7738 IMG 20121015 090003  More math stretching! This time I had each of the kids write about what "Decimal Dino" ate for dinner ove the weekend. Decimal Dino is a Pez dispenser I make "talk" at the opening of class each time. Kids have a hard time with fractions/decimals/percents so the teacher on special assignment here suggested I work with them in this area in addition to the other problem solving exercises we do. So we develop facility with proportions each week using conversation about what they eat (pizza is a common weekend food, and very easy to talk fractions with!). IMG 20121016 123921  Out on a hike with Ben - he noticed this fallen tree created a triangle in relationship to the ground.
IMG 20121016 123950  Talking about digestion - the leaves are decomposing, creating a sweet smell. So we dug around to look at the layers of decomposition at work. Much like food passing through your digestive system - microbes decompose your food there, too, just like leaves turn into dirt. Pretty cool! IMG 20121016 124026  Eagle enjoyed it :) IMG 20121020 133653  Out on a hike with the family yesterday at Foulweather Bluff Preserve. Definitely some foul weather! We heard a coyote or something howling nearby. Eery but very cool! IMG 20121020 133825  Daddy pointing out the Hood Canal Bridge.
IMG 20121020 134407  Doesn't this look like a turtle climbing the cliff? IMG 20121020 135019  Madronas make a really neat backdrop for some goofballs I know. IMG 20121020 135619  View out to a marsh soaking up a little bit of sun. IMG 20121020 135731  Sam had just jumped out from behind a huge stump to scare the bjeebers out of me!
IMG 20121020 135928  An odd mushroom - looked like a planet! IMGP7752  Pumpkin apple bisque - fabulous, Dave! IMG 20121021 145925  A trip to the pumpkin patch just 1/2 mi from our house. IMG 20121021 150012  Such a cute family!
IMG 20121021 150019 IMG 20121021 150129-001 IMG 20121021 150129  A posterized Dave. We carried our pumpkins all the way home! IMG 20121021 150440  In the hay bale maze!
IMG 20121021 150450  They love it! IMG 20121021 151106  Handsome Sam :) IMG 20121021 151344  Such a cute face! IMG 20121021 151750  A pirate (Karen) driving the tractor.
IMG 20121021 152226  The vineyard is so pretty in the grey mist, colors popping against the steel sky. IMG 20121021 154321  And we're home! IMG 20121022 090257  The last math class together. A very busy one! IMG 20121022 090932  This looked really fun. So many things to do here, seriously!
IMG 20121023 102601 IMG 20121023 103240 IMG 20121023 110034 IMG 20121023 111912
IMG 20121023 115153 IMG 20121024 130734 IMG 20121025 132805 IMG 20121025 133052
IMG 20121025 191949 IMG 20121028 124055 IMG 20121028 124118 IMG 20121029 090219
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