2012-11 NOV

Thanksgiving trip to CA

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hike with Vicky  This is a picture from a friend of mine - we were on a hike several months ago but just got the picture. So cute, my little Benji friend! IMG 20121029 135712  Ben is building fantastic domino towers now, too! Sam is a good teacher, and actually Ben is a very good observer. Sam doesn't do a lot of teaching. A rare consultation :) IMG 20121029 140009  Getting ready for the set-off... IMG 20121101 131457  A NECCO! Doug used to really love these.
IMG 20121101 165457  Rainbow right after PREP class at church. So pretty! IMG 20121102 124156  Soup and bread with mommy out on a lunch date. Such good times with Mr. Ben. We had been on a jog and playground romp before running errands and having lunch. We don't get to do this every day, so it is special. IMGP7799  A really tall tower in the works! IMGP7800  Getting taller! I'm on the phone with Nana as he is building, so she's getting the play-by-play :)
IMGP7804  Wow. Still going! IMGP7805 IMGP7806 IMGP7807  It's still going up!
IMG 20121103 161200  Counting...I think he used a stool for the last ones. IMG 20121103 161458  Yup there it is! IMG 20121103 161502  Setting the last one on! IMG 20121105 175036  Trying to clear the table for dinner is interesting these days!
IMG 20121105 201021  They love these reading lights. IMG 20121107 153258  One of the books recommended by the lady in charge of our PREP class. 2012 Nov VeteransDay  Sam playing his guitar for Veteran's Day assembly. There were singers and speakers, too. The kids did a fabulous job honoring veterans. IMG 20121110 120728  Out looking for salmon! The boys and I are on a walk in the woods - this is Chico Creek.
IMG 20121110 120848  We can see them swimming upstream, and some dead ones on the banks who have already spawned. IMG 20121110 121322  This is the Mountaineers forest theater. Isn't it cool? IMG 20121110 121335 IMG 20121110 121354  Bark covering plywood for the wings of the outdoor stage.
IMG 20121110 121508  Some sun peeking out! IMG 20121110 130107  Now we're meeting up with a guided walk organized by some conservancy groups. They had a neat display of salmon eggs in arrested development. IMG 20121110 130122 IMG 20121110 130217  These are tiny fry.
IMG 20121110 130243 IMG 20121110 131948  There's the dead ones after spawning. Their nutrients feed the wildlife and trees/plants in this ecosystem as they decompose. IMG 20121110 131959 VID 20121110 133653  Video of salmon swimming upstream, then flopping back downstream to try again. They find the exact place where they hatched - within meters we were told.
IMG 20121110 134349  This is an 800 year old Douglas Fir. Really impressive! IMG 20121110 134456  A friend I met (made) on the trail. I sent this picture to her. IMG 20121110 134508  This is a really tall tree! VID 20121110 141406  This is what an elk bugle sounds like. This is how males call to each other during rutting season. I think I will get one of these and if the boys are naughty, I will just tell them - "OK, That's 1 bugle!" or "2 bugles!" at really inopportune times. This will work into teenage years. I can be hiding out and totally mess up a first kiss. That elk bugle folds up tiny for my purse, too. Just in case.
VID 20121110 141558  Here is Sam giving it a try :) IMG 20121110 151754  Yogurt after our long day out romping! IMG 20121110 161036  Then to Fish Park in Poulsbo to see even more salmon...we just couldn't let it go :) We started horsing around a lot (Daddy was at work so we were killing time thinking maybe we'd get to see him for dinner). We spent a surprising 20 min at this one stump, doing all kinds of silly things. IMG 20121110 161047  Yes...trying to get a decent picture! Ha!
IMG 20121110 161133 IMG 20121110 161231 IMG 20121110 161244 IMG 20121110 161256
IMG 20121110 161301 IMG 20121110 161400  Are you liking these? :) IMG 20121110 161430  Lots of laughing and loudness... IMG 20121110 161512  Ooooh! It's a potty! Of course. What else could it be?
IMG 20121110 161614  All three up there now! IMG 20121110 161708 IMG 20121110 161714 IMG 20121110 162253  Mommy in on the act - I kept messing up Sam's picture of me - it was so funny - he couldn't believe I was making stupid faces for a picture.
IMG 20121110 162402  Aw - MOM! You did it again! IMG 20121110 162550  C'mon, Mom - a good one. IMG 20121110 162628  Look at my HAIR! ha ha ha! Flock of Seagulls anyone? IMG 20121110 162736  I was jumping off the stump now. They showed me where to land. Such a nice boy, that Sam. Making sure mom knows where to aim.
IMG 20121110 162824  Eagle jumping, too. IMG 20121110 172911  Sure enough, we did meet up with Daddy! Tomato soup at Campana's in Poulsbo. A family favorite place. This is a sling shot Sam built. I was thinking it'd be funny to shoot food at another table :) IMGP7813  The chicken infirmary, complete with camouflage pine bough to allow the injured chicken to feel safe while eating (other chickens outside try to poke head in and barge in for food). Also you can see a saucer "fort" to keep rain off her and separate food and water. IMGP7814  The rest of the biggies, complaining about special treatment.
IMGP7815  I put both Barred Rocks in there for company - and to help encourage the hurt one to be social so it is not a shock when she reintegrates. IMGP7816  One of the irons in my fire. Determined to fix my own smarthphone digitizer (face plate) which I have a habit of cracking. I got it all torn apart only to find I really need a heat gun to get the adhesive off the mounting so I can get the face plate off. This motherboard came out - little ribbon cables and all. IMGP7818  I put it all back together and it WORKED! This could be a viable business if I only had the heat gun. Because I had to travel to CA in short order, I got a $45 GoPhone from RiteAid and put a pause on this project. I will be back! IMGP7819  Little hurt girl with Dr. Lisa Barfield - a really nice vet. She is feeling where the leg is broken.
IMG 20121112 141248  The next day we're out helping on Morales Farm (a public farm used by the schools for teaching - the food goes into the cafeteria). We're finding the rest of the potatoes, pulling the corn and spreading mulch. IMG 20121112 141300 IMG 20121112 144933  Steamy compost! IMG 20121112 145008  There are farming interns who run the place and live in the house to the back. It's a pretty cool arrangement.
IMG 20121112 151619  Ben loved "helping" from up here! IMG 20121112 152926  The potatoes we found! IMG 20121112 153337  Walking home through another adjacent farm - Day Road/Suyematsu Farms. Look at Ben's rear! IMG 20121112 154048  They use license plates to number the rows in the vineyard.
IMG 20121112 154102  See the numbers on the poles? IMG 20121112 154149  What's left of the pumpkin patch. IMG 20121112 154223  Who has been here!? Geese! IMG 20121112 154235  I love the colors here, even in the dull grey. The sun kept popping out - so pretty when it does.
IMG 20121114 114136  I take pictures of the wine descriptions so I can show Dave later, or message him with them. Like to give him something "fun" to look at now and then. These are the $10 or so bottles. I get one red and one white each week. I LOVE wildflowers so this one really got me! IMG 20121116 113029  Ben doing dominoes in the dermatologist's office while I'm having Moh's surgery to get rid of a basal cell. Just another fun project to chase down and manage...I switched docs to move the surgery up sooner. Got it all in one swipe, so I am fortunate that is done for now. Go back for total check soon - 5 years in Hawaii. I knew that would have repercussions! 2012 Nov Gordon crows  Gordon's first crows! With Merlin as a coach :) math 2012 11 19-001
math 2012 11 19  Another stretch math session :) chicken Pic-11212012-001  Me and Gordon - who is always in a hurry! Little cell phone camera can't keep up :) Pic-11212012-002  There he is! Getting so big and handsome!
Pic-11212012-006  Little Barred Rock hen who broke her leg. She is doing well and hardly limping now! IMGP7821  Thanksgiving :) Dominoes and snacks. Boys couldn't be happier. This is our first Thanksgiving at home, all by ourselves, with no crazy Alli-plan in the works to fry birds on the beach. IMGP7822  Dave taking calls while cooking. This might have been a social call to family, actually. IMGP7823  Fresh bird from a local farm! Not fat, nor plumped up with water, which meant cooking time was half what we expected.
IMGP7825 IMGP7829  Hey, where's mine?! (Yes, I sneaked out with bites for them before bed! I fed them on their roosts then they all came down to see what might be going on!)